Boeing Defence UK

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Boeing UK
Industry Defense
Products Military aircraft
Aerospace Support
Operations and Maintenance
Computer Services
Employees 600 (2007)
Parent The Boeing Company

Boeing's presence in the United Kingdom is made up of a number of Boeing businesses (and subsidiaries):[1]

  • Boeing Defence UK
  • Boeing UK Limited
  • Aviall
  • Alteon
  • Jeppesen
  • Continental Data Graphics

The President of Boeing in the UK is Sir Roger Bone,[2] a UK ex-diplomat. The Managing Director of Boeing Defence UK is Mike Kurth, previously a Vice President within Boeing Advanced Systems.

Ministry of Defence programs Boeing in the UK is involved in are:

Boeing also conducts research and development in the UK on primarily aerodynamics and manufacturing technologies with the following research organisations:[4]

This research is supporting the following Boeing programs:


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