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This is the worklist for WikiProject Women artists. Help Wikipedia improve its coverage of women artists by improving or starting one of these articles today!



Three-way check[edit]

To enable other language Wikipedias to take advantage of your work, please think outside the Wikipedia "box" and make sure your artist is also represented on Commons and Wikidata. If all works are copyrighted, try to find an example of a work free of copyright from one of our many image donations on Commons. Just search Commons for all known spellings of the artist's name. Perhaps there is an old press release photo with an image of the artist at work.

  • Is the article on Wikipedia accompanied by an image of the artist? If not, go get one and add it (preferably a decent self-portrait)
  • Is the article on Wikipedia accompanied by an image of an artwork by the artist? If not, go get one and add it (preferably something in a respected public collection, and if you feel really inspired, try to build a list of works for the artist)
  • Is the artist on Wikidata with at least 4 statements? (human, female, occupation, birth date or country, image, notable works etc., and if you feel inspired, try creating a separate item for one of her notable works)

Example articles to pull inspiration from[edit]

The articles in the Featured article and Good article categories can provide examples of good layout and content coverage. Just click the edit source button, and copy/paste this into an editor to learn how to imitate the structure. For suggestions, see Wikipedia:Meetup/ArtAndFeminism/Tasks.

For short articles, translating the structure from another Wikipedia is easy using Wikidata. For this you can try out the "PrepBio" tool. Just go to Wikidata and look up the item number and use it to see what PrepBio will give you. This tool serves up a basic structure, including a basic biography infobox based on what information is already available in Wikidata. See for example this result based on the renaissance painter Catharina van Hemessen.

{{Infobox Person
| name        = Catharina van Hemessen
| image       = Hemessen-Selbstbildnis.jpg
| birth_date  = 1528
| birth_place = [[Antwerp]]
| death_date  = 1587
| nationality = [[Netherlands]]
'''Catharina van Hemessen''' or '''Katharina Van Hemessen; Caterina van Hemessen''' (1528–1587) was a [[Netherlands]] Flemish Renaissance painter.

Hemessen was born in [[Antwerp]].

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* []


{{Authority control|VIAF=56338858|LCCN=no2005017969|GND=122962508|BPN=38338275|ULAN=500005647}}

{{DEFAULTSORT:Hemessen, Catharina van}}
[[Category:1528 births]]
[[Category:1587 deaths]]
[[Category:People from Antwerp]]


  • Make sure to cite all of your contributions with reliable sources. You can use the sources mentioned on Wikipedia for people in the same field, or look your biography up in the databases mentioned on Wikidata for other people in the same field. Content that isn't cited may be removed!
  • After you write your article, be sure to add the project template, {{WPWA}}, to the talk page. Include this also for any artworks by the person that you create articles for.
  • If there is a template on the article page regarding work that needs to be done on the article – if you successfully complete the task of fixing the problem, be bold and remove the template.

Articles on artworks by women[edit]

Please add lists of artworks by women to this category: Category:Lists of works of art. From such lists, articles about individual artworks can be easily created with the metadata from the list. Individual articles about notable artworks by women are also welcome. Please add the template to the talk pages of those articles as well for tracking purposes.

It is well documented that catalogs are rarely made that are devoted to the work of women artists, and if they are made, they are often not in public libraries. However, there are lots of catalogs of women artists out there in the public domain, and some of them have color photos that are published before 1923, so these images are free of copyright. For example, you can browse this 1905 catalog on Commons of Women Painters of the World.

Some articles to be created[edit]

Feel free to add names here you think need articles, with at least two reliable secondary source link to a source for writing the article.

Articles to be expanded/improved[edit]

New or improved articles[edit]

The following articles have been created or improved from the worklist, have no tags or issues, but someone may wish to expand the articles.

Draft articles[edit]

The following drafts can be expanded or moved to mainspace.