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Denton Wilde Sapte LLP
Denton Wilde Sapte logo.jpg
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
No. of offices 12 (plus 4 associate offices)
No. of lawyers 610 (2010)[1]
No. of employees 1,413 (2010)[1]
Major practice areas General practice
Revenue £167.5 million (2010)[1]
Profit per equity partner £360,000 (2010)[1]
Date founded 1 February 2000 (London)
Company type Limited liability partnership
Dissolved 30 September 2010

Denton Wilde Sapte LLP (informally Dentons) was an international law firm headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It merged with the United States-based law firm Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal in September 2010, forming SNR Denton. At the time of the merger, Denton Wilde Sapte had 16 offices and employed around 610 lawyers.


Denton Wilde Sapte was established on 1 February 2000 through a merger between the City of London-based law firms Denton Hall and Wilde Sapte. The merger created what was at the time the UK's 11th-largest law firm measured by revenues.[2] Denton Hall had been established in 1788 by Sam Denton, and Thomas Wilde founded what was to become Wilde Sapte with partner Samuel Archer Hussey in 1785. In September 1988 Anthony Alexander, the Senior Partner of City law firm Herbert Oppenheimer Nathan & Vanayk, had joined Denton Hall Burgin & Warren along with 17 partners and 62 other lawyers. Denton Hall was a co-founder of the international alliance of law firms, Denton International, which was dissolved on 31 December 2003 after the partnership of German member Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek voted against a merger with Denton Wilde Sapte.[3]

In 2004 and 2005 Denton Wilde Sapte suffered a significant number of partner defections to rival firms,[4] including of a group of 11 technology, media and telecoms partners to DLA Piper in 2004.[5] It converted from a partnership to a limited liability partnership on 1 November 2006.[6]

On 26 May 2010 Denton Wilde Sapte and the United States-based law firm Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal announced their intention to merge.[7] On 30 September 2010 the merger between Denton Wilde Sapte and Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal was formally completed, establishing SNR Denton.[8]

Main practice areas[edit]

Denton Wilde Sapte's main practice areas included:


At the time of its merger with Sonnenschein, Denton Wilde Sapte employed over 600 lawyers and had 16 offices spanning four regions. Denton Wilde Sapte was one of the largest law firms in the Middle East, the biggest international firm in Central Asia, and one of very few international law firms in Cairo, Istanbul, Kuwait and Muscat. Its Cairo and Dubai offices were two of the longest running practices in the region, having been established in 1964 and 1969 respectively, and its Abu Dhabi and Muscat offices in 1981. At the time of its merger with Sonnenschein, Denton Wilde Sapte's Middle East network comprised eight offices.

Denton Wilde Sapte had offices in: Europe: Istanbul, London, Milton Keynes, Paris. Middle East: Abu Dhabi, Amman (associate firm), Doha, Dubai, Kuwait (associate firm), Muscat, Riyadh (associate firm). CIS: Almaty, Ashgabat (associate firm), Moscow, St Petersburg (associate firm), Tashkent. South East Asia: Singapore. Africa: In addition to the Cairo office, Denton Wilde Sapte also operated an associate network of local firms in Algeria, Burundi, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, Mauritius, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

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