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Monster High character
Portrayed by Debi Derryberry
First appearance "The Jaundice Brothers"
(episode 1.01)
Created by Mattel

Draculaura is a fictional character from the franchise Monster High dolls manufactured by Monster High dolls, 'Goth Barbies,' growing Cassidy, Suzanne. She was created and developed by Garrett Sander. "Monster High". In the United States, her voice is played by Debi Derryberry in the webseries by Dee Dee Green in Monster High: Fright On!, Monster High: Ghouls Rule, and "Monster High: Scaris: City of Frights", and Sue Swan in Monster High: 13 Wishes Monster High: Freaky Fusion and Monster High Haunted. The character stars in a diversity of products, beyond the dolls Mattel, and became one of the most popular characters of Monster High franchise.


Monster High began to be developed by Sander in 2010, which at the time was part of the packaging sector Mattel. He proposed the project to the toy company that took three years for him to develop some interesting design. A team of 20 people worked for three years in the production of Monster High dolls, so that the project could be presented to Mattel.[1] On October 23, 2007, the name was registered Ula D by Mattel, and this would be the first name given to the character. After almost a year on September 8, 2008, Mattel registered the name Draculaura, what would be the final name of the character. Monster High is designed to captivate girls 8–12 years old, an audience that Mattel had trouble winning at the time.[2] Since the beginning of the creation of the doll line, Draculaura was to be one of the main characters, however, her personality changed drastically according to the time of development of the characters. Initially, for example, she would be in love with pink roses, more later, this was changed. Her style incorporates several examples of Lolita fashion, with corsets, lace, ruffles and umbrellas, totally inspired by Victorian and Rococo designs.[3] To differentiate the character of the other vampires, it was decided that Draculaura would be a "vegetarian vampire", and she somehow cannot see blood, because in the webseries, she easily collapses to see any blood. Her favorite color is pink, and she has a pet male bat named Count Fabulous who hates the pink sweaters that Draculaura puts on him.[4]


Draculaura is one of the most famous characters of Monster High franchise. Her original name was Laura, and she was the daughter of a couple of servants, who worked at the home of Count Dracula. However, her parents died, so she ended up alone. As her parents were servants of Count Dracula, the same abode with her, and kept the will of the parents of the girl, that Laura would not turn into a vampire. However, shortly afterwards, she ended up contracting a serious illness, which left her with little blood in the body. So the girl could stay alive, he transformed her into a vampire, and the girl gave the name of Draculaura. He adopted her and raised her as his own daughter, however, to this day, he does not understand why she became a vegan.

Draculaura lives in Transylvania, along with her father, but before that, they have lived in various locations, mostly fleeing human. Currently, she celebrated her birthday 1600 years, and as a gift from her father won a car. Draculaura's favorite color is pink and she loves makeup, though you never see in the mirror. Her clothes are inspired by styles such as Lolita and Gothic. Being vegan, eating only fruits and vegetables.

Appearances on media[edit]


Draculaura was one of the first characters that appeared in the line of dolls from Mattel. She made her debut in July 2010, and was one of the dolls sold the franchise.[5] Since then, she has been appearing in all lines, or almost all, due to the success of the character. She also has Halloween costume, which is a bestseller in countries like the United States and Europe.[6] She is also present in a pile of famous characters of Monster High line, and almost always on the cover of the franchise.


In the music video of Monster High, known as Fight Song, Draculaura makes several appearances and is also mentioned in the song. At the beginning of the clip, she is quoted in the phrase "Draculaura's stealing my heart." During this part of the song, Draculaura appears dancing. Then she appears in the cafeteria, where she is described as "vegetarian vampire". She also appears in the bathroom putting on makeup and dancing along with other characters of Monster High soon after. Furthermore, there are various analogs of characters received creative interpretation by the video production. The vampire girl is played by Melanie Mah.


Draculaura is one of the main characters of Monster High webseries, and is voiced by almost every episode by Debi Derryberry, however, she was now replaced by Dee Dee Green. She makes her first appearance in the episode Jaundice Brothers. She is the adopted daughter of Count Dracula, about 1600 years to complete. She quickly becomes friends with Frankie Stein, a new student at Monster High and features the school to Frankie. She cannot see in the mirror, due to being a vampire, and several times during the season, are searching for a boyfriend. However, in the second season, she develops a romance with Clawd, Clawdeen Wolf's brother, his girlfriend, and also a student of Monster High. Draculaura is part of the team of cheerleaders from high school.


In the book series Monster High, She is often described as having stains and makeup stains, because she cannot see her reflection, and is often seen wearing cashmere and spending her time in the steam room, because she is always cold due to not having wrist. She has pale skin, pink hair (which corresponds to your makeup and clothes) and a cute pet bat named Count Fabulous. Draculaura is a vegetarian, both in books and in Monster High webseries. According to her, the family of Melody rents the house of the grandparents of Lala. In "The Ghoul Next Door", she participates in a documentary about herself. But the documentary is only in audio, due to the fact she does not appear in the film. In "Where There's a Wolf There's a Way", Draculaura is sent to the home of her grandparents, to her dismay. However, she appears in the hideout of Clawdeen with the permission of her father, where she develops a crush on Clawd. In "Back and Deader Then Ever" a book dedicated to Draculaura's story, she enters a competition for Merston High in order to achieve the approval of her father, and we see the first official glimpses of her relationship with Clawd in the book series.

TV specials[edit]

Draculaura appears in all of Monster High special for TV. His first appearance is in the special New Ghoul @ School, where she is introduced to the public. She also made a smaller share in the special Fright On!, where your dating Clawd ends up having many problems due to the fact that she is a vampire, and he's a werewolf. In Friday Night Frights, she tries, with the help of her friends, become a good skater, and Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love They fall in love, she completes 1600 years.[7] In other specials, she makes minor appearances, though in Monster High: 13 Wishes, she joins Frankie and Clawdeen to find the pieces of a magical mirror.


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