Wild One: The Very Best of Thin Lizzy

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Wild One: The Very Best Of Thin Lizzy
Greatest hits album by Thin Lizzy
Released January 9, 1996
Recorded 1972–1984
Genre Hard rock, blues rock
Length 76:30
Label PolyGram / Mercury / EMI
Thin Lizzy chronology
Dedication: The Very Best of Thin Lizzy
Wild One: The Very Best of Thin Lizzy
Thin Lizzy Greatest Hits

Wild One: The Very Best of Thin Lizzy is a 1996 compilation album by Irish rock band Thin Lizzy. It was released ten years after the death of frontman Phil Lynott in 1986, and as a tribute to him.

Although its title is shared by a Thin Lizzy song (Wild One), and also quotes the chorus of the song on the back of the album, the song itself is actually only included on the limited 2CD edition of the album, which contains rare live tracks from various limited editions along the band's career.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Boys Are Back in Town"
  2. "Jailbreak"
  3. "Don't Believe a Word"
  4. "Waiting for an Alibi"
  5. "Rosalie/Cowgirl's Song" (live) (Bob Seger, Lynott, Brian Downey)
  6. "Cold Sweat" (Lynott, John Sykes)
  7. "Thunder and Lightning" (Downey, Lynott)
  8. "Out in the Fields" (Gary Moore)
  9. "Dancin' in the Moonlight"
  10. "Parisienne Walkways" (Lynott, Moore)
  11. "Sarah" (Lynott, Moore)
  12. "Still in Love with You" (live)
  13. "Emerald" (Scott Gorham, Brian Robertson, Downey, Lynott)
  14. "Bad Reputation" (Downey, Gorham, Lynott)
  15. "Killer on the Loose"
  16. "Chinatown" (Downey, Gorham, Lynott, Snowy White)
  17. "Do Anything You Want To"
  18. "The Rocker" (Lynott, Eric Bell, Downey)
  19. "Whiskey in the Jar" (Trad. arr. Lynott, Bell, Downey)
  • "Parisienne Walkways" and "Out in the Fields" were released as a Gary Moore solo track and a Gary Moore & Phil Lynott track respectively.