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Wikipedia Takes Kolkata is a planned photo scavenger hunt in the spirit of Wikipedia Takes the City held in Kolkata. This event is aimed at increasing the coverage of free photographs involving the city of Kolkata so that they can be used in Wikipedia articles which need pictures, as well as promoting awareness of Wikipedia.

We will be visiting a few historic places in Kolkata and will take photographs of them. These photographs will be uploaded to the Wikimedia commons.

Date: Sunday, March 3, 2013
Time: 6:30 AM
Assembly point: Near the Airlines House (Air India office). Chittaranjan Avenue, Kolkata 700012


In the second edition of Wikipedia Takes Kolkata we are planning to cover the following places of interest.

1. Bow Barracks
2. Kapalitola Kali temple
3. Chinese temples
4. Magen David synagogue
5. Armenian Church
6. Greek Orthodox Church
7. Beth El synagogue
8. Portuguese Church



The participants are requested to carry the the following.

  • Digital camera, though not compulsory, is better to have on a photo walk.
  • Have enough on memory card.
  • Tripods are welcome.
  • Carry a notebook.
  • Bring plenty of water. Food is also welcome.
  • Wear light coloured clothes and caps if possible.

Dos and don'ts[edit]


  • Remove timestamps while taking snaps.
  • Note down the list of places or buildings that you photograph.
  • If you wish to leave early inform the team co-ordinator.


  • Do not take pictures of people, unless required as a subject. Respect others privacy.
  • Do not take photographs where it is prohibited.
  • Do not loose your cool if some police or security guard prohibits you from taking snaps.

For assistance[edit]

  • Jayanta Nath - +919836294438
  • Biswarup Ganguly - +919830022449


Sign ups[edit]

Turn ups[edit]

28 participants took part for the 'Wikipedia Takes Kolkata II' near the Airlines House (Air India office). Chittaranjan Avenue, Kolkata on 3 March 2013, morning.

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