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York Region, located in southcentral Ontario, Canada, assigned approximately 50 regional roads, each with a number ranging from 1 to 99. All expenses of York Regional Roads (for example, snow shovelling, road repairs, traffic lights) are funded by the York Region government. Several new roads were assumed by the region include King–Vaughan Town Line and Kirby Sideroad. Most north-south roads originating in Toronto retains the proper names from south of Steeles Avenue.

Roads on Georgina Island are maintained by Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation despite the island being within York Region.

Roads are generally paved with some gravel roads in less populated areas. Before the 20th Century most cleared roads were dirt roads.

Types of roads[edit]

King's Highways[edit]

There are 161 kilometres (100 mi) of provincially maintained highways, termed "provincial highways" or "King's Highways"[1][2]

As in the rest of Ontario, the provincially maintained highways in York Region are designated with a shield-shaped sign topped with a crown. The highway number is in the centre, with the name ONTARIO below. These signs are known as shields.[3]

Provincially maintained highways generally have greater construction standards than municipally or locally maintained roads.[4] Although they are usually one lane in either direction, several short sections with two lanes in one direction as a passing lane exist along the highways.

York Region is also home to three 400-series highways, which are controlled-access freeways.

Toll highway[edit]

York Region is home to a privately-maintained (but provincially-owned) toll freeway, the 407 ETR. The freeway crosses the Region east-west near the southern border. Toll rates vary depending on the section, time of day, and mileage driven.

Regional Roads[edit]

York Regional Roads are signed with a flowerpot-shaped sign, as are most regional and county roads in Ontario. The road number appears in the centre of the sign, with the word REGION above and the word YORK below. Like King's Highways, these signs are known as shields.[3] As par standard practice in regional municipalities, they run through and are signed in urban areas in addition to rural areas.

King's Highways[edit]

The following is a list of provincially maintained highways in York Region. Communities are ordered by where the route encounters them (either from south to north or from west to east).

Route Length Western/Southern Terminus Eastern/Northern Terminus Municipalities/
km mi
Ontario 48.svg Highway 48 58 36 Major Mackenzie Drive (York Regional Road 25) Durham Regional Road 23 Markham, Whitchurch-Stouffville (Stouffville), Whitchurch-Stouffville (Ballantrae), East Gwillimbury (Mount Albert), Georgina (Sutton)
Highway 404 44 27 Steeles Avenue Woodbine Avenue (York Regional Road 8) Richmond Hill, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket, Whitchurch-Stouffville, East Gwillimbury, Georgina Highway 404 forms the eastern/western borders of part of Richmond Hill/Markham, Richmond Hill/Whitchurch-Stouffville, Aurora/Whitchurch-Stouffville, Newmarket/Whitchurch-Stouffville, and part of Newmarket/East Gwillimbury.
Highway 400 32 20 Steeles Avenue Canal Road Vaughan, King (King City)
Highway 9 15.5 9.6 Caledon-King Townline east of Highway 400 King (Schomberg) Forms the border between York Region and Simcoe County between Caledon-King Townline and Canal Road.
Highway 427 9 5.6 Steeles Avenue Major Mackenzie Drive (York Regional Road 25) Vaughan
Highway 7 3 1.9 Reesor Road York-Durham Line (York Regional Road 30; Durham Regional Road 30) Markham (Locust Hill)

Privately owned freeway[edit]

Route Length Western/Southern Terminus Eastern/Northern Terminus Municipalities Comments
km mi
407 Express Toll Route 41 25 Highway 50 (Peel Regional Road 50; York Regional Road 24) York-Durham Line (York Regional Road 30) Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham Privately-owned toll freeway

Georgina Island[edit]

The main arterial road is a series of different named roads:

  • Bear Road - runs along south side of Georgina Island
  • Chief Joseph Snake Road - runs along western side of Georgina Island and transitions to Loon Road at northern tip
  • Loon Road - runs along eastern side of Georgina Island and transitions to Chief Joseph Snake Road at northern tip

Boundaries of York Region[edit]

Georgina Island, Fox Island and Snake Island are within York Region, but are also part of the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation.

Regional Roads[edit]

Regional road # Proper Name[6] Western/Northern terminus Eastern/Southern terminus Municipality(ies) within York Region Additional notes/Traffic
York Regional Road 1.svg Yonge Street York Region/Simcoe County boundary Steeles Avenue Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury Formerly Highway 11. Very busy road with a lot of traffic (especially in Richmond Hill, Markham, and Vaughan). The Viva Blue BRT line runs on Yonge Street.
York Regional Road 3.svg Kennedy Road Lake Drive East in Georgina Steeles Avenue Markham, Whitchurch–Stouffville, East Gwillimbury, Georgina Continuation of Kennedy Road in Toronto. Before renaming it was signed as 6th Line. Former sections of Kennedy before the present alignment include Old Kennedy Road, Fresno Circuit, and Main Street Unionville. Section bypassing Main Street Unionville was briefly named Unionville By-pass. York Regional Road status was interrupted between Davis Drive (continues briefly north to dead end) and Herald Road.[7] The interruption due to the existence of the Bendor and Grave Tract (York Regional Forest), created by re-forestation of developed land acquired by the province beginning in 1924.[8] Pheasant Run Golf Course's eastern end overlaps roadway.
York Regional Road 6.svg Keele Street Lloydtown-Aurora Road Steeles Avenue Vaughan, King Continuation of Keele Street in Toronto. Unsigned road continues north of Lloydtown-Auroa Road as to King Street then becomes 4th Concession Road ending just before the Holland River. Briefly across the Holland River is a short roadway called Keele Lane which end shortly at Tornado Road.
York Regional Road 7.svg Highway 7 York Region/Peel Region Boundary Reesor Road Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham This route is a heavily travelled route, especially between Highway 400 and McCowan Road in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Markham. Most of Viva Purple and Viva Pink run on Highway 7. This route was part of Ontario Highway 7 before the 1997 downloadings. Portions in Markham was once called Wellington Street (short section exists south of 7 at Markham Road). Ontario Highway 7 continues east of Reesor Road.
York Regional Road 8.svg Woodbine Avenue Woodbine Bypass Lake Drive North in Georgina Steeles Avenue Markham, Whitchurch–Stouffville, Georgina Formerly connected with Woodbine Avenue in Toronto which later became Highway 404. Intersection of Woodbine Avenue and Elgin Mills Road was realigned. The Woodbine Avenue By-Pass opened on November 15, 2010.[9][10] Connects with Highway 404 south of Steeles with southbound onramps. Several former road stub exists with new name after re-alignment, Union Street, in Gormley south of Stouffville Road.
York Regional Road 8A.svg Baseline Road Woodbine Avenue Dalton Road Georgina The road as an undersigned York Regional Road number #88, which makes it the second highest numbered York Regional Road.[6] Road name derived from early road surveying commonly used in 19th and 20th Century in Ontario.
York Regional Road 9.svg Dalton Road
Main Street Sutton (High Street)
Lake Drive East Ontario Highway 48 Georgina Two of the roads passes through the centre of the village of Sutton, Ontario. Richard Dalton was landowner in nearby Virginia located near the Roman Catholic Church along the route from Highway 48 east of Sutton.[11]
York Regional Road 11.svg King Road York Region/Peel Region Boundary Yonge Street Richmond Hill, King It passes through King City, Nobleton and Oak Ridges. Named for Major John King, British Under-Secretary of State. Formerly 14th Sideroad.
York Regional Road 12.svg Don Mills Road
Leslie Street
The Queensway South
Metro Road South and Morton Avenue Steeles Avenue Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, Georgina Leslie Street has new commercial and industrial areas in Richmond Hill
Don Mills Road replaces Leslie Street from John Street-Steeles Avenue
The Queensway passes through the centre of Keswick. Declared to Main Street Keswick in the future. Leslie Street is continuation of Leslie Street in Toronto but sections to Steeles broken due to geography including (German Mills Park, Duncan Creek) and existing German Mills residential area; section from Steeles to slightly north of Simonston Boulevard was once part of German Mills Road, which still exists as a local road. The section of Leslie from Steeles to Waterloo Court was not signed or part of regional road. All sections of Leslie in Markham were once signed as 3rd Line.[12]
York Regional Road 13.svg Mount Albert Road
Bradford Street
Holland Landing Road York–Durham Line East Gwillimbury Connects Holland Landing, Sharon and Mount Albert
York Regional Road 14.svg Stouffville Road
Main Street Stouffville
King–Vaughan Line
Pine Valley Drive York–Durham Line Richmond Hill, Whitchurch–Stouffville It passes through the centre of Gormley and Stouffville. It is one of the busiest rural roads in York Region. Named for Stouffville founder Abraham Stouffer. Regional Road status interrupted between Bathurst and Yonge Streets.[6] Formerly as known as Whitchurch Town Line before merger of Whitchurch-Stouffville.
York Regional Road 15.svg Wellington Street
Aurora Road
Dufferin Street York–Durham Line King, Aurora, Whitchurch–Stouffville Passes through the centre of Aurora. The Aurora GO Station can also be found on this road.

Follows or formerly known as 17th Sideroad.

York Regional Road 16.svg Lloydtown-Aurora Road Highway 27 Bathurst Street King Accessible to Highway 400, links Aurora and Lloydtown.

From Highway 27 to 8th Concession it follows the 19th sideroad. At the 8th, to avoid Pottageville swamp, it curves diagonally southwards until it reaches 7th Concession road. From the 7th to 5th Concession Road (Jane St), it runs roughly due east, between sideroads. At Jane St, it turns south until it reaches the former 18th sideroad. Turning east again, it follows the former 18th to Dufferin (3rd Concession). At Dufferin, it turns east, running on 17th sideroad.

York Regional Road 17.svg Islington Avenue Major Mackenzie Drive Steeles Avenue Vaughan Continuation of Islington Avenue in Toronto. Because this road is along the Humber River, this road is very steep at times and contains a lot of curves. North of Major Mackenzie the road is not signed and merges with Highway 27 north of Nashville Road.
York Regional Road 18.svg Park Road Hedge Road in Georgina Ravenshoe Road Georgina The road passes through Sibbald Point Provincial Park, and accessible to Highway 48
York Regional Road 19.svg Green Lane Bathurst Street Woodbine Avenue East Gwillimbury Former northern terminus of Hwy 404, on which it is marked as a truck route to Highway 400. Not to be mistaken for road of the same name in Thornhill, Ontario.
York Regional Road 21.svg Pefferlaw Road Highway 48 Lake Ridge Road (York Region/Durham Region Boundary) Georgina Passes through the centre of Pefferlaw
Highway 50 Peel Regional Road 14 (Mayfield Road) Steeles Avenue Vaughan Formerly Highway 50. Signed only as Peel Road 50. Forms the boundary between York Region and Peel Region.
York Regional Road 25.svg Major Mackenzie Drive York Region/Peel Region boundary York–Durham Line Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham Formerly a rural road, but urban sprawl in Markham and Vaughan has turned this road into an urban thoroughfare. Named after Major Addison Alexander "Lex" Mackenzie, a former provincial politician and First World War veteran.[13]
York Regional Road 26.svg St. John's Sideroad
18th Sideroad
Bathurst Street Woodbine Avenue Aurora, Whitchurch–Stouffville No access to Highway 404 with overpass only.
York Regional Road 27.svg Highway 27 Highway 9 or York Region/Simcoe County boundary Steeles Avenue Vaughan, King Formerly Highway 27 (referred to as Highway 27 in Toronto, and Simcoe County Road 27 in Simcoe County). In Vaughan and King, it generally follows the formerly 9th Concession road.
York Regional Road 29.svg Gamble Road
19th Avenue
Kirby Road
Bathurst Street Leslie Street Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan One of the rural roads in York Region, and extending Kirby Road to Bathurst. Portion named for former York County Warden John William Gamble. Kirby likely named for settler Nathaniel Kirby.[14] Kirby Road running from Dufferin to Albion-Vaughan Road, will likely become part this regional road in the future. In 2019, Gamble Road was realigned at Leslie Street to compensate for old surveying errors, to create a continuous routing.[15]
York Regional Road 30.svg York–Durham Line (Also Durham Regional Road 30) Queensville Sideroad in East Gwillimbury Steeles Avenue Markham, Whitchurch–Stouffville, East Gwillimbury Separates Durham Region and York Region. North of East Gwillimbury road continues as Concession Road 1 and Miles Road terminating at Highway 48 in Baldwin; south of Steeles/Taunton Road continues as Scarborough-Pickering Townline terminating at Finch Avenue East.
York Regional Road 31.svg Davis Drive (Formerly Provincial Highway 9) Highway 400 York–Durham Region boundary Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, Whitchurch–Stouffville One of the busiest rural roads in York Region, separates East Gwillimbury and Whitchurch–Stouffville. Road is still referred to as Davis Drive east into Durham Region. Named for the Davis Leather Company (moved to area by Andrew Davis, son of the founder of Lowell Tannery of King Township and later ran by son Elihu James Davis and Aubrey Davis).[16][17] West of Highway 400 the road resumes old signage of Highway 9.
York Regional Road 32.svg Ravenshoe Road Holland River at a dead end Lakeridge Road (Durham Regional Road 23) Georgina Runs from southeast of Keswick to Udora. Thomas and William Glover operated Ravenshoe Hotel on the roadway.[18]
YRR33.png Glenwoods Avenue The Queensway South Woodbine Avenue Georgina One of the busiest roads of Keswick, from the Queensway South-Woodbine Avenue
York Regional Road 34.svg Bayview Avenue
Prospect Street
2nd Concession Road
Queensville Sideroad Steeles Avenue Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket Very busy with a lot of traffic especially in Markham and Richmond Hill. In Newmarket, a handful of York Region's government buildings can be found. The route is a continuation of Bayview Avenue in Toronto. Regional road status is interrupted between Davis Drive and Green Lane.[6]
York Regional Road 38.svg Bathurst Street York Regional Road 1 (Former Ontario Highway 11) / Holland Landing Road Steeles Avenue Vaughan, King, Newmarket The road was interrupted by the natural landscape in King where Old Bathurst Street runs further west and south of Mulock Drive. Formerly Second Concession road. Continuation of Bathurst Street in Toronto.
York Regional Road 40.svg Bloomington Road / 15th Sideroad Keele Street York–Durham Line Richmond Hill, Whitchurch–Stouffville East of Bloomington, it was formerly Highway 47, one of the busiest rural roads in York Region

West of Bloomington it follows 15th Sideroad. Named for the hamlet of Bloomington in Stouffville.

YRR45.png Doane Road Yonge Street Woodbine Avenue East Gwillimbury Runs from Holland Landing to south of Queensville. While not part of Regional Road 50, Doane Road exists in two secions: West of Yonge Doane Road West ends at East Branch of the Holland River and east of Woodbine Avenue runs to McCowan Road with break and continues from east of Highway 48 to York-Durham Townline. Named for Ebenezer Doane, Quaker settler in Newmarket and related to John Doane.[19]
York Regional Road 48.svg Donald Cousens Parkway Major Mackenzie Drive Steeles Avenue Markham The road was built for trucks that have now been banned from Main Street Markham. Formerly called Markham Bypass from the 1980s to 1990s, the road is now named after the former mayor of Markham, Donald Cousens. The road is expected to be extended to Highway 48 in the future, with construction planned to start in 2026.[20]
York Regional Road 49.svg Elgin Mills Road
Teston Road
Nashville Road
York Region/Peel Region Boundary (Peel Regional 50 / York Regional Road 24) Woodbine Avenue Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham York Regional Road status was interrupted between Highway 27 and Pine Valley Drive, and also between Keele Street and Dufferin Street. Elgin Mills was a post office established in Richmond Hill in 1900 and named for James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin.[21] Non-regional road section of Elgin Mills runs from Woodbine east to York-Durham Town Line (ends in Mongolia, Ontario). Road was also referred to as Peaches Sideroad as it passed through Peaches located at McCowan Road and Elgin Mills Road.
York Regional Road 51.svg Yonge Street Queensville Sideroad Yonge Street East Gwillimbury The road passes through the centre of Holland Landing and is a bypassed (to through traffic) section of Yonge Street. Continuation of Yonge Street from southern York Region.
York Regional Road 53.svg Dufferin Street Lloydtown-Aurora Road/18th Sideroad Steeles Avenue King, Vaughan Sometimes referred to as 3rd Concession Road. Continuation of Dufferin Street in Toronto. As non-regional road Dufferin runs north and ends at Holland Marsh.
York Regional Road 55.svg Jane Street Highway 9 Steeles Avenue King, Vaughan Two of the first TTC subway stations outside the City of Toronto are located on/near Jane Street. Near the location of the future Downtown Vaughan. Formerly the 5th Concession Road. Continuation of Jane Street in Toronto.
York Regional Road 56.svg Weston Road Highway 9 Steeles Avenue King, Vaughan Formerly the 6th Concession Road. Continuation of Weston Road in Toronto. A short stub called Old Weston Road was the former alignment of the roadway that was removed to align with the Toronto section of the road. Non-regional road section of Weston Roads ends north of Highway 9 at Woodchoppers Lane.
York Regional Road 57.svg Pine Valley Drive Teston Road Steeles Avenue Vaughan Pine Valley Drive's York Regional Road status was interrupted between Langstaff Road and Rutherford Road
York Regional Road 65.svg Warden Avenue Baseline Road Steeles Avenue Markham, Whitchurch–Stouffville, East Gwillimbury Passes through the centre of the developing Downtown Markham. Several traffic lights cause traffic to jam frequently up between Apple Creek and Highway 7. Continuation of Warden Avenue in Toronto. Before renaming it was signed as 5th Line.
York Regional Road 67.svg McCowan Road Southern segment - Bloomington Road/York Regional Road 40; Northern segment - Ravenshoe Road/York Regional Road 32 Southern segment - Steeles Avenue; Northern segment - Davis Drive/York Regional Road 31. Before renaming it was signed as 7th Line. Markham, Whitchurch–Stouffville, East Gwillimbury, Georgina Continues from McCowan Road in Toronto from the southern border at Steeles Avenue to Baseline Road (York RR 8A) in Georgina in the north, a distance of some 53 kilometres (33 mi), with one break of about 250 metres (820 ft) in the middle of the concession between St. John's Sideroad in the south and Vivian Road (York RR 74) in the north because of a gorge of a tributary of the Black River. The entire length is signed as McCowan Road, but officially as York Regional Road 67 for only two segments: the southern segment, between Steeles Avenue in the south and Bloomington Road/York RR 40 in the north; and the northern segment, between Davis Drive/York RR 31 in the south and Ravenshoe Road/York RR 32 in the north.
York Regional Road 68.svg Markham Road
Main Street Markham
Highway 407 Steeles Avenue Markham Formerly Highway 48 (downloaded in 1997), the road becomes Highway 48 after Major Mackenzie Drive. Continuation of Markham Road in Toronto and from Steeles Avenue north to Highway 407 in Markham. Signed as Main Street Markham North north of Highway 7 and Main Street Markham South south of Highway 7.
York Regional Road 69.svg Ninth Line Aurora Road Steeles Avenue Markham, Whitchurch–Stouffville Was at once considered for an expressway. 9th Line borders Cornell and is now changing from a rural road to somewhat of an urban thoroughfare due to urban sprawl, especially in Cornell. Road breaks at Copper Creek Drive after re-alignment in 2006-2007 and continues due west at Rouge Bank Drive to a dead end south of Sanders Drive near Donald Cousens Parkway; southern portion continues via deteour on Donald Cousens southwest then south at the hydro lines to traffic light at Steeles Avenue East along the Toronto-York Region border. Jog north of Donald Cousens will be likely be eliminated by future road work by the region. The name Ninth Line is the original assignment provided in the 1793-1794 surveying.[22] North of Aurora Road Ninth Line continues as local road to Vivian Creek Road and ends as a driveway into Mount Albert water tower. Sometimes referred to as 9th Concession Road.
York Regional Road 71.svg 14th Avenue
Centre Street
Highway 7 York–Durham Line Markham, Vaughan York Regional Road status interrupted between Warden Avenue and Bathurst Street. West of Warden Avenue it briefly is signed as Alden Road and resumes by turning north at lights at Hood Road. 14th Avenue ends at dead end at Highway 404 but section west of Woodbine was rerouted at a southwest angle. Former route west of 404 once ended at Leslie Street but was removed as residential area appeared. While a short section now called 14th Lane appears to be a stub of the old road allowance but aerial maps suggests Tanglewood Trail and parts of Lyndhurst Drive to Bronte Road are the former route. There are two sections of roadway re-routed: at Donald Cousens former section now a pathway ending at railway tracks (crossing marking removed); section west of Markham Road leads into plaza with signage as Old 14th Avenue. Centre Street begins at Yonge Street and heads westward and bends north after Dufferin Street to end at Highway 7. Although a partial section of Green Lane follows alignment of both 14th Avenue and Centre Street, but it is not part of Regional Road 71. The portion between Highway 7 and Dufferin Street has the unposted designation of Ontario Kings Highway 7195.
York Regional Road 72.svg Langstaff Road York Region/Peel Region boundary Highway 7 Vaughan The road is interrupted twice. The first time is between Keele Street and Jane Street because of the CN rail yard. The second time is between Islington Avenue and Highway 27 because of the Humber River. Road likely linked to settler John Langstaff, who's property along with Yonge Street which later became Langstaff Farm Jail.[23]
York Regional Road 73.svg 16th Avenue
Carrville Road
Rutherford Road
York Region/Peel Region boundary York–Durham Line Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham One of the busiest roads in York Region. It is often congested during rush hours in the vicinity of Vaughan Mills mall in Vaughan and between Kennedy Road and Warden Avenue in Markham. Road connects with Castlemore Road west of Highway 50 (now Peel Regional Road 50) in Brampton, then as Bovaird Drive (Peel Regional Roads 10 and 107) within Peel Region. In Halton Region (near Norval), the road continues west into Georgetown as the western segment of Highway 7.
York Regional Road 74.svg Mulock Drive
Vivian Road
Bathurst Street York–Durham Line Newmarket, Whitchurch–Stouffville Passes through the Newmarket Theatre. Road likely to have been named for former Newmarket resident Sir William Mulock.

Follows or formerly 19th Sideroad.

York Regional Road 76.svg Morton Avenue The Queensway South Woodbine Avenue Georgina
York Regional Road 77.svg Queensville Sideroad Bathurst Street Woodbine Avenue East Gwillimbury Connects River Drive Park, Holland Landing and Queensville.
York Regional Road 78.svg Metro Road The Queensway South Dalton Road Georgina Built on the former railway of the Toronto and York Radial Railway, it passes through the centre of the community of Keswick
York Regional Road 79.svg Old Homestead Road
Station Road
Metro Road North Pefferlaw Road Georgina Former centre in northern Georgina, leads to the village of Pefferlaw.
York Regional Road 80.svg Black River Road Dalton Road Park Road Georgina Named after Black River in Jackson's Point, Ontario
York Regional Road 81.svg Weir's Sideroad Old Homestead Road Ravenshoe Road Georgina Passes through the village of Virginia and the village of Pefferlaw.
York Regional Road 82.svg Victoria Road Ravenshoe Road Lake Ridge Road (York Region/Durham Region Boundary) Georgina This was also declared as Durham Road 1, north of Ravenshoe Road.
York Regional Road 83.svg Holland Landing Road Yonge Street Toll Road East Gwillimbury Passes through the centre of Holland Landing, on the west side of the Holland River East branch.
"Highway 427" Zenway Boulevard North end of Highway 427 at Highway 7 Vaughan Former York Region-built non-freeway extension of Highway 427. Ran 700 m (2,300 ft) north from Highway 7 to Zenway Drive. Closed and removed August 8, 2020 due to construction to tie in existing Highway 427 lanes to extension work ahead of the freeway's completion (opened Sept 2021).[24][25]


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