Cuylerville, Eastern Cape

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Cuylerville Church
Cuylerville Church
Cuylerville is located in South Africa
 Cuylerville shown within South Africa
Coordinates: 33°29′35″S 26°58′41″E / 33.493°S 26.978°E / -33.493; 26.978Coordinates: 33°29′35″S 26°58′41″E / 33.493°S 26.978°E / -33.493; 26.978
Country South Africa
Province Eastern Cape
District Cacadu
Municipality Ndlambe

Cuylerville is a village in South Africa, located halfway between Bathurst and the Great Fish River.[1] It was the first village established by the 1820 settlers,[2] and was named after Colonel Jacob Glen Cuyler, the military commander at Fort Frederick.[3]

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