Zapote District, San José

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Catholic Church of Zapote located across the street from Parque Nicaragua, the district's main park.

Zapote District, the fifth "distrito" of San José Canton, Costa Rica, is one of the administrative units surrounding San José downtown (officially composed by the districts of El Carmen, Merced, Hospital and Catedral). The district is primarily residential, although there are some government buildings, standing out the Presidential House, seat of the government.

Geography and Demography[edit]

Zapote is on the east of the canton, lying between Montes de Oca Canton and Curridabat Canton (bordering them to the north and to the east respectively). The district also borders San Francisco district to the south, and Catedral district to the west.[1] The district had 2.85 km² and 22,828 inhabitants on December 31, 2008 (8,009.82 inhabitants per km².)[2]

District Information[edit]

Zapote district includes the "barrios" (or neighbourhoods) of Alborada, Calderón Muñoz, Cerrito, Córdoba, Gloria, Jardín, Las Luisas, Mangos, Montealegre, Moreno Cañas, Quesada Durán, San Dimas, San Gerardo (part of it), Trébol, Ujarrás, Vista Hermosa, Yoses Sur and Zapote Centro. The main official building in the area is the Casa Presidencial, the government building for the President of Costa Rica (but not her residence) and the executive power, established there since 1986.


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