Aerofreight Airlines

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Aerofreight Airlines
Founded 1997
Ceased operations 2006
Hubs Moscow
Fleet size 2
Headquarters Moscow

Aerofreight Airlines was a cargo airline established in 1997 and based in Moscow. Operations were suspended in 2003, but later recommenced. In 2006, the company was liquidated.[citation needed]


Aerofreight operated the following aircraft:[1]

Aircraft type Active Notes
Antonov An-12 1
Antonov An-12B 1

The airline also operated an additional two Anatov An-12BP aircraft (RA-11115, RA-11403) until 2006 and 2004 respectively, and a Tu-154B-2 (RA-85312) until 2005.[1] Their aircraft were a common sight in Germany and Finland[2] which is unusual for aircraft of that age.


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