Wind, Flower, Snow

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Wind, Flower, Snow
Studio album by Kelly Chen
Released British Hong KongBritish Hong Kong
October 5, 1996
December 21, 1996
Genre Cantopop
Length 37.3 minutes
Producer Mark Lui, Fangshu Liang
Kelly Chen chronology
I Don't Think So 我不以為 (May 1996) Wind, Flower, Snow Starry Dreams of Love 星夢情真 (June 1997)

Wind, Flower, Snow is the second Cantonese studio album by Hong Kong singer Kelly Chen.It was released on October 5, 1996 through Go East Entertainment Company Ltd/ Polygram Recaords in Hong Kong.[1]

Background and development[edit]

Recording and production[edit]



Critical reception[edit]

Track listing[edit]

  1. Yeah Yeah Yeah
  2. Wind, Flower, Snow 風花雪
  3. It Does Not Have 沒有
  4. Beautiful You
  5. Personal Time 私人時間
  6. Testifies For Oneself 為自己作証
  7. Dear 親愛的
  8. Pusillanimity 懦弱
  9. How beautiful the feeling is 感覺是多麼的美
  10. Radio 收音機


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