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Events in the year 2000 in Japan.



  • January 26: The Southern All-Stars release "Tsunami," the best-selling CD single in Japanese history.
  • April 1: Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University opens in Ōita Prefecture.
  • April 2: Prime Minister Obuchi suffers a massive stroke and is hospitalized.
  • April 4: Obuchi cabinet resigns.
  • April 5: Yoshiro Mori is elected prime minister.
  • May 14: Obuchi dies.
  • May 15: Mori makes his first major gaffe, referring to Japan as a "nation of gods with the Emperor at its center."
  • June 25: General election held.
  • July 8: Volcanic eruption on Miyakejima.
  • July 19: Bank of Japan issues the first 2,000-yen banknotes.
  • July 21: G8 Summit held in Okinawa.
  • August 1: New 500-yen coins enter circulation.
  • September 2: Miyakejima is evacuated as the eruption continues.
  • October 6: A magnitude 6.6 earthquake hits the city of Yonago, Tottori, injuring 138 people.[citation needed]
  • November 8: Japanese Red Army leader Fusako Shigenobu is arrested in Osaka.