Deep temporal arteries

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Deep temporal arteries
Plan of branches of internal maxillary artery. (Post. deep temporal and ant. deep temporal labeled at center top.)
Latin arteria temporalis profunda anterior, arteria temporalis profunda posterior
maxillary artery (2nd part)
Gray's p.561
TA A12.2.05.071
FMA FMA:49742
Anatomical terminology
The deep temporal arteries in relation to other arteries of the outer skull, visible at centre.
Branches of the maxillary artery.

The deep temporal arteries, two in number, anterior and posterior, ascend between the temporalis and the pericranium.

They supply the muscle, and anastomose with the middle temporal artery.

The anterior communicates with the lacrimal artery by means of small branches which perforate the zygomatic bone and great wing of the sphenoid.

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