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The total fleet size of commercial airlines in India was 371 by 20 February 2013. In 1994, the Air Corporation Act of 1953 was repealed with a view to remove monopoly of air corporations on scheduled services, enable private airlines to operate scheduled service, convert Indian Airlines and Air India to limited companies and enable private participation in the national carriers.[1][2] Since 1990 private airline companies were allowed to operate air taxi services, resulting in the establishment of Jet Airways and Air Sahara. These changes in the Indian aviation policies resulted in the increase of the share of private airline operators in domestic passenger carriage to 68.5% in 2005 from a meagre 0.4% in 1991.[2]

Operational airlines[edit]

Airline ICAO IATA Call Sign Commenced Operations Headquarters Status
Air India AIC AI AIRINDIA October 1932 as Tata Airlines Delhi National Carrier
Air India Express AXB IX EXPRESS INDIA April 2005 Kochi National Carrier
Air India Regional LLR CD ALLIED 1996
(as Alliance Air)
Delhi National Carrier
AirAsia India IAD I5 ARIYA 12 June 2014 Bengaluru Scheduled
Air Costa LEP LB LECOSTA 14 October 2013 Vijayawada Scheduled
Air Pegasus PPL OP 12 April 2015 Bengaluru Scheduled
Air Odisha 02 November 2012[3] Bhubaneswar Non-Scheduled
Blue Dart Aviation BDA BZ BLUE DART 1995[4] Chennai Cargo
Club One Air August 2005 Mumbai Non-Scheduled
Chhattisgarh Air Link CJS CG CHHATTISGARH AIR 2012 Raipur Scheduled


Deccan Charters DKN DN 1997 Bengaluru Non-Scheduled
Fly Easy EZX EX Easyex 2015 Bengaluru Scheduled
GoAir GOW G8 GOAIR 2005 Mumbai Scheduled
IndiGo IGO 6E IFLY August 2006 Gurgaon Scheduled
Invision Air March 2011 Mumbai Non-Scheduled
Jagson Airlines JGN JA JAGSON Delhi Scheduled
Jet Airways JAI 9W JET AIRWAYS May 1993 Mumbai Scheduled
Pinnacle Air PNC PX PINNACLE October 2013 Ranchi Non-Scheduled
Quikjet Cargo FQA QO QUIK LIFT Feb 2012 Bengaluru Cargo
SpiceJet SEJ SG SPICEJET May 2005[6] Chennai Scheduled
TajAir MGE TX November 1993
(as Megapode)[7]
Mumbai Non-Scheduled
TruJet TRJ 2T TRUJET June 2015 Hyderabad Scheduled
Ventura Airconnect VNT AIRCONNECT July 2011 Gurgaon Non-Scheduled
Vistara VTI UK VISTARA 9 Jan 2015 Delhi Scheduled

Defunct airlines[edit]

This is a list of now defunct airlines from India.

Airline Commenced operations Ceased operations Headquarters
Air India Cargo 1954 2012 Mumbai
Air Deccan 2004 2007
Merged with Kingfisher Airlines and rebranded as Kingfisher Red
Air Mantra 2012 2013 Delhi
Air Sahara 1991 2006
Merged with Jet Airways and rebranded as JetLite
Air Services of India 1936 1953 Mumbai[8]
Airways (India) Limited 1945 1955 Kolkata
Ambica Airlines 1947 1949 Bombay
Archana Airways 1991 1999 New Delhi
Aryan Cargo Express 2005 2010 New Delhi
Bhaarat Airways 1995 1999 Mumbai
Crescent Air Cargo 2000 2006 Chennai
Damania Airways 1993 1997
Renamed Skyline NEPC after takover by the owners of NEPC Airlines
Darbhanga Aviations 1950 1962 Kolkata
Deccan 360 2009 2011[10] Bengaluru
East-West Airlines 1992 1995 Mumbai
Elbee Airlines 1994 1998 Mumbai
Gujarat Airways 1995 2001 Vadodara[11]
Himalayans Air Transport & Survey Limited 1934 1935 Kolkata
Himalayan Aviation 1948 1953 Kolkata
Indian 1953 2011
Merged with Air India
New Delhi
Indian National Airways 1925 1945 Delhi[8]
Indian Overseas Airlines 1947 1950 Mumbai
Indian State Air Service (ISAS) 1929 1931 Kolkata
Indian Transcontinental Airlines 1933 1948 Kolkata[8]
Indus Airways 2006 2007 New Delhi
Irwaddy Flotilla & Airways 1934 1939 Chennai
Jamair 1946 1977 Kolkata
JetKonnect 2012 2014
Mrged wit

align=left| Jetlite || 2007|| 2012
Merged with JetKonnect||Mumbai

Jupiter Airways 1948 1953 (Nationalised) Chennai[12]
Kalinga Airlines 1946 1965 Kolkata
Kingfisher Airlines 2005 2013 Bengaluru
Kingfisher Red 2007 2013 Mumbai
MDLR Airlines 2007 2009 New Delhi
ModiLuft 1994 1996 Mumbai
NEPC Airlines 1993 1997 Chennai
Orient Airways 1946 1955
Moved to Karachi and later merged into PIA[13]
Paramount Airways 2005 2010 Chennai
Pushpaka Airlines 1979 1983 Mumbai
Tata Airlines 1932 1946 Mumbai[8]
Vayudoot 1981 1997 New Delhi
VIF Airways 1993 1996 Hyderabad
Vijay Airlines 1981 1997 Chennai

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