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Arab Australian
Flag of the Arab League.svg Flag of Australia.svg
Total population
280,000-350,000 (1-2% of Australia's population) [1][2]
Australian English, Arabic and others.
Related ethnic groups
other Arabs.

An Arab Australian is an Australian citizen or resident of Arab cultural and linguistic heritage and/or identity whose ancestry traces back to any of various waves of immigrants originating from one or more of the twenty-three countries comprised by the Arab World (from the northernmost Syria and westernmost Morocco in North Africa and easternmost Iraq in Southwest Asia). In the 2011 census, 287,000 Australians reported speaking Arabic at home.[1] Arab Australians are people in Australia who have ancestry from the Arab World and are citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia, totaling approximately 308,104. According to the 2001 census, the largest Arab Australian ancestral groups were the Lebanese (162,200), Egyptians (27,000), Iraqis (11,200), Syrians (10,200), Palestinians (7,000), Jordanians (2,700), and Algerians (700).[3]



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There are a growing number of people from the United Arab Emirates who visit and stay in Australia. They are overwhelmingly international students; their number is estimated between 1,200[4][5] and 2,000.[6] Australia is also a major tourist destination, with 14,000 Emiratis entering the country each year.[6]


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