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Not to be confused with Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano.
Aero Lloyd
Aero Lloyd logo.svg
Founded 20 December 1980
Commenced operations March 1981
Ceased operations 16 October 2003
Operating bases
Frequent-flyer program Flyplus
Fleet size 57 (during operations)
Destinations 59 (2002/2003)
Company slogan Fly my Way
Parent company BayernLB (66%)
Headquarters Oberursel, Germany

Aero Lloyd Flugreisen GmbH & Co, operated as Aero Lloyd, was a German charter airline based in Oberursel, Germany.[1]

It was originally headquartered in Building 182 at Frankfurt International Airport in Frankfurt before it was moved to Oberursel.[2][3]


An Aero Lloyd Caravelle at Frankfurt Airport, Germany. (1983)

Aero Lloyd was originally founded on 20 December 1980 and launched operations in March 1981 with 3 Sud Aviation Caravelle's.[4] By 1982, the airline received 3 ex-Garuda Indonesia Douglas DC-9-32 aircraft.

In 1986, the airline began to receive McDonnell Douglas MD-80 aircraft to allow the airline to expand to further destinations. In 1988, Aero Lloyd decided to launch scheduled services to London in the United Kingdom, Paris in France, and Zurich in Switzerland with the newly acquired aircraft. However by 1992, Aero Lloyd decided to drop scheduled operations after realising it was not a good move for the airline.


The airline ceased operations at 06:00 local time on 16 October 2003 after shareholders refused to continue funding the airline. The collapse left 4,000 passengers stuck at German airports with a further 4,500 stuck overseas.[5][6] Its assets were subsequently acquired by Aero Lloyd founder, Bogomir Gradisnik and under the management of Gradisnik's associate, Miso Aksmanovic, the company has been reshaped into a smaller charter operation named Aero Flight which was established in March 2004 and started operations on 26 March 2004. Aero Flight ceased operations in October 2005.[citation needed]



An Aero Lloyd McDonnell Douglas MD-87 at Luqa, Malta. (1990s)
An Aero Lloyd Airbus A320 landing at Düsseldorf, Germany. (2002)

During operations, Aero Lloyd used many different aircraft's consisting of Airbus, Boeing, Douglas, McDonnell Douglas and Sud Aviation.

The Aero Lloyd fleet consisted of the following aircraft throughout operations:[7][8]

Aero Lloyd Fleet
Aircraft In Fleet Passengers Notes
Airbus A320-200 15 174 2 leased from Adria Airways
1 leased from Dia Amber
4 leased from ILFC
1 leased from Leisure Air
2 leased from SALE
1 leased from Translift Airways
Airbus A321-200 11 210 5 leased from ILFC
Boeing 737-400 1 170 Leased from Futura International Airways
Boeing 737-800 1 189 Leased from Futura International Airways
Douglas DC-9-32 4 119
McDonnell Douglas MD-82 2
McDonnell Douglas MD-83 16 167 1 leased from Aero Leasing International
1 leased from Chricor Equipment Finance
McDonnell Douglas MD-87 4
Sud SE-210 Caravelle 10B1R 3
Total 57

Incidents and accidents[edit]

Aero Lloyd had a very good safety record with only one recorded incident.[9]

  • On 1 September 2001, an Aero Lloyd Airbus A321, operating a charter flight from Catania-Fontanarossa Airport, Italy to Berlin Tegel Airport, Germany, had an attempted hijacking shortly after take off. The plane was diverted to Naples Airport in Italy where it made an emergency landing and the hijacker was arrested. There is a mix of reports ranging from the man using wax candles as dynamite and that of a panic attack. No body was injured in the incident.[10]


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