Zgharta District

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Zgharta District
Zgharta District
Zgharta District
Location in Lebanon
Location in Lebanon
Country Lebanon
GovernorateNorth Governorate
 • Total70 sq mi (182 km2)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Zgharta District (Arabic: زغرتا) is a district (qadaa) of the North Governorate, northern Lebanon. Its capital is the city of Zgharta.


The administrative center is the city of Zgharta. The district has 101 populated areas with 30 municipalities covering 37 villages. Some areas share the same municipality such as Ehden/Zgharta, Kfarsghab/Morh Kfarsghab, and Miziara/Harf Miziara. And there is one Municipalities Union.

The district at elevations from 40–2,550 metres (130–8,370 ft), from near the coast to its highest point in the Mount Lebanon mountain range.

Aintourine, Zgharta District

The highest populated part of the district overlooks the Qozhaya Valley, which is the northern branch of the Holy Valley of Qadisha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve is in the mountains within the district. This higher part of the district is a visitor destination, including the Monastery of Mar Sarkis and the Monastery of Qozhaya areas.


Agriculture stays the main activity of the district with an important olive oil production in the coastal area and fruits (apple and pears) in the mountain area. The recent years saw the development of a modest service sector around the economic pole of Zgharta.


The officially registered persons in the district are estimated to 90,000 (est. 1998). Around 50% of the district population lives in the economic pole of Zgharta: Zgharta, Rachiine, Kfardlakos, Kfarhata, Mijdlayiah, Ardeh, Harf Ardeh. The majority of the population is Maronite Catholics, with a minority of Greek Orthodox, Armenians, Sunnite Muslims and others.

Towns and villages[edit]

Village Arabic name GPS Coord Population 1998
Aarjes عرجس 34°19′51″N 35°52′53″E / 34.33083°N 35.88139°E / 34.33083; 35.88139 (Aarjes)
Aintourine عينتورين 34°17′06″N 35°57′25″E / 34.28500°N 35.95694°E / 34.28500; 35.95694 (Aintourine)
Aitou أيطو 34°18′31″N 35°55′11″E / 34.30861°N 35.91972°E / 34.30861; 35.91972 (Aitou)
Alma علما
Arbet Kozhaya عربة قزحيا 34°17′42″N 35°55′32″E / 34.29500°N 35.92556°E / 34.29500; 35.92556 (Arbet Kozhaya)
Ardeh ارده
Achach عشاش
Aslout اسلوت
Asnoun اصنون 34°23′15″N 35°53′11″E / 34.38750°N 35.88639°E / 34.38750; 35.88639 (Asnoun)
Basloukit بسلوقيت
Bchennine بشنين
Beit Awkar بيت عوكر
Beit Obeid بيت عبيد
Besbeel بسبعل
Bhairet Toula بحيرة تولا 34°19′23″N 35°58′15″E / 34.32306°N 35.97083°E / 34.32306; 35.97083 (Bhairet Toula)
Bnachii بنشعي 34°19′58″N 35°53′43″E / 34.33278°N 35.89528°E / 34.33278; 35.89528 (Bnachii)
Bousit بوسيط
Daraya داريا 34°19′44″N 35°52′07″E / 34.32889°N 35.86861°E / 34.32889; 35.86861 (Daraya)
Ehden أهدن
Ejbeh اجبع 34°18′33″N 35°56′37″E / 34.30917°N 35.94361°E / 34.30917; 35.94361 (Ejbeh)
Fraydiss مزرعة الفريديس
Haret Al Fawar حارة الفوار 34°25′57″N 35°53′13″E / 34.432363°N 35.88705°E / 34.432363; 35.88705
Harf Ardeh حرف أرده
Harf Miziara حرف مزيارة 34°20′06″N 35°56′23″E / 34.33500°N 35.93972°E / 34.33500; 35.93972 (Harf Miziara)
Hawqa حوقا 34°16′20″N 35°56′30″E / 34.27222°N 35.94167°E / 34.27222; 35.94167 (Hawqa)
Hilan حيلان
Houmeiss حميص 34°19′43″N 35°55′59″E / 34.32861°N 35.93306°E / 34.32861; 35.93306 (Houmeiss)
Iaal ايعال 34°22′N 35°55′E / 34.367°N 35.917°E / 34.367; 35.917 (Iaal)
Kadrieh القادرية
Karahbache قره باش 34°23′37″N 35°53′40″E / 34.39361°N 35.89444°E / 34.39361; 35.89444 (Karahbache)
Karmsaddeh كرمسدة 34°18′21″N 35°53′23″E / 34.30583°N 35.88972°E / 34.30583; 35.88972 (Karmsaddeh)
Kfardlakos كفردلاقوس
Kfarfou كفرفو 34°19′05″N 35°52′48″E / 34.31806°N 35.88000°E / 34.31806; 35.88000 (Kfarfou)
Kfarhawra كفرحورا
Kfarsghab كفرصغاب 34°16′42″N 35°57′44″E / 34.27833°N 35.96222°E / 34.27833; 35.96222 (Kfarsghab)
Kfarshakhna كفرشخنا
Kfarhata كفرحاتا 34°22′58″N 35°53′51″E / 34.38278°N 35.89750°E / 34.38278; 35.89750 (Kfarhata)
Kfaryachit كفرياشيت 34°20′46″N 35°53′40″E / 34.34611°N 35.89444°E / 34.34611; 35.89444 (Kfaryachit)
Kfarzeina كفرزينا
Khaldieh خالدية
Kifraya كفريا
Mazraat En Nahr مزرعة النهر 34°16′50″N 35°53′54″E / 34.28056°N 35.89833°E / 34.28056; 35.89833 (Mazraat En Nahr)
Mazraat Al Toufah مزرعة التفاح
Mazraat Hraikis مزرعة حريقص
Mejdlaya مجدليا
Miriata مرياطه
Miziara مزيارة 34°19′58″N 35°55′49″E / 34.33278°N 35.93028°E / 34.33278; 35.93028 (Miziara)
Morh Kfarsghab مرح كفرصغاب 34°20′11″N 35°54′12″E / 34.33639°N 35.90333°E / 34.33639; 35.90333 (Morh Kfarsghab)
Rachiine رشعين
Raskifa راسكيفا 34°18′38″N 35°52′01″E / 34.31056°N 35.86694°E / 34.31056; 35.86694 (Raskifa)
Sakhra صخرا
Sebhel سبعل 34°18′53″N 35°54′31″E / 34.31472°N 35.90861°E / 34.31472; 35.90861 (Sebhel)
Sereel سرعل 34°17′24″N 35°54′41″E / 34.29000°N 35.91139°E / 34.29000; 35.91139 (Sereel)
Toula تولا 34°19′03″N 35°57′49″E / 34.31750°N 35.96361°E / 34.31750; 35.96361 (Toula)
Zgharta زغرتا