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The Federalist Greens (Verdi Federalisti) were a small environmentalist and Catholic political party in Italy. The national president of party was Laura Scalabrini.

The party was born in 1992 from a split of the Federation of the Greens. The Federalist Greens debuted to the 1992 political elections without nevertheless to get seats. In the 1994 political elections the party presented its lists only in Lazio, in an uninominal college of the Chamber of Deputies and in all the colleges of the Senate. The result for the Senate on regional base was good (3,23% of the vote), but insufficient to elect senators.

In the 2004 European elections the Federalist Greens presented a list common with the Greens Greens in all districts without picking up the signatures and using the logo of the list Abolition Scorporo. After the European elections, the Federalist Greens and the Greens Greens started a program of coordination. Maurizio Lupi became the only responsible for the northern Italy, while Laura Scalabrini became the responsible for the Center, the South and the Islands.

In 2005 the Federalist Greens participated to the regional elections inside the Christian Democracy for the Autonomies.

To the 2006 political elections the Greens Greens and the Federalist Greens presented the same logo used to the European elections, but this time the logo was rejected by the Court of Cassation. The symbol was so replaced with the bear that laughs and that greets of the Greens Greens while the name was replaced with the wording The Environmenta-list - Democratic Ecologists. After this electoral appointment, the party is not more introduced to the elections.