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Wikipedia Takes Nashville was a scavenger hunt and free content photography contest aimed at illustrating Wikipedia articles covering the sights of Nashville, Tennessee.

The event was held on Saturday, May 24th, 2008, and ran from noon until 8 PM. Everyone checked in at the starting point in front of the Parthenon at noon, ran around the city like mad taking pictures of all the goals, and then met back at 8 PM at the 3 Crow Bar in East Nashville for the after-party. The winning teams were announced that night.

This event was inspired by Wikipedia Takes Manhattan. So they get all the credit for coming up with the idea.


Each goal corresponded with a specific Wikipedia article in need of a photograph (or better photograph). The score for each goal was weighted according to need and difficulty. Bonus points were available for some goals.


Each team was allowed to use only 1 camera and 1 memory card, although there was no limit on how many people could be on a team. (Teams supplied their own cameras and equipment.) All teams were officially registered on the day of the event at the starting point. There was no fee for participating.

The teams that participated were:

  • Mexican Villains
  • EVula
  • The Peep Holes
  • Lucky Eleven


  • First Place- The Peep Holes (received a copy of Digital Photography Masterclass by Tom Ang)
  • Second Place - EVula (received a copy of The Photo Book)
  • Third Place - Mexican Villains (received a copy of Wikipedia - The Missing Manual)

Gallery of our photos[edit]