Garlic bread

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Garlic bread
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Alternative names Garlic Bread roll
Type Bread
Course Entree
Place of origin USA
Serving temperature warm to hot
Main ingredients Bread (typically a baguette), garlic, olive oil or butter
Variations Garlic pizza base
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Garlic bread baguette

Garlic bread, consists of bread topped with garlic and olive oil or butter and may include additional herbs, like chives. It is then either grilled or broiled until toasted, or baked in an conventional or bread oven.

It is typically made using a baguette which is partially sliced downwards, allowing the condiments to soak into the loaf while keeping it in one piece. The bread is then stuffed through the cuts with oil and minced garlic before baking. Alternatively, butter and garlic powder are used, or the bread is cut lengthwise into separate slices which are individually garnished.

Some variants are topped with a variety of cheeses, often mozzarella, cheddar or feta. Some restaurants use clarified butter in place of olive oil.


Garlic bread has appeared on U.S. restaurant menus since at least 1947.[1][2] The best-selling garlic breads in the United States today are Texas Toasts, such as those made by New York Frozen Foods.[3]

Commercial variants[edit]

Commercially manufactured frozen garlic bread was developed in the 1970s by Cole's Quality Foods in Michigan.[4]

South American[edit]

In Brazil the bread is commonly served in churrascarias as an entrée.

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