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The Wisconsin spring nonpartisan primary election was held February 16, 2010. The Wisconsin spring nonpartisan general election was held April 6, 2010. Voters statewide cast ballots for Wisconsin Court of Appeals and Wisconsin Circuit Court judges.[1]

The Wisconsin fall partisan election was held on Tuesday, November 2, 2010. Primary elections were held on September 14, 2010.[2] Voters cast ballots for U.S. Congress, U.S. Senate, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, State Treasurer, half of the state's Senate seats and all of the state's Assembly seats.[3] In addition, numerous elections were held on the local level.

The 2010 elections in Wisconsin mainly saw large gains for the Republican Party, with Scott Walker being elected Wisconsin governor, Ron Johnson winning the contested U.S. Senate seat, and with the GOP gaining majorities in the state's U.S. House delegation, State Assembly, and State Senate.[4][5]

Spring nonpartisan election[edit]

Incumbent Joan F. Kessler was elected to the Court of Appeals for District 1 with 98% of the vote. Paul F. Reilly was elected to the Court of Appeals for District 2 with 53% of the vote over Linda M. Van De Water, after incumbent Harry G. Snyder did not run for re-election. In the Court of Appeals for District 4, Brian Blanchard was elected with 63% of the vote over Edward E. Leineweber after incumbent Charles P. Dykman decided not to run again.[6]


United States Senate[edit]

Incumbent Democratic Senator Russ Feingold was challenged by Republican businessman Ron Johnson and Rob Taylor of the Constitution Party. Johnson defeated Feingold in the general election with 51.86% of the vote to Feingold's 47.02% and Taylor's 1.08%.[7]

United States House[edit]

All 8 of Wisconsin's seats in the United States House of Representatives were up for election in 2010. The Republican Party gained 2 seats, taking a 5-3 majority in the Wisconsin House delegation.[7][8]


Governor and Lieutenant Governor[edit]

Incumbent Governor Jim Doyle did not run for re-election. Democrat Tom Barrett and Republican Scott Walker, along with several third-party candidates, contested the seat. Walker defeated Barrett in the general election with 52.25% of the vote to Barrett's 46.48%.[7]

Attorney General[edit]

Incumbent Republican J.B. Van Hollen defeated Democrat Scott Hassett in the race for Wisconsin Attorney General, winning 57.79% of the vote to Hassett's 42.13%.[7]

Secretary of State[edit]

Incumbent Democrat Doug La Follette defeated Republican David King in the race for Wisconsin Secretary of State, winning 51.61% to King's 48.3%.[7]


Republican challenger Kurt W. Schuller defeated incumbent Democrat Dawn Marie Sass in the race for Wisconsin Treasurer, winning 53.39% of the vote to Sass's 46.47%.[7]

State Senate[edit]

The 17 odd-numbered seats of the Wisconsin Senate were up for election in 2010.[7] The Republican Party won control of the State Senate.[5]

Wisconsin Senate Elections[9]
District Incumbent
2006 Vote[10]
2006 Status Democratic Republican Libertarian Independent Winner
2010 Vote[11]
SD-1 Alan Lasee
Re-election Monk Elmer Frank Lasee Frank Lasee
SD-3 Tim Carpenter
Re-election Tim Carpenter Annette Miller Krznarich Tim Carpenter
SD-5 Jim Sullivan
Re-election Jim Sullivan Leah Vukmir Leah Vukmir
SD-7 Jeffrey Plale
Open Chris Larson Jess Ripp Chris Larson
SD-9 Joe Leibham
Re-election Jason B. Borden Joe Leibham Joe Leibham
SD-11 Neal Kedzie
Re-election L.D. Rockwell Neal Kedzie Neal Kedzie
SD-13 Scott L. Fitzgerald
Re-election Dwayne Block Luther Olsen Vittorio Spadaro Scott L. Fitzgerald
SD-15 Judy Robson
Open Tim Cullen Rick Richard Tim Cullen
SD-17 Dale Schultz
Re-election Carol Beals Dale Schultz Dale Schultz
SD-19 Michael Ellis
Re-election Michael Ellis Michael Ellis
SD-21 John Lehman
Re-election John Lehman Van H. Wanggaard Van H. Wanggaard
SD-23 Pat Kreitlow
Re-election Pat Kreitlow Terry Moulton Terry Moulton
SD-25 Bob Jauch
Re-election Bob Jauch Dane Deutsch Bob Jauch
SD-27 Jon Erpenbach
Re-election Jon Erpenbach Kurt Schlicht Jon Erpenbach
SD-29 Russ Decker
Re-election Russ Decker Pam Galloway Pam Galloway
SD-31 Kathleen Vinehout
Re-election Kathleen Vinehout Ed Thompson Kathleen Vinehout
SD-33 Ted Kanavas
Open Rich Zipperer Rich Zipperer

State Assembly[edit]

All 99 seats in the Wisconsin Assembly were up for election in 2010.[7] The Republican Party won control of the Assembly.[5]


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