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WiR redlist index: Herpetologists

Welcome to WikiProject Women in Red (WiR). Our objective is to turn red links into blue ones. Our scope is women's biographies, women's works, and women's issues, broadly construed.

This list of red links is intended to serve as a basis for creating new articles on the English Wikipedia. All new articles must satisfy Wikipedia's notability criteria; red links on this list may or may not qualify.

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This table lists women herpetologists for which Wikipedia lacks a biography article. It was generated using Wikidata for Wikipedia:WikiProject Women/Women in Red. See Template:Women in Red for other lists by focus area or by country. The list will be refreshed roughly daily to remove blue-links - no manual editing is required.

The table can be sorted by clicking on column headers. The 'sitelinks' column indicates the number of links to information about the women on other wikipedias (including commons, source and quote) and is often an indicator of a biography article on another language wikipedia. Sitelinks can be accessed via the wikidata link in the 'item' column.

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name image description country of citizenship date of birth date of death place of birth place of death wikidata item site links
Anna Allen Wright American herpetologist United States of America 1882 1964-12-05 Q21391556 1
Ruth Crosby Noble American herpetologist (1897-1988) United States of America 1897-03-15 1988-03-15
Allendale Q94253932 0
M. Isabel Diaz Peruvian zoologist and herpetologist (*1901) ♀ Peru 19th century Q37825683 1
Alice G.C. Grandison herpetologist 1927 2014-03-10 Q21337691 1
Maria Adelaide Cherchi Italian herpetologist (1927-1985) Italy
Kingdom of Italy
1927 1985 Q21390065 1
Ye Changyuan herpetologist People's Republic of China 1938 Q3572053 2
Lauren Evans Brown American herpetologist 1939 Q13481913 1
Valentina Orlova Russian herpetologist Russia 1939 Q22111792 1
Robin Madeline Andrews herpetologist 1942 Q87974307 0
Linda Trueb American herpetologist and university teacher (1942— ) United States of America 1942-01-13 Pomona Q3241380 3
Linda Resnick Maxson Herpetologist (*1942) ♀ 1942-04-24 New York City Q21340443 2
Catherine Ann Toft South African herpetologist South Africa 1950 Q21395466 1
Nicole Viloteau French herpetologist (*1953) ♀ France 19th century Q3341137 1
Susanna Heppich Austrian herpetologist Austria 1953 Q21341547 1
Ellen J. Censky Herpetologist (*1955) ♀ 1955 Q102263594 0
Maren Gaulke German herpetologist 1955-04-04 Q21340586 2
Annemarie Ohler researcher Austria 1960-02-11 Q2851464 4
Annamaria Nistri Italian herpetologist 1960-09-16 Florence Q30166550 2
Lily O. Rodríguez Peruvian herpetologist Peru 1964 Peru Q21391602 3
Claudia M. Vélez-Rodriguez Chilean herpetologist Chile 1965 Q21340222 1
Jennifer B. Pramuk American herpetologist United States of America 1970 Q3177020 3
Vanessa Kruth Verdade Brazilian herpetologist Brazil 1974 Q21339991 1
Marcela Vidal Chilean researcher, university teacher, and herpetologist (*1974) ♀ Chile 1974-11-08 Linares Q98562780 1
Marina Chirikova Kazakh herpetologist Kazakhstan 1975 Q33053537 1
Amy Lathrop researcher United States of America
1975-06-01 United States of America Q21338485 2
Ildiko Somorjai researcher Hungary 1977 Q42764908 1
Angelica Crottini German herpetologist Germany 1979 Q22112978 1
Claudia Koch German herpetologist Germany 1980 Q21337693 2
Thaís Figueiredo Santos Silva Brazilian herpetologist, at Universidade Estadual Santa Cruz, Brazil 1980 Q37803265 1
Veronika Holáňová Herpetologist (*1984) ♀ 1984-12-11 Prague Q21393968 1
Yolarnie Amepou Papuan herpetologist Papua New Guinea 1988 Q20857579 2
Chelsea Connor herpetologist and Black Birders Week co-founder Dominica 190s Q96099642 0
Abeda Dawood herpetologist fl. 1994-2004 20th century Q21339762 1
Irene Goyenechea herpetologist 20th century Q21339792 1
Izeni P. Farias Brazilian herpetologist and ichthyologist Brazil 20th century Q21341703 1
Jane Melville herpetologist 20th century Q21395622 1
Marianna Isabella Rosa Rodrigues de Oliveira Brazilian herpetologist Brazil 20th century Q21503095 1
Mareike Hirschfeld German herpetologist Germany 20th century Q28146722 1
Laura Sandberger-Loua German herpetologist Germany 20th century Q28146744 1
Marta Calvo-Revuelta Spanish herpetologist Spain 20th century Q29951810 1
Susana Freitas zoologist and herpetologist (*2000) ♀ 20th century Q47496121 1
Cynthia Prado Brazilian herpetologist (*2000) ♀ Brazil 20th century Q48878228 1
Jill R. Brown American herpetologist United States of America Q13481915 1
Beryl A. Bwong Herpetologist ♀ Q21337441 1
Mariela Osorno-Muñoz herpetologist Q21337581 1
Linda S. Ford Herpetologist ♀ Q21338095 1
Anna Graybeal Herpetologist ♀ Q21338099 1
Rosamma Mathew Indian herpetologist India Q21338244 1
Janalee P. Caldwell Herpetologist ♀ Q21338365 1
Nibedita Sen Indian herpetologist India Q21338371 1
Luciana B. Nascimento Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21338730 1
Magali Delorme Herpetologist ♀ Q21338791 1
Clarissa Canedo Herpetologist ♀ Q21338863 1
Tanya Chan-ard Thai herpetologist Thailand Q21338873 1
Maria José Praderio Herpetologist ♀ Q21339016 1
Ariadne Angulo researcher Q21339084 1
Jennifer Daltry Herpetologist ♀ Q21339091 1
Ángela Marcela Suárez-Mayorga Herpetologist ♀ Q21339190 1
Isabel De Conte Carvalho de Alencar Herpetologist ♀ Q21339302 1
Rashida Tasnim Herpetologist ♀ Q21339406 1
Annie Tillier Herpetologist ♀ Q21339423 1
Ana Almendáriz researcher Q21339528 1
Elizabeth L. Jockusch Herpetologist ♀ Q21339538 1
Stefania Bucci-Innocenti Herpetologist ♀ Q21339607 1
Eliza Maria Xavier Freire Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21339671 1
Pilar Herrero Herpetologist ♀ Q21339691 1
Erica Ramus Herpetologist ♀ Q21339763 1
Gaetano Odierna Herpetologist ♀ Q21339893 1
Matilde Ragghianti Italian herpetologist Italy Q21339897 1
Sonia Roa-Trujillo Herpetologist ♀ Q21339901 1
Tasia Robertson herpetologist Q21340037 1
Rolande Roux-Estève herpetologist Q21340051 1
Gabriela Parra-Olea Mexican herpetologist Mexico Q21340104 2
Karen Siu-Ting researcher Q21340126 1
Sabitry Bordoloi Indian herpetologist India Q21340142 1
Flora A. Juncá Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21340201 1
Breda Zimkus Herpetologist ♀ Q21340455 1
Merel J. Cox Thai herpetologist Thailand Q21340503 1
Biancamaria Macario Herpetologist ♀ Q21340613 1
Paola Mensi Herpetologist ♀ Q21340620 1
Salome Litwin Krebs Herpetologist ♀ Q21340674 1
Isabel T. Mercadal de Barrio Herpetologist ♀ Q21340754 1
Sabine Renous Herpetologist ♀ Q21340950 1
Tiffany M. Doan U.S. herpetologist United States of America Q21340980 1
Cristina Giacoma Herpetologist ♀ Q21341024 1
Krystal A. Tolley herpetologist Q21341061 1
Haydée Solano herpetologist Q21341123 1
Amanda Bernal-Carlo Herpetologist ♀ Q21341204 1
Theadora Pinou Herpetologist ♀ Q21341282 1
Kathryn Read Herpetologist ♀ Q21341358 1
Kim Roelants herpetologist Q21341371 1
Dee Ann Chamberlain Herpetologist ♀ Q21341382 1
Viviana Moreno-Quintero Herpetologist ♀ Q21341485 1
Viola Gossmann Herpetologist ♀ Q21341519 1
Daniela Guicking Herpetologist ♀ Q21341533 1
Elaine C. Humphrey Herpetologist ♀ Q21341570 1
Anna K. Hundsdörfer Herpetologist and carcinologist ♀ Q21341574 1
Annie Zuiderwijk Herpetologist ♀ Q21341930 1
Susanne Schick Herpetologist ♀ Q21342031 1
Michele Menegon Italian herpetologist Q21342070 1
Carina R. Firkowski Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21387737 1
Justine N. Tang Herpetologist ♀ Q21387852 1
Ai-qun Sun Herpetologist ♀ Q21387897 1
Manuella Folly Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21387908 1
Maria Rita Silvério Pires Herpetologist ♀ Q21387927 1
Adriana Pugliese Herpetologist ♀ Q21387932 1
Heather M. Gray Herpetologist ♀ Q21388011 1
Anita Malhotra Herpetologist ♀ Q21388467 1
Erica D. Clark Herpetologist ♀; spouse of Richard J. Clark Q21388555 1
Patricia Iturra Herpetologist ♀ Q21388679 1
Albertina Pimentel Lima Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21388906 1
Gilvana S. Barreto Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21389149 1
Juliana C. Ramos Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21389161 1
Louise S. Mead Herpetologist ♀ Q21389185 1
Deanna H. Olson Herpetologist ♀ Q21389203 1
Camila C. Trevisan Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21389771 1
Milena Camardelli Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21389776 1
Natee Ampai Thai herpetologist Thailand Q21389806 1
Ana Claudia R. Alves Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21389840 1
Rong-chuan Xiong herpetologist People's Republic of China Q21389848 1
Alma Romano Herpetologist ♀ Q21389904 1
Carmen Liucia dos Santos Cordeiro Herpetologist ♀ Q21389909 1
Sally A. Kent herpetologist Q21389939 1
Darcy B. Kelley researcher Q21390140 1
Ana Maria Paulino Telles de Carvalho e Silva Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21390152 1
Severine Febvre Herpetologist ♀ Q21390205 1
Myriam van Rooijen Herpetologist ♀ Q21390297 1
María del Mar Comas herpetologist Q21390343 1
Bessie L. Matalas Herpetologist ♀ Q21390408 1
Greta Vestergren Herpetologist ♀ Q21390559 1
Belisario Cepeda Quilindo Herpetologist ♀ Q21390623 1
Catherine Loumont Herpetologist ♀ Q21390704 1
Ronalda Keith Herpetologist ♀ Q21390765 1
Mira B. Kripalani Herpetologist ♀ Q21390794 1
Verena Knietsch Herpetologist ♀ Q21390801 1
Jeffrey D. Camper researcher Q21390809 1
Roberta Graboski Herpetologist ♀ Q21390820 1
Ariane A.A.D. Silva Herpetologist ♀ Q21390831 1
Ana L.D.C. Prudente Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21390837 1
Hemchandranauth Sambhu Herpetologist ♀ Q21390863 1
Gwendolen Trude Brock herpetologist Q21391118 1
Danielle L. Edwards researcher Q21391143 1
Vanessa Uscapi Peruvian herpetologist Peru Q21391187 1
Anne Lottier French herpetologist France Q21391526 1
Indranee Roopsind Herpetologist ♀ Q21391707 1
Harold Trapido Herpetologist ♀ Q21391748 1
Svetlana S. Gogoleva Russian herpetologist Russia Q21391754 1
Anna B. Vassilieva Russian herpetologist Russia Q21391759 1
Françoise Dowsett-Lemaire Herpetologist ♀ Q21391796 1
Katia C. M. Pellegrino Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21391799 1
Patricia E. Salerno Herpetologist ♀ Q21391803 1
Sheila P. De Andrade Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21391842 1
Gillian Watson South African herpetologist South Africa Q21392006 1
Cinthia A. Brasileiro Herpetologist ♀ Q21392132 1
Débora Leite Silvano Herpetologist ♀ Q21392212 1
Megan Higgie researcher Q21392302 1
Roberta A. Murta-Fonseca Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21392305 1
Carla Santana Cassini Herpetologist ♀ Q21392356 1
Luciana Ardenghi Fusinatto researcher ORCID id 0000-0001-9354-1698 Q21392361 1
Evy Arida herpetologist Q21392588 1
Jennifer L. Wright Herpetologist ♀ Q21392767 1
Taeko Utsunomiya Herpetologist ♀ Q21392782 1
Mongkol Kamsook Thai ornithologist and herpetologist Thailand Q21392956 1
Fanomezana M. Ratsoavina Madagascan herpetologist Madagascar Q21393143 1
Caroll Z. Landauro Peruvian herpetologist Peru Q21393209 1
Dao-de Yang Herpetologist ♀ Q21393223 1
Hellen Kurniati Indonesian herpetologist Indonesia Q21393340 1
Cintia D. Medina Herpetologist and entomologist ♀ Q21393354 1
Mariana Morando Herpetologist ♀ Q21393360 1
Bhargavi Srinivasulu Indian herpetologist India Q21393370 1
Scuyler Kurlbaum Herpetologist ♀ Q21393422 1
Gabriela Galarza Ecuadorian herpetologist Ecuador Q21393490 1
Alejandra Rojas-Rivera Herpetologist ♀ Q21393495 1
Kyle Summers researcher Q21393542 1
Jessa L. Watters herpetologist Q21394193 1
Guang-Hui Zhong herpetologist People's Republic of China Q21394218 1
Nia Kurniawan Indonesian herpetologist Indonesia Q21394253 1
Theodora Sofianidou Herpetologist ♀ Q21394301 1
Aparna Lajmi Indian herpetologist India Q21394484 1
Geisa A. De Souza Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q21394547 1
Anchalee Aowphol Thai herpetologist Thailand Q21394684 1
Celia E. Limeses Herpetologist ♀ Q21394935 1
Janina Tymowska Herpetologist ♀ Q21394958 1
Anke Müller herpetologist Q21395114 1
Sylvia Hofmann German herpetologist Germany Q21395136 1
Caitlin E. Conn U.S. herpetologist United States of America Q21395166 1
Lourdes Rodríguez Schettino herpetologist Q21395210 1
Leroy P. Nuñez Herpetologist ♀ Q21395293 1
Frances L. Humphrey Herpetologist ♀ Q21395436 1
Milena Wachlevski Herpetologist ♀ Q21395546 1
Olga Jovanovic Herpetologist ♀ Q21395764 1
K. Laura Canning Herpetologist ♀ Q21502636 1
Juana Suarez Herpetologist ♀ Q21502799 1
Kristin Mahlow German herpetologist Germany Q21502832 1
Karin Tamar Israeli herpetologist Israel Q21502847 1
Angela B. Marion Herpetologist ♀ Q21502877 1
Martha L. Tobias American herpetologist United States of America Q21502916 1
Lourdes Y. Echevarría Peruvian herpetologist Peru Q21772119 1
Caroline Brun herpetologist Q22103488 1
Margaret R. Wright American herpetologist United States of America Q22109220 1
Jeanne E. Young herpetologist Q22110129 1
Sarah A. Smith herpetologist Q22112354 1
Mumpuni Indonesian herpetologist Indonesia Q22833324 1
Marta S. Grismer U.S. herpetologist United States of America Q23674979 1
Lisa Ehrmantraut German herpetologist Q23675027 1
Rafaella C. Garbin Brazilian herpetologist Q25439514 1
Renae C. Pratt Australian herpetologist Australia Q25440230 1
Mariana P. Marques Portuguese herpetologist and researcher Portugal Q25440642 1
Michelle L. Penrod American herpetologist United States of America Q25444287 1
Annika Hillers researcher Q25916844 1
Renee A. Catullo Australian herpetologist Australia Q27720517 1
Amanda Martinelli Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q27751423 1
Maria Paula Cruz Schneider Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q27943506 1
Ruth A. Estupiñán Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q27943508 1
Maria Silvanira R. Barbosa Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q27943519 1
Ceri Gage herpetologist Q28146763 0
Gail Anderson herpetologist Q28146764 0
Manoela Woitovicz-Cardoso Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q28654141 1
Julie Marin researcher Q28788084 1
Roberta Pacheco Damasceno Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q28946606 1
Jihène Ben Hassine Tunisian herpetologist Tunisia Q28958213 1
Mariane Targino Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q29020851 1
Marianna Dixo Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q29051673 1
Flávia C. Resende Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q29057112 1
Carla da Silva Guimarães Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q29651142 1
Jennifer Y. Lamb US herpetologist United States of America Q29998760 1
Kaitlin E. Allen US herpetologist United States of America Q30069779 1
Ana Carolina Carnaval zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q30123371 1
Maria Strangas zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q30123372 1
Silvana Amaral Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q30123699 1
Sandra D. Chapman British herpetologist United Kingdom Q31356098 1
Karoline Ceron Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q31812847 1
Adriana Sandoval-Comte Mexican herpetologist Mexico Q32674774 1
Juliana Gusson Roscito zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q33128835 1
Valeria Ramírez-Castañeda zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q33961123 1
Yukiko Nakamura Japanese herpetologist Japan Q34827083 1
Rejâne Maria Lira-da-Silva Brazilian arachnologist and herpetologist Brazil Q36341970 1
Michelle R. Gordon US herpetologist, at the University of Nevada United States of America Q36348311 1
Maria Isabel da Silva Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q36540235 1
Iraia Farias Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q37562307 1
Caroline M. da Silva Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q37564435 1
Elizabeth Prendini zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q37848761 1
Adriana M. Jeckel Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q38300590 1
Thaís Renata Ávila da Silva Brazilian herpetologist ♀ Brazil Q39756330 1
Sarah Mângia zoologist Q40186022 1
Sabine Melzer German herpetologist Germany Q40208192 1
Jennifer A. Guyton herpetologist, photographer and ecologist Q41202732 1
Lucinda P. Lawson zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q41798467 1
Gabriela B. Bittencourt-Silva zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q41798468 1
Ana Cristina P. Veiga-Menoncello zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q41940761 1
Mariana Lúcio Lyra zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q42302360 1
Patricia P. Iglesias zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q42302361 1
Claudia P. Torres-Gastello zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q42302362 1
Andrea L. Manzano zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q42302368 1
Karen H. Beard researcher Q42306502 1
Judit Vörös Hungarian herpetologist Hungary Q42310932 1
Itzue W. Caviedes-Solis herpetologist Mexico Q42491765 1
Ednilza Maranhão dos Santos zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q42584954 1
Patrícia Narvaes zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q42584955 1
Gilda Vasconcellos de Andrade zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q42584956 1
Dilara Turk US herpetologist United States of America Q43189886 1
Verónica L. Urgilés zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q43387509 1
Valentina Posse Ecuadoran herpetologist Ecuador Q43387510 1
Renata M. Pirani Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q43405003 1
Nathalie Kaffenberger zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q44356280 1
Marta Puente zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q44356281 1
Lígia Krause Herpetologist ♀ Q44489760 0
Isabelle A. Haga Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q45376815 1
Valery Konstantinovich Eremchenko zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q45723677 1
Maria Ignêz Castrillon Herpetologist ♀ Q46396614 0
Katia G. Facure Herpetologist ♀ Q46397932 0
Blanca Beatríz Alvarez Herpetologist ♀ Q46772239 1
Rose Marie Hoffmann de Carvalho Herpetologist ♀ Q46856199 0
Julieta Sánchez Argentine herpetologist Argentina Q46931628 1
Martha Motte zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q47004273 1
Vivian C. Trevine zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q47004279 1
Giovanna G. Montingelli zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q47004280 1
Lauren A. Oliver zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q47067522 1
Danusy Lopes Santos-Silva Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q47071856 1
Morteza Akbarpour zoologist and herpetologist ♀ Q47074306 1
Raquel Vasconcelos Portuguese herpetologist Portugal Q47092577 1
Ninda Baptista Angolan herpetologist Angola Q47407742 1
Adriana Bellati Italian herpetologist Italy Q47664025 1
Vivian P. Paez Colombian herpetologist Colombia Q48246617 1
Itzel Durán-Fuentes Mexican herpetologist Mexico Q49277033 1
Constanze Bickelmann German herpetologist Germany Q50436803 1
Lia R. de S. Santos Herpetologist Q50655195 0
Márcia dos Reis Gomes Herpetologist Q50824224 0
Helianne de Niemeyer Herpetologist Q50824429 0
Vanda Lúcia Ferreira Herpetologist Q50824686 0
Mariluce Gonçalves Fonseca Herpetologist Q50824708 0
Isabela Deiss Herpetologist Q50828798 0
Maria de F. D. Furtado Brazilian herpetologist Q51172187 0
Marisa M. T. da Rocha Brazilian herpetologist Q51189021 0
Christina C. Branco Brazilian herpetologist Q51599010 0
Rosaura Valdez-Lares Mexican herpetologist Mexico Q51955083 1
Verena Quennet herpetologist Q52004765 1
Patricia A. Herrmann herpetologist Q52005133 0
Roswitha Stenke herpetologist Q52005541 1
Evgeniya N. Solovyeva Russian herpetologist Russia Q52030702 1
Astrid Heidrich German herpetologist Germany Q52083977 1
Maria P. Enciso-Calle Colombian herpetologist Colombia Q52228542 1
Ann P. Porter U.S. herpetologist Q52988399 1
Maria Ermelinda Oliveira Brazilian herpetologist Q54152784 1
Gabriela Aguiar Ecuadoran herpetologist Ecuador Q55068457 1
Cristina España Albuquerque Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q55130092 1
Lize Helena Cappellari Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q55130098 1
Cristina A. Ugarte US-American herpetologist ♀ United States of America Q55213131 1
Sally Simms Australian herpetologist ♀ Australia Q55419406 1
Chantelle M. Derez Australian herpetologist Australia Q55669610 1
Kirsten E. Nicholson U.S. zoologist and herpetologist United States of America Q56248284 1
Luz Esther Sánchez Venezuelan herpetologist Q56561424 1
Isabella M.M.C. Pedrosa Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q57020129 1
Ginah Tsiorisoa Andrianasolo Madagascar herpetologist Madagascar Q57614452 1
Amanda N. Carr U.S. herpetologist Q58814459 1
Mandy Tocher New Zealand ecologist and herpetologist Q59176362 0
Marieke Lettink New Zealand ecologist and herpetologist New Zealand Q59178797 0
Meghan Castelli Australian herpetologist Q59667862 0
Kate Laura Sanders Australian herpetologist Australia Q60014588 1
Laura Estela Vega Argentine herpetologist Argentina Q61053805 1
Catharine E. Wüster herpetologist Q61398118 1
Claudia Corti Italian herpetologist Italy Q61741332 1
Ann S. Duellman specimen collector Q61754963 0
Ekaterina N. Melnikova Russian herpetologist Russia Q61820536 1
Kate Jackson US herpetologist United States of America Q61901794 1
Tokouaho Flora Kpan Ivory Coast herpetologist Ivory Coast Q62304736 1
Christiane C. Anders German herpetologist Germany Q62397820 1
Sandra Goutte French herpetologist France Q62416429 1
Gina Della Togna
Gina Della Togna.jpg
conservation biologist Panama Q62718103 1
Mariam Rohrmoser German herpetologist Germany Q63089668 1
Fernanda Magalhães Silva Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q63243419 1
Paula Carolina Rodrigues de Almeida Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q63243469 1
Luciana O. Ramos Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q63392490 1
Sofía Carvajal-Endara Ecuadorian herpetologist Q64141099 1
Sandra Vieira Paiva Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q64597228 1
Anna E. Savage US herpetologist United States of America Q66467355 1
Oksana D. Nekrasova Ukrain herpetologist Ukraine Q68936509 0
Valentina Krause German herpetologist Germany Q73910939 1
Marleen Baling New Zealand wildlife ecologist and herpetologist Q76014924 0
Sylvia Alma Renata Wilma Lemos Romano-Hoge Brazilian herpetologist Q76902159 1
Raquel Betancourt Ecuadorian herpetologist Ecuador Q79687744 1
Maria Celeste Costa Valverde Brazilian herpetologist Brazil Q79805329 1
Alexandra E. Laking Canadian herpetologist Canada Q96102244 1
Jasmin D. Winkler German herpetologist Germany Q97042276 1
Flora Ihlow German herpetologist Germany Q97362211 1
Maria Fernanda Medina US herpetologist United States of America Q98076599 1
Diane M. Secoy US-American herpetologist ♀ United States of America Q98664591 1
Caitlin Sanchez herpetologist Q105319864 1
Galina Ivanovna Tverdokhlebova Soviet Union paleontologist and herpetologist ♀ Soviet Union Q105712671 0
Nassima M. Bouzid data scientist, software engineer, and herpetologist Q105897831 0
Dawn S. Wilson ecology researcher Q106187768 1

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