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Armenian State University of Economics
Հայաստանի պետական տնտեսագիտական համալսարան
Established 1975
Type Public
President Koryun Atoyan
Location Armenia Yerevan, Armenia
40°11′04″N 44°31′30″E / 40.18444°N 44.52500°E / 40.18444; 44.52500

Armenian State University of Economics (ASUE) is the leading university of economics in Yerevan, Armenia.


The faculty of Economics within the Yerevan State University was founded in 1930 and undergone several phases of formation.

In 1975 it was formed as an independent unit being named Yerevan Institute of National Economy, and later as Yerevan State University of Economics.

In 1995 according to the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Armenia the University launched new academic year in a new building at Nalbandyan 128. Only one of the Departments is in Zeitun District.

In 2006 the University was renamed “Armenian State University of Economics” State Non-commercial organization (hereafter: ASUE).

About 30.000 alumni have graduated from the University since now. In 6 departments of the University function 31 chairs (21- professional and 10 non-professional).

-1 Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, 35 Doctors of Sciences, Professors, 141 Doctors, Associate Professors, 87 Assistant Professors, 103 lecturers and mare that 60 specialists part-time teach at the University. The University has more than 7000 students with 18 specialties and many specializations.

-The University implements Bachelor’s full-time /since 2005 also part-time / since 2004 full-time Master’s /since 2009 also part-time / have been organized. Full and part-time of Bachelor’s and Full-time Master’s courses are implemented by credit system.

-The University also organized post-graduate studies (both part-time and full-time). Since 2010-2011 academic year post-graduate studies have also passed credit system.

ASUE has educational and scientific relations with Rostov State University of Economics (Russian Federation), Tomas Bata University in Zlin (Czech Republic), Tbilisi State University of Economic Relations (Georgia), Sankt-Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance (Russian Federation), Swansea Metropolitan University (Great Britain), etc.


Department of Management

Department of Regulation of Economy and International Economic Relations

Department of Finance

Marketing and Business Organization

Computer Science and Statistics

Accounting and Auditing


Gyumri, Armenia[edit]

Gyumri Branch of ASUE was established in 1997 according to the Decree no 131 of the Government of Republic of Armenia. The Branch had one Department and two specialties (Finance and Credit, Accounting and Auditing). It is situated on Leningradyan str. Today the Branch already has the following specialties and specializations: (only full-time) Management (Bachelor’s Degree), Finance (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree), Commerce (Bachelor’s Degree), Business Organization (Master’s Degree), International Economic Relations (Bachelor’s Degree), and Accounting according to branches (Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree).

About 500 students study at Gyumri branch of Armenian State University of Economics.

Two level education system was invested in 2004-2005 academic year.

Educational process is organized according to the educational standards of ASUE by two level Bachelor’s program and credit system. Mid term exams and tests are also organized according to the determined schedule.

The University has modern auditoriums, laboratories with new computers and internet access.

The Branch has a rather rich library that I periodically updated with professional literature.

In 2000 was signed agreement with Department of Economics,Moscow State University after Lomonosov. According to this agreement the best students of second year have opportunity to continue their education at Department of Economics,Moscow State University after Lomonosov.

During 1997-2011 the faculty of the Branch has published several handbooks, manuals, scientific articles, department of researches have organized 10 republican scientific sessions and student conferences. The faculty has participated in more than twenty educational and scientific conferences.

The Branch carries the following scientific works: “Financial Issues of Municipal Management” and “Formation Issues of Efficient Structure of State Property and Ways of Solution” (the latter is implemented according to the appropriate Decree of Minister of Education and Science of therepublicofArmenia).

Majority of alumni work in different spheres of economy both at regional and republican level.

Yeghegnadzor, Armenia[edit]

The branch was established in 2007 according to the decree of the Government of Republic of Armenia. First admission was organized in 2008 in the following three specialties: “Finance”, “International Economic Relations” and “Management and Tourism Management”. As of 2011-2012 academic years at Yeghegnadzor Branch of Armenian State University of Economics study 100 students. At the branch are applied both free, with right of grace, and paid educational systems. Majority of the Faculty arrive fromYerevan.

The whole scientific-educational process is implemented according to programs, methodology and materials drafted by the appropriate chairs of the headquarters University. The branch has library, computer auditorium is under construction.

The Student Council of the Branch is very active. The members of the Council and other students regularly are involved in volunteer and paid work implemented by different organizations. Due to the Faculty and students of the Branch and by the support of local and international organizations was established “Center of Youth Initiatives”. In activities of the Center are not only involved students but also young people of city Yeghegnadzor and neighboring municipalities.

Cooperation of the Branch is rather wide. The Branch cooperates with local and some international organizations, such as “Sustainable Development Foundation”, German GIZ, and with the Embassy of theUnited StatesinArmenia. Due to several projects implemented with the above-mentioned bodies some auditoriums equipped with modern techniques were established.

Educational advancement is rather high. That is why annually 35-40% percent of students are granted scholarships on competitive basis.

Address: 4 Vayk str., Yeghegnadzor, Vayots Dzor Region, Republic of Armenia

Tel: +374 281 2 54 10

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