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X Factor
Series 2
Broadcast from 3 March 2012 – 2 June 2012
Judges Czesław Mozil
Kuba Wojewódzki
Tatiana Okupnik
Presenter(s) Jarosław Kuźniar
Broadcaster TVN
Dawid Podsiadło
Origin Dąbrowa Górnicza
Marcin Spenner

The second series of Polish television music competition X Factor started on TVN on 3 March and will end in June 2012. The pre-auditions took place in December 2011 and filmed auditions began on 10 January 2012 in Zabrze. Two of the judges, Czesław Mozil and Kuba Wojewódzki returned, though Maja Sablewska had left the show after the first series. She was replaced by a new judge, Tatiana Okupnik. Jarosław Kuźniar returned to present the show.

Judges and presenter[edit]

Series 2 judges
Kuba Wojewódzki
Tatiana Okupnik
Czesław Mozil

The judging panel line-up for the second series of X Factor was revealed on 5 January 2012.[1] Kuba Wojewódzki and Czesław Mozil returned for the show and were joined by new judge, Tatiana Okupnik, who replaced Maja Sablewska.[2]

In December 2012, media reported that Maja Sablewska would not return and would be replaced by a female singer. Monika Brodka, Ewa Farna and Tatiana Okupnik were said to be in the running for the job.[3]

In October 2011, Adam Darski, better known by his stage name Nergal, was rumoured to join X Factor judging panel.[4] He was a judge on the first series of The Voice of Poland, but was expected not to return for the next year due to the controversy caused by his appearance on the show. Darski was accused of spreading satanism by his behaviour on stage. That was why many catholic organisations wanted TVP, Polish public television which broadcasts the show, to fire him. His contract with TVP expired after the final of the series in December 2011.

In November 2011, Fakt reported that Natalia Kukulska might join the judging panel, replacing Maja Sablewska. Kukulska was already rumoured as judge on the first series of X Factor in late 2010, but the network decided to hire Sablewska. According to some reports, Kukulska was interested in the judging role on the show.[5]

On 8 November 2011, Fakt reported that Edyta Górniak was one of the favourites to become the permanent judge or only appear at the judges' houses stage of the show.[6] Few days later, in an interview with Plejada she confirmed that she had been offered a judging role on X Factor and its rival show, Bitwa na głosy.[7] She revealed that she was considering both offers, but not as seriously as media reports. She also added that she wanted to focus on her upcoming concerts and might not have enough time to serve as a judge. Later, Górniak was announced as the new coach on Bitwa na głosy.

On 21 November 2011, it was officially confirmed by TVN that Jarosław Kuźniar would return to present the second series of X Factor.[8]

Selection process[edit]

Applications and auditions[edit]

The pre-auditions took place in December 2011 in four Polish cities: Gdańsk, Wrocław, Zabrze and Warsaw. These featured auditionees performing in front of the producers only, without judges' participation yet.[9] The filming started with the judges' auditions, which began on 10 January 2012 in Zabrze. These also continued on 11 and 12 January.[10] The second part of Zabrze auditions took place on 25, 26 and 27 January.[11]

City Venue Pre-audition Audition
Gdańsk Hotel Mercure 'Heweliusz' 2 December 2011 N/A
Wrocław Hotel Mercure 'Panorama' 4 December 2011
Zabrze House of Music and Dance 11 December 2011 10–12 January 2012; 25–27 January 2012
Warsaw Torwar Hall 17 December 2011 N/A


Bootcamp took place on 31 January and 1 February in Warsaw. The episode was broadcast on 7 April 2012.

The fifteen chosen acts were:

  • 16-24s - Anna Antonik, Ewelina Lisowska, Bożena Mazur, Dawid Podsiadło, Klaudia Szafrańska
  • Over 25s - Paweł 'Biba' Binkiewicz, Thomas Grotto, Joanna Kwaśnik, Izabela Mytnik, Marcin Spenner
  • Groups - Che Donne, De Facto, Okay, Soul City, The Chance

Judges' houses[edit]

Tatiana Okupnik was joined by Verona Chard, who helped her to choose her final three acts. Kuba Wojewódzki invited Leszek Możdzer. Czesław Mozil was aided by Ewa Farna.

The six eliminated acts were:[12]

  • 16-24s: Klaudia Szafrańska, Bożena Mazur
  • Over-25s: Izabela Mytnik, Thomas Grotto
  • Groups: Che Donne, Okay
Contestants' performances on the judges' houses
Act Song Result
Marcin Spenner "Iris" Through
Paweł Binkiewicz "Maybe Tomorrow" Through
Joanna Kwaśnik "If I Ain't Got You" Through
Izabela Mytnik "True Colors" Eliminated
Thomas Grotto "Let Me Entertain You" Eliminated
Che Donne "Sway" Eliminated
The Chance "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" Through
Okay "I Will Survive"/"Survivor" Eliminated
Soul City "Somebody That I Used To Know" Through
De Facto "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" Through
Dawid Podsiadło "Shape of My Heart" Through
Anna Antonik "Warwick Avenue" Through
Ewelina Lisowska "Beautiful" Through
Klaudia Szafrańska "Everybody Hurts" Eliminated
Bożena Mazur "Ain't Nobody" Eliminated


The final 9 finalists were confirmed as follows:


     – Winner
     – Runner up
     – Third Place
Category (mentor) Acts
16-24s (Okupnik) Anna Antonik Ewelina Lisowska Dawid Podsiadło
Over 25s (Wojewódzki) Paweł Binkiewicz Joanna Kwaśnik Marcin Spenner
Groups (Mozil) The Chance De Facto Soul City

Live shows[edit]

Results summary[edit]

Contestants' colour key:

     – Kuba Wojewódzki's contestants (over 25s)
     – Tatiana Okupnik's contestants (16–24s)
     – Czesław Mozil's contestants (groups)
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7
Dawid Podsiadło 2nd
Marcin Spenner 1st
The Chance 8th
Third place
Ewelina Lisowska 3rd
(week 6)
Soul City 4th
(week 5)
Joanna Kwaśnik 7th
(week 4)
Anna Antonik 5th
(week 3)
Paweł Binkiewicz 6th
(week 2)
De Facto 9th
(week 1)
Bottom two De Facto,
The Chance
Paweł Binkiewicz,
Joanna Kwaśnik
Anna Antonik,
The Chance
Joanna Kwaśnik,
Soul City
Soul City,
The Chance
Ewelina Lisowska,
The Chance
No final showdown or judges' vote: results are based on public votes alone
Mozil's's vote to save The Chance Joanna Kwaśnik The Chance Soul City The Chance The Chance
Okupnik's vote to save The Chance Joanna Kwaśnik Anna Antonik Soul City The Chance Ewelina Lisowska
Wojewódzki's vote to save De Facto N/A1 The Chance Joanna Kwaśnik Soul City The Chance
Eliminated De Facto
1 of 3 votes
Paweł Binkiewicz
0 of 2 votes
Anna Antonik
1 of 3 votes
Joanna Kwaśnik
1 of 3 votes
Soul City
1 of 3 votes
Ewelina Lisowska
1 of 3 votes
The Chance
11% to win
Marcin Spenner
42% to win
  • ^1 Wojewódzki was not required to vote as there was already a majority.

Live show details[edit]

Week 1 (21 April)[edit]

  • Theme: Songs chosen by the contestants[13]
Contestants' performances on the first live show
Act Order Song Result
The Chance 1 "The Best" Bottom two
Joanna Kwaśnik 2 "Someone Like You" Safe
Ewelina Lisowska 3 "Just Like A Pill" Safe
De Facto 4 "Closer" Bottom two
Marcin Spenner 5 "Heaven" Safe
Soul City 6 "Free Your Mind" Safe
Anna Antonik 7 "Apologize" Safe
Paweł Binkiewicz 8 "Fly Away" Safe
Dawid Podsiadło 9 "With Or Without You" Safe
Final showdown details
De Facto 1 "I Swear" Eliminated
The Chance 2 "I'm So Excited" Safe
Judges' votes to save
  • Mozil: The Chance
  • Okupnik: The Chance
  • Wojewódzki: De Facto

Week 2 (28 April)[edit]

  • Theme: Disco
Contestants' performances on the second live show
Act Order Song Result
Paweł Binkiewicz 1 "Kung Fu Fighting" Bottom two
Anna Antonik 2 "Hot Stuff" Safe
Soul City 3 "Celebration" Safe
Joanna Kwaśnik 4 "September" Bottom two
Dawid Podsiadło 5 "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" Safe
The Chance 6 "Blame It on the Boogie" Safe
Ewelina Lisowska 7 "I Will Survive" Safe
Marcin Spenner 8 "Bad Girls" Safe
Final showdown details
Paweł Binkiewicz 1 "Cosmic Girl" Eliminated
Joanna Kwaśnik 2 "Mercy" Safe
Judges' votes to save
  • Mozil: Joanna Kwaśnik
  • Okupnik: Joanna Kwaśnik
  • Wojewódzki: not required to vote as there was already a majority

Week 3 (5 May)[edit]

  • Theme: Musical Giants[14]
Contestants' performances on the third live show
Act Order Song Musical Giant Result
Ewelina Lisowska 1 "If I Could Turn Back Time" Cher Safe
The Chance 2 "Sorry" Madonna Bottom two
Marcin Spenner 3 "Always" Bon Jovi Safe
Anna Antonik 4 "Imagine" John Lennon Bottom two
Soul City 5 "They Don't Care About Us" Michael Jackson Safe
Joanna Kwaśnik 6 "Think" Aretha Franklin Safe
Dawid Podsiadło 7 "Your Song" Elton John Safe
Final showdown details
Anna Antonik 1 "Killing Me Softly with His Song" Eliminated
The Chance 2 "Mercedes Benz" Safe
Judges' votes to save
  • Mozil: The Chance - backed his own act
  • Okupnik: Anna Antonik - backed her own act
  • Wojewódzki: The Chance - stated he couldn't imagine the show without this group, but said a lot of good words about Antonik

Week 4 (12 May)[edit]

Contestants' performances on the fourth live show
Act Order Song Film / TV Series Result
Soul City 1 "I'll Be There for You" Friends Bottom two
Joanna Kwaśnik 2 "Another Way to Die" Quantum of Solace Bottom two
Dawid Podsiadło 3 "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" Pulp Fiction Safe
The Chance 4 "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)" Mermaids Safe
Marcin Spenner 5 "She's Like the Wind" Dirty Dancing Safe
Ewelina Lisowska 6 "Bring Me to Life" Daredevil Safe
Final showdown details
Joanna Kwaśnik 1 "Super Duper Love (Are You Diggin' on Me)" Eliminated
Soul City 2 "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" Safe
Judges' votes to save
  • Mozil: Soul City
  • Okupnik: Soul City
  • Wojewódzki: Joanna Kwaśnik

Week 5 (19 May)[edit]

Contestants' performances on the fifth live show
Act Order First song Order Second song Result
Ewelina Lisowska 1 "Candyman" 6 "Winna" Safe
The Chance 2 "I Say a Little Prayer" 10 "Sic!" Bottom two
Dawid Podsiadło 3 "Cry Me a River" 9 "Cichosza" Safe
Marcin Spenner 4 "Everybody Needs Somebody to Love" 7 "Do kołyski" Safe
Soul City 5 "What a Wonderful World" 8 "Mamona" Bottom two
Final showdown details
The Chance 1 "Stand by Me" Safe
Soul City 2 "This World" Eliminated
Judges' votes to save
  • Mozil: The Chance
  • Okupnik: The Chance
  • Wojewódzki: Soul City

Week 6: Semi-final (26 May)[edit]

  • Themes: Songs chosen by mentors; songs by Adele
Contestants' performances on the sixth live show
Act Order First song Order Second song Result
Dawid Podsiadło 1 "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" 6 "One and Only" Safe
The Chance 2 "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" 5 "Set Fire to the Rain" Bottom two
Ewelina Lisowska 3 "If I Were a Boy" 7 "Rumour Has It" Bottom two
Marcin Spenner 4 "I Want to Know What Love Is" 8 "Rolling in the Deep" Safe
Final showdown details
Ewelina Lisowska 1 "Sweet Dreams" Eliminated
The Chance 2 "Eye of the Tiger" Safe
Judges' votes to save
  • Mozil: The Chance
  • Okupnik: Ewelina Lisowska
  • Wojewódzki: The Chance

Week 7: Final (2 June)[edit]

Contestants' performances on the final live show
Act Order First song Order Second song (duet) Result
The Chance 1 "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss)" 4 "Slow It Down" (with Amy Macdonald) Third place
Marcin Spenner 2 "Do kołyski" 5 "Thunder Without Rain" (with Brainstorm) Runner-up
Dawid Podsiadło 3 "With Or Without You" 6 "Better Than a Dream" (with Katie Melua) Winner


Episode Date Official rating
Weekly rank Weekend rank Share (%) Share 16-49 (%) Source(s)
Auditions 1 3 March 3.30 18 20.7 25.6 [16]
Auditions 2 10 March 4.01 12 8 24.8 30.9 [17][18]
Auditions 3 17 March 3.73 15 24.1 29.5 [19][20]
Auditions 4 24 March 3.85 12 6 24.9 31.2
Auditions 5 31 March 3.74
Bootcamp 7 April 3.48
Judges' houses 14 April 3.05
Live show 1 21 April 2.92
Live show 2 28 April 2.36
Live show 3 5 May 2.56
Live show 4 12 May 2.76
Live show 5 19 May 2.67
Live show 6 26 May 2.38
Live show 7 2 June 3.12
Average 2012 3.14


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