6th Infantry Brigade (United Kingdom)

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The 6th Infantry Brigade is a regular British Army brigade.


Second Boer War[edit]

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The brigade was a part of the Natal Field Force under the command of Major General Sir Geoffrey Barton.[1] It was composed as follows;

World War I[edit]

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The brigade was part of 2nd Division. It was composed as follows;

The following battalions were part of the brigade during 1915.

  • 1st Battalion, the Royal Berkshire Regiment (August 1914 to December 1915)
  • 1/5th Battalion, The King's (Liverpool Regiment) (February 1915 to December 1915)
  • 1/7th Battalion, The King's (Liverpool Regiment) (March 1915 to September 1915)
  • 1/1st Battalion, The Hertfordshire Regument (August 1915 to June 1916)

The 17th Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers joined the brigade from the 5th Brigade in February 1918.

World War II[edit]

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At the outbreak of war in 1939 the 6th Infantry was part of the 2nd Infantry Division. In 1939 the brigade moved with the 2nd Infantry Division to France and was involved in the short Battle of France fighting at the Battles of The Dyle, St Omer-La Bassée and the retreat to and evacuation from Dunkirk in 1940.

With the invasion of Burma by the Japanese Army the brigade was shipped out to India where it would remain for the rest of the war fighting in the Burma Campaign. It fought in the Battles of Kohima and Mandalay.

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