List of diplomatic missions of Romania

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Diplomatic missions of Romania

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Romania, excluding honorary consulates.[1] Romania has an extensive and a large diplomatic network. The date diplomatic relations were established is given after the country name.


Embassy of Romania in Berlin, Germany
Embassy of Romania in Helsinki, Finland
Embassy of Romania in Kiev, Ukraine
Embassy of Romania in Luxembourg
Embassy of Romania in Moscow, Russia
Embassy of Romania in Oslo, Norway
Embassy of Romania in Paris, France
Embassy of Romania in Sofia, Bulgaria
Embassy of Romania in Stockholm, Sweden
Embassy of Romania in Warsaw, Poland
Embassy of Romania in Zagreb, Croatia

North America[edit]

South America[edit]

Embassy of Romania in Bogotá, Colombia



Embassy of Romania in Pyongyang
Consulate-General of Romania in Istanbul


Besides the countries listed, Romania also has relations with New Zealand (since 1969; the Romanian ambassador in Australia is accredited to New Zealand, while the New Zealand ambassador in Belgium is accredited to Romania); Estonia (restored September 13, 1991; the Romanian ambassador in Finland is accredited to Estonia, while the Estonian ambassador in Poland is accredited to Romania); Latvia (established January 3, 1922 and restored September 13, 1991; the Romanian ambassador in Lithuania is accredited to Latvia, while the Latvian ambassador in Poland is accredited to Romania); and Laos. Additionally, on April 6, 1919, Romania established relations with Czechoslovakia, which no longer exists.

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