Zak Adama

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This article is about the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica character. For the original series analogue, see Zac (Battlestar Galactica).
Zak Adama
Battlestar Galactica character
Portrayed by Clarke Hudson (miniseries)
Tobias Mehler (full series)
Species Human
Gender Male
Title Ensign
Colony Caprica
Affiliation Colonial Fleet

Zak Adama is a fictional character on the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica science fiction series.


As the younger son of the celebrated Commander William Adama and Caroline, Zak felt pressured to join the Colonial Fleet and prove himself to his father.[1] During his training as a Viper pilot, he fell in love with his flight instructor Kara Thrace, and the two became engaged.[2] Although he never knew it, Zak botched several maneuvers during the last part of his basic flight course, and only passed because of his relationship with Kara.[1] While dating Kara, he introduced her to his brother Lee and was completely unaware of the relationship that quickly developed between the two as he got drunk and passed out. The two nearly had sex while Zak was passed out on the couch, but when he woke up for a moment, they realized what they were doing and stopped. Zak never knew what almost happened between the two.

After graduating from flight school, Zak was killed when he crashed his Viper during his first solo flight, creating a deep rift between his father and brother (Lee), the latter believing parental pressure sent Zak to his death.[1]

Although Zak's death strained the relationship between William and Lee Adama, it ultimately strengthened their bond, making the elder Adama determined not to lose his surviving son; when Kara Thrace was missing in action, Lee questioned how long his father would search for him, were he missing, to which William Adama responded, "if it were you... we'd never leave."[3]

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