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Worldwide JAM
Editor-in-Chief None
Categories Sports
Frequency Bi-Monthly,
with an annual Holiday issue[1]
First issue Online Magazine - November 2005,
Printed Magazine - TBA
Country United Kingdom, United States, Canada
Language English
Website Worldwide JAM Online

Worldwide JAM (WWJ) is an Internet based magazine aimed mainly toward the Parkour community. The magazine itself features a multitude of articles ranging from the appearance of parkour in the media including when members of the street team appeared on an episode of the BBC's motoring programme Top Gear featuring a race between James May in a new Peugeot 207 against two traceurs (Daniel Ilabaca and Kerbie from Worldwide JAM's 'Street Team') in the city of Liverpool on 23 July 2006.[2] or whenever parkour is covered by even the local media and readers are generally encouraged to report & send in any newspaper or television coverage they have received.[3][4] The magazine also features a number of parkour related equipment ("like body building gear") or clothing evaluations to show how a traceur can increase his efficiency in the discipline by perhaps using the reviewed items, while the Worldwide Jam magazine promises to be impartial, unbiased and balanced some of these "road tests" have actually been written up by the magazines readers although it can be argued that this kind of reporting helps them achieve their goal.

In November 2005, Issue #1 of the magazine was set to have its printing date set and deliveries started, With the first three issues being published bi-monthly and limited to 10,000 copies only, also the magazine was originally only going to be sold via specialist retailers or by subscription.[5] Problems arose however in getting the magazine into an actual physical format when JedRed Media lost its clientele with UK parkour team Urban Freeflow.[6] Many members of the parkour community are still awaiting copies of the magazine or refunds after purchasing advanced subscriptions of the magazine, some even dubbing the magazine "Worldwide Scam".[7] The WWJ website is displaying the following message when you click on its Magazine tab:



as of July 18, the page remains and no information has been released.

In November 2008 most of the 'Street team' walked out, and refused to work for Andrew Smith or Worldwide Jam as they were owed considerable sums of money from WWJ. To date no magazine has emerged, and no Street team remains - although Andrew Smith of Worldwide Jam refuses to remove images and bios from his 'Team' page. Worldwide Jam is in debt to members of the Parkour community to the sum of thousands of pounds, and has no means of repaying. It has been recommended that the community boycott the WWJ website, and no not pay for any clothing or services from Worldwide jam.

Planet Parkour[edit]

Planet Parkour is a program on the worldwide jam website that was developed by Chris Phillips and is an adaptation of the Hotspot Map found on the South Coast Parkour community website.[8] The program itself is based on a Google maps API and displays on the map a parkour "hotspot" location, also it is possible for any traceur using the service to set their own personal location showing where they themselves are.

Global Connect[edit]

Global Connect or the International Crew Directory is another service offered by the magazine that enables internet communities or groups of traceurs "teams" to have a link to their own websites by sending in their "crew banner" which comprises a 185x60 pixel jpeg or gif image which normally depicts the teams logo. Along with the banner the team must include the crew's website URL which then after admin approval gets added to the main directory on WWJ's website. All WWJ require for this service is to have the crew wishing to be added to the directory place WWJ's own banner on the crew's website.

Street Team[edit]

The current street team members for 2007 are:[9]

  • Philli - quit as was owed money by Andrew Smith of Worldwide Jam
  • Andi - quit as was owed money by Andrew Smith of Worldwide Jam
  • Daniel Ilabaca - quit as was owed money by Andrew Smith of Worldwide Jam
  • Chris Harbour (Prozac)
  • Drunkmonk
  • Curtis Smalls
  • Brad Wendes - quit as was owed money by Andrew Smith of Worldwide Jam
  • Luke Markey - quit as was owed money by Andrew Smith of Worldwide Jam
  • Bradley Moss - quit as was owed money by Andrew Smith of Worldwide Jam
  • Ashley Holland - quit as was owed money by Andrew Smith of Worldwide Jam
  • Stuart Palmer
  • Rich Jones - quit as was owed money by Andrew Smith of Worldwide Jam
  • Boki

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