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Winterbrook is a small settlement in the English county of Oxfordshire, which adjoins the south end of Wallingford and sits on the west bank of the Thames. In 1974 it was transferred from Berkshire. Although having been part of the adjacent parish of Cholsey for centuries, its proximity to Wallingford resulted in its being absorbed into that town for administrative purposes in 2015. This change was effected despite the strenuous and long-term objections of the residents.

It appears in records from the time of King Henry III. It is connected to the east bank by Winterbrook Bridge. Its most famous resident was the novelist, Agatha Christie, who lived at Winterbrook House and died there in 1976.

As of 2009, Winterbrook residents were campaigning against its possible selection as the preferred option for 850 new houses as part of the South Oxfordshire Core Strategy[1] as well as a preemptive planning application by Wates Homes Ltd (part of Wates Group) for 106 dwellings.[2] Planning permission was refused.


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