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Korea-Gyeongju-Bonga Gyeongju Bread-01.jpg
A bakery in Gyeongju making chalboribbang
Type Pancake
Place of origin Korea
Region or state Gyeongju
Main ingredients Glutinous barley flour, azuki bean
Cookbook:Chalboribbang  Chalboribbang
Hangul 찰보리빵
Hanja none
Revised Romanization chalborippang
McCune–Reischauer ch'alporippang

Chalboribbang is a type of small and sweet pancakes made from glutinous barley flour. It consists of two layers of pancake, and a spread made from azuki bean. It is translated as "glutinous barley bread" or "sticky barley bread" into English. Chalboribbang is a local specialty food of Gyeongju, a northeast city of South Korea, known as a popular tourist destination in South Korea. The bread began to be sold at a bakery right beside the entrance of Gyeongju Express Terminal and parking lot of Cheonmachong. The barley flour is made from glutinous barley harvested in fields of Gyeongju and near areas.[1] Its shape is round and flat and its texture is similar to glutinous sponge cake.[2]

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