Gotham (TV series)

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Based on Characters published 
by DC Comics
Developed by Bruno Heller
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 22 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
Producer(s) Scott White
  • Daniel Gabbe
  • David Ekstrom
  • Mark C. Baldwin
Location(s) Manhattan, New York
Running time 44–49 minutes
Production company(s)
Distributor Warner Bros. Television Distribution
Original channel Fox
Picture format 16:9 HDTV
Original release September 22, 2014 (2014-09-22) – present
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Gotham is an American crime-drama television series developed by Bruno Heller, based on characters appearing in and published by DC Comics in their Batman franchise, primarily those of James Gordon and Bruce Wayne. The series stars Ben McKenzie as the young Gordon, while Heller executive produces along with Danny Cannon, who also directed the pilot. As originally conceived, the series would have served as a straightforward story of Gordon's early days on the Gotham City police force. The idea evolved not only to include the Wayne character, but also to tell the origin stories of several Batman villains. The first season order originally consisted of 16 episodes, but was later extended to 22. Gotham premiered on Fox on September 22, 2014, and the first season concluded on May 4, 2015.

On January 17, 2015, the series was renewed for a second season.[3]


A new recruit in the Gotham City Police Department, James Gordon, is paired with veteran detective Harvey Bullock to solve one of Gotham's highest-profile cases: the murders of Thomas and Martha Wayne. During his investigation, Gordon meets the Waynes' son Bruce who is now in the care of his butler Alfred Pennyworth. Meeting the younger Wayne further compels Gordon to catch the mysterious killer. Along the way, Gordon becomes involved with Gotham's Mafia families and associates including gangster Fish Mooney, Don Carmine Falcone, and Don Salvatore Maroni. Eventually, Gordon is forced to form an unlikely friendship with Bruce, one that will help shape the boy's future in becoming the Batman.[4]

The series will also tell backstories for several Batman villains, including Penguin,[4] Riddler,[4] Catwoman, Joker,[4] Poison Ivy,[5] Scarecrow,[6] Hugo Strange,[7] Two-Face,[7] and Mr. Freeze.[8]

List of characters[edit]

  • James Gordon (portrayed by Ben McKenzie) – A new detective at Gotham City Police Department in its 1st Grade working to find the man who killed Bruce Wayne's parents and battling the corruption of Gotham City's Police Department.[9]
  • Harvey Bullock (portrayed by Donal Logue) – Gordon's loyal partner and ally. Bullock is a seemingly corrupt and brutish detective.
  • Barbara Kean (portrayed by Erin Richards) – The daughter of a wealthy couple and the owner of an art gallery, Barbara Kean is the girlfriend fiancée of James Gordon.
  • Bruce Wayne (portrayed by David Mazouz) – The orphaned son of Thomas and Martha Wayne who is under the care of Alfred Pennyworth. Traumatized by the murder of his parents, Bruce has been doing his part to find the identity of his parent's killer while showing concern of some illegal activities done by members of his father's company.
  • Sarah Essen (portrayed by Zabryna Guevara) – The Captain of the Gotham City Police Department's homicide squad and the boss of James Gordon and Harvey Bullock.[10] She is an honest cop that wants to do something about the rampant corruption in her department, but fears for her family's safety.
  • Renee Montoya (portrayed by Victoria Cartagena) – A detective in the Major Crimes Unit of the Gotham City Police Department who is dedicated to fighting police corruption.
  • Carmine "The Roman" Falcone (portrayed by John Doman) – The Don of the Falcone Crime Family and businessman. Carmine Falcone is Fish Mooney's superior and has specific members of both the Gotham City government and the Gotham City Police Department on his payroll.
  • Lucius Fox (portrayed by Chris Chalk) – A junior executive and tech genius at Wayne Enterprises.[14] Chalk was promoted to a series regular for the second season.[15]


Season 1 (2014–15)[edit]

No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Production
U.S. viewers
1 "Pilot" Danny Cannon Bruno Heller September 22, 2014 (2014-09-22) 276072 8.21[16]
Rookie detective James Gordon and his partner Harvey Bullock are assigned to the case of the murder of Thomas (Grayson McCouch) and Martha Wayne (Brette Taylor), which was witnessed by street orphan Selina Kyle. Gordon meets the Waynes' son, Bruce, and promises the boy that he will find the killer. Their investigation leads them to a parolee named Mario Pepper, whom Bullock shoots when he flees and attacks Gordon. They discover that Pepper had been framed, leading them to mobster Fish Mooney, an associate of Don Carmine Falcone. Mooney has them captured, but Falcone spares them upon his arrival. In exchange, Falcone orders Gordon to kill Oswald Cobblepot, a low-level member of Mooney's gang and informant for Gotham MCU investigators Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen. Gordon fakes Cobblepot's death, and tells him never to return to Gotham. Gordon and Bullock are celebrated for solving the Wayne murders, but Gordon confesses the truth to Bruce and his butler, Alfred Pennyworth. As Gordon leaves, Selina is seen lingering around the borders of Wayne Manor.
2 "Selina Kyle" Danny Cannon Bruno Heller September 29, 2014 (2014-09-29) 4X6652 7.45[17]
The murder of a homeless man leads Gordon and Bullock to investigate the abductions of street kids by Patti (Lili Taylor) and Doug (Frank Whaley), who are underlings of Dr. Francis Dulmacher, A.K.A. the Dollmaker, and have been posing as members of the Mayor's Homeless Outreach Program. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot takes refuge in a rented trailer after his faked death, plotting his return to Gotham City. After Patti and Doug escape, with Quillinformer worker Morry Quillan (Wayne Duvall) captured, Mayor Aubrey James announces plans to help Gotham's homeless kids, which involves rounding them up and shipping them out of town. Patti and Doug return and hijack one of the buses of street kids, including Selina Kyle. After Bullock's interrogation of Quillan, Gordon obtains a clue that leads to Trident International Shipping. Gordon and Bullock arrive and catch Patti and Doug while encountering Kyle. While Bruce has plans to find a way to help the children, Gordon meets with Kyle who states that she has been watching him during his visits with Bruce and might have some information on the person who shot the Waynes.
3 "The Balloonman" Dermott Downs John Stephens October 6, 2014 (2014-10-06) 4X6653 6.36[18]
Gordon and Bullock track a vigilante who targets corrupt Gotham citizens and nicknamed "Balloonman" for strapping his victims to weather balloons. Montoya and Allen question Gordon about Cobblepot, who returns to Gotham to get revenge on Mooney. He gets a job at Don Sal Maroni's restaurant, and is befriended by Maroni himself. Mooney arranges for Falcone's lover Natalia to be disfigured in a phony mugging after Falcone's men severely beat a waiter with whom Mooney had been sexually coupled. Gordon realizes that "Balloonman" is social worker Davis Lamond (Dan Bakkedahl), who was driven to become the Balloonman because of corrupt officials refusing to aid children on the streets. He warns Gordon that more vigilantes will follow in his path. At his apartment later, Gordon receives a surprise visit from Cobblepot.
4 "Arkham" TJ Scott Ken Woodruff October 13, 2014 (2014-10-13) 4X6654 6.39[19]
Gordon learns of the Arkham Plan when he visits Bruce Wayne, where Alfred mentions that Falcone and Mayor James are backing the project that will improve the Arkham District. An unnamed hitman (Hakeem Kae-Kazim) has been targeting the city council members involved in the Arkham Project. After an attack on Maroni's restaurant by three masked men, Cobblepot is promoted to restaurant manager by Maroni, following his action of saving a bag of money and the death of the previous manager. Mooney pits two female singers against each other for her nightclub job opening, with the winner being Liza. Mayor James holds a conference about the Arkham Plan, announcing that Falcone will handle small housing development projects and Maroni will be refurbishing the Asylum. Later, Cobblepot kills the three masked robbers who had attacked Maroni's restaurant, who it turns out had been hired for just that purpose by Cobblepot himself, by serving them poisoned cannoli.
5 "Viper" Tim Hunter Rebecca Perry Cutter October 20, 2014 (2014-10-20) 4X6655 6.09[20]
Bruce plans to find a way to speak to the board members of Wayne Enterprises to learn their connections to the Arkham District Project. A new drug called "Viper" is hitting the street, which endows the user with super-strength, but eventually kills them. Maroni plans to rob a casino owned by Falcone, and Cobblepot reveals his past. Gordon learns that "Viper" (which is a prototype of Venom) is being distributed at a charity event held by WellZyn and Wayne Enterprises. Gordon shoots the canister on the roof and former WellZyn employee Stan Potolsky (Daniel London) is exposed, jumping off as he suggests they check out Warehouse 39, where Gordon and Bullock later find nothing. As Mooney makes plans to conspire against Falcone with her lover and Russian mob boss Nikolai, a disguised Liza visits him in the park where she shares her opera music with him.
6 "Spirit of the Goat" TJ Scott Ben Edlund October 27, 2014 (2014-10-27) 4X6656 5.89[21]
Ten years ago, a masked killer calling himself the "Spirit of the Goat" targeted the first born of Gotham City's elite. The Goat targets a girl named Shelley Lawson, which leads a younger Bullock and his partner Detective Dix (Dan Hedaya) to try and rescue her. When Lawson is found dead, they find the killer, Randall Milkie, who claims that "Randall Milkie is dead" as he tries to attack them. Milkie is shot down by Bullock after Dix falls through a trap door and ends up badly injured. Ten years later, Bullock finds Robert Hastings' daughter, Amanda, murdered by someone with the same "Goat" motive. Upon surgery, Harvey sees a penny inside her neck, Milkie's trademark, which only he and Dix knew, which meant that he was not an imposter. They find out that Hastings' psychotherapist Dr. Marks (Susan Misner) hypnotized both Milkie and the new killer to become the Goat to scare Gotham City's rich and corrupt. The "murder" of Cobblepot is also investigated, with Gordon the prime suspect as Montoya and Allen finally find a witness near the river. When they attempt to arrest Gordon and Bullock, Cobblepot enters the police station, causing friction between Bullock and Gordon.
7 "Penguin's Umbrella" Rob Bailey Bruno Heller November 3, 2014 (2014-11-03) 4X6657 6.63[22]
Gordon takes Barbara to the bus station, telling her to leave Gotham. Cobblepot leads Maroni enforcer Frankie Carbone and two other henchmen to Nikolai's hideout, killing him and Carbone. The escalating mob war is put down with a land trade between the two mafia families. A drunken Bullock re-evaluates his choice for helping Gordon, and the two partners attempt to arrest the mayor and Falcone, but they give up when it is revealed that Falcone and hitman Victor Zsasz have Barbara, who had come back to try and negotiate with Falcone for Gordon. As Falcone later tends to his chickens, Cobblepot visits him, and Falcone tells him that everything is going as Cobblepot predicted. In a flashback to the night they had met Gordon, it is shown that Cobblepot and Falcone had formed a deal, in which Falcone would place Gordon in charge of killing Cobblepot, giving Cobblepot a chance at surviving, and in exchange, Cobblepot would forge an alliance with Maroni, snitching for Falcone. Cobblepot tells Falcone that Mooney and Nikolai are conspiring against him.
8 "The Mask" Paul Edwards John Stephens November 10, 2014 (2014-11-10) 4X6658 6.35[23]
Bruce returns to school, where he has some trouble with the students, including Tommy Elliot (Cole Vallis), who made fun of his parents' death and asks Alfred to teach him how to defend himself. Gordon and Bullock investigate Richard Sionis (Todd Stashwick) who is hosting an illegal and deadly fight club where the victims are those who applied for Sionis Investments. Meanwhile, Liza's loyalty to Fish Mooney begins to falter when she learns of Mooney's plan to eventually kill Don Falcone, but Mooney presses her to steal a ledger from the Falcone's office that may be used to incriminate him. When Gordon is caught at the site of the fight club, Bullock asks GCPD for help finding Gordon. After "The Mask" and those involved are arrested, Gordon is informed by Detective Alvarez that Selina was apprehended after robbing a dress store.
9 "Harvey Dent" Karen Gaviola Ken Woodruff November 17, 2014 (2014-11-17) 4X6659 6.49[24]
Gordon has Selina placed at Wayne Manor for her safety. During a prison transport from Blackgate Penitentiary to St. Mark Psychiatric Hospital, insane bomb maker Ian Hargrove (Leslie Odom, Jr.) is taken by the Russian mob, who are working against Falcone following Nikolai's death. Gordon meets with Harvey Dent, who suspects tycoon Dick Lovecraft may be behind the Wayne murders. When Gordon and Bullock find Hargrove at an abandoned metal factory, they are ambushed by Russian mob thugs who make off with Hargrove. Manipulated by Fish Mooney, the new Russian boss Gregor Kasyanov (Steve Cirbus) and his crew targets Falcone's cache of money, but when a police standoff ensues, the Russians' armored truck explodes via remote control by Butch Gilzean. Oswald visits Liza at her apartment, telling her that he knows that she is a spy for Fish and that he won't tell Falcone. At a press conference, Mayor James states that Arkham Asylum will be reopened to house the criminally insane, including Ian Hargrove. Later that night, Gordon leaves a message on Barbara's phone, unaware that she has gone back to sleeping with Renee Montoya.
10 "Lovecraft" Guy Ferland Rebecca Dameron November 24, 2014 (2014-11-24) 4X6660 6.05[25]
Assassins led by Copperhead infiltrate Wayne Manor, but Alfred fends them off, allowing Bruce and Selina to escape. Alfred seeks Gordon and Bullock help to find the pair. Cobblepot tells Falcone that there is a mole working for him within Mooney's ranks. Dent suspects Dick Lovecraft hired the assassins. Meanwhile, Falcone kills Irish gangster Bannion for failing to guard the armory, and increases the tribute to be paid to him by all of his gang leaders and mafiosi. Selina tells Bruce that the assassins were after her, not him, and leads him to an underground area used as a mall for street kids. They see Ivy Pepper, who tells Selina that her fence Clyde is operating in the Narrows. Gordon finds Lovecraft, who claims those after Selina are also after him and gives Gordon some files about the Wayne Enterprise stocks. The two are attacked by the same assassins who kill Lovecraft and knock Gordon unconscious. Bruce and Selina visit Clyde, only to be grabbed by his associates. The assassins arrive to claim Selina, but she knocks one out, just as Bullock and Alfred arrive. Copperhead stalks Bruce, demanding to know where Selina is. Clyde and those involved are arrested. Following Lovecraft's "suicide", Mayor James reassigns Gordon to Arkham Asylum. Selina kisses Bruce.
11 "Rogues' Gallery" Oz Scott Sue Chung January 5, 2015 (2015-01-05) 4X6661 7.06[26]
After the death of Dick Lovecraft, James Gordon was reassigned to guard duty at Arkham Asylum where he works under the asylum's director Dr. Gerry Lang (Isiah Whitlock, Jr.). During his first week, investigates a series of attacks on prisoners with the help of Dr. Leslie Thompkins (Morena Baccarin). Meanwhile, Mooney discusses her plan to overthrow Don Falcone with underboss Jimmy Saviano. Saviano thinks he should be the new boss but Mooney is sure she is the best candidate. Oswald Cobblepot is arrested by the police for trying to further extort some fishermen already paying protection money to Sal Maroni. Gordon, Bullock, and Essen discover that the person attacking prisoners was Jack Gruber (Christopher Heyerdahl), who then escapes from Arkham with his associate Aaron Danzing (Kevin McCormick), after killing several guards and Dr. Lang. Cobblepot is eventually bailed out by Maroni who initiated the arrest to teach Cobblepot a lesson about hubris. Saviano tries to get Butch Gilzean to join his crew and renounce Mooney, but Gilzean kills Saviano instead.
12 "What the Little Bird Told Him" Eagle Egilsson Ben Edlund January 19, 2015 (2015-01-19) 4X6662 6.50[27]
Jack Gruber and Aaron Danzing escape from Arkham Asylum and are on a rampage through Gotham. James Gordon promises the Commissioner he will arrest Gruber within 24 hours and he is reinstated as a detective for that time. Edward Nygma tells Gordon and Bullock that Jack Gruber is an alias of Jack Buchinsky, a former bank robber for the mafia who was betrayed by Salvatore Maroni. Fish Mooney makes her move against Falcone and "abducts" Liza. Gordon and Bullock put Maroni under protective custody to use as bait to attract Buchinsky to the police station. Falcone discovers that Mooney is behind Liza's abduction, and is offered a deal. Falcone is to sign his crime family over to Mooney's gang in exchange for the opportunity for him and Liza to leave for Italy. Buchinsky attacks the police station in search of Maroni. Gordon, protected by rubber boots provided by Nygma, is immune to the initial attack and thwarts Buchinsky's bomb. Before Falcone goes through with the deal, Cobblepot informs him that Liza was always working for Mooney. Falcone confronts Mooney and Liza at the former's club, and strangles Liza to death. Victor Zsasz and several mercenaries working for Falcone then take both Mooney and Butch Gilzean prisoner, while the Don gives Cobblepot a chance to mock his former boss, as he has inherited her nightclub as well as what is left of her gang. For living up to his end of the deal, Gordon is reinstated as a detective.
13 "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon" Wendey Stanzler Megan Mostyn-Brown January 26, 2015 (2015-01-26) 4X6663 6.04[28]
In an unknown location, Fish Mooney is strapped to a stretcher where Falcone's top servant Bob will be in charge of torturing her. Bullock introduces Gordon to Arnold Flass. The three meet with a night janitor named Leon Winkler who was a witness in a public homicide. When at the police station, Winkler is visited by a mysterious person who kills him. Edward Nygma states that the weapon used on Winkler was an ice pick. Gordon suspects that a cop is behind this as Sarah Essen tells him not to take action without her say-so. Upon returning from Switzerland, Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth encounter Ivy Pepper who has been sent to carry a message to Selina Kyle. Gilzean manages to free himself and severely beats Bob, then frees Fish Mooney. In the archives, Flass mocks Nygma's crush on Kristen Kringle. Gordon visits Cobblepot at the nightclub, where he meets Cobblepot's mother, Gertrud. Gordon asks Cobblepot if he has any information about Flass. Victor Zsasz finds Bob and kills him before informing Falcone. Bruce is visited by Selina and gives her a snow globe. Selina wants Bruce to distance himself from her, and now claims she did not see the face of the man who killed his parents. Gordon eventually finds evidence that exposes Flass' involvement in Winkler's death as Flass is arrested. Mooney leaves town to lay low but vows to take revenge against Cobblepot.
14 "The Fearsome Dr. Crane" John Behring John Stephens February 2, 2015 (2015-02-02) 4X6664 5.79[29]
James Gordon and Harvey Bullock investigate a serial killer who is targeting members of a fear support group and extracting their adrenal glands as he uses their greatest fear against them. After a brief encounter with Selina Kyle, Gordon visits Bruce who, in light of Selena's recent claim of false witness towards his parents' killer's identity, absolves Gordon of his promise to find him. Gordon and Bullock discover that the serial killer is Gerald Crane (Julian Sands), the father of Jonathan Crane (Charlie Tahan), who had been posing as "Todd", a member of the same support group as his victims. They are able to save one of his victims but Crane evades capture. Meanwhile, Maroni discovers from Fish Mooney that Cobblepot has been working against him and tries to kill him at his cabin upstate, but Cobblepot escapes Maroni's wrath and returns to Gotham in a church bus. At the GCPD, Edward Nygma frames the medical examiner Dr. Guerra for hoarding body parts after Guerra has him suspended by Essen for his repeated corpse probing. After Dr. Guerra is suspended, Gordon informs Leslie Tompkins (who he is now dating) that a job as the GCPD medical examiner has opened up. Mooney tries to leave Gotham City by boat, but the boat is attacked by mercenaries where one of them engages Mooney in a climactic charge.
15 "The Scarecrow" Nick Copus Ken Woodruff February 9, 2015 (2015-02-09) 4X6665 5.63[30]
When Gerald Crane targets another victim, James Gordon and Harvey Bullock investigate his background and discover that he was a biology teacher whose wife died in a fire accident that he was too scared to rescue her from. Believing that fear is a human flaw, he harvested adrenal glands in order to use them to create a fear serum that makes people see their greatest fears, hoping that it will help them face and overcome them. Meanwhile, Fish Mooney is abducted by the mercenaries and taken to a rowdy prison-like area. Bruce Wayne goes on a treacherous hike. Falcone tells Cobblepot to renovate Fish's nightclub as his own before speaking to Maroni about him – Maroni agrees to let Cobblepot live in exchange for having a judge placed in his pocket. James and Harvey track Crane down to his home, where after injecting his son Jonathan with the fear serum, he is killed in a gunfight. Jonathan is rushed to the hospital afterwards. Mooney kills the leader of the prisoners named Mace and then takes his place upon finding out the prisoners are being harvested for organs. At the opening of Oswald's (the newly-renovated Fish Mooney's), Don Maroni arrives with his entourage and promises Cobblepot that once Falcone dies, he will kill him. At the hospital, the doctor says to Gordon that due to the amount of serum injected into him, Jonathan may never stop seeing his greatest fear, which in his case are animated scarecrows.
16 "The Blind Fortune Teller" Jeffrey Hunt Bruno Heller February 16, 2015 (2015-02-16) 4X6666 6.19[31]
Barbara returns to Gotham to discover Ivy and Selina in her apartment. Elsewhere, Mooney plans to save herself and the other prisoners when they discover that they were kidnapped so that their organs can be harvested. When a snake dancer at Haly's Circus named Lila Valeska is murdered, Gordon and Leslie investigate, as the Flying Graysons and the Lloyds are suspects. A psychic named Paul Cicero (Mark Margolis) approaches Gordon, claiming to have received a message from the dead dancer. James is skeptical and thinks the psychic is covering up for the killer. Gordon accuses the dancer's son Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) of committing the murder, and tells him that Cicero is his father. Jerome begins laughing and admits that he killed his mother for being a "nagging, drunken whore". When customers begin to steadily decrease at Oswald Cobblepot's newly obtained club, Zsasz gives Cobblepot a tortured and completely reformed Butch Gilzean, who he says is knowledgeable when it comes to maintaining clubs and has been "working on him" for days. Taking advice from Selina and Ivy, Barbara attempts to re-unite with James, but changes her mind after she sees him kissing Leslie. Bruce holds a board meeting at Wayne Enterprises and voices concern to the executives that the company is involved with the mob. John Grayson and Mary Lloyd get engaged after the dispute between the two families are resolved. Mooney tells the lead captor at the prison named Thomas Schmidt (Elliot Villar) that she would like to meet with his boss.
17 "Red Hood" Nathan Hope Danny Cannon February 23, 2015 (2015-02-23) 4X6667 6.53[32]
A crew of bank robbers heists a bank, they throw some of stolen money into to crowd to ensure their escape. Gordon and Bullock track down a member named Gus Floyd (Michael Goldsmith) who called himself the Red Hood, but find him dead in the hideout. After another robbery led by Carl Destro (Jonny Coyne), who took the position of the Red Hood's trademark mask, Gordon and Bullock track him to his house where they find him wounded. With information given by Destro, the police find and gun down the remainder of the gang in a shootout. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot struggles from Maroni's actions against the restaurant, but Butch uses some cops on his payroll to seize Maroni's supplies. Fish Mooney discovers that the facility she is kept in is run by the Dollmaker. When his manager (Jeffrey Combs) tries to take her eye for organ trade purposes, she removes it herself and destroys it before passing out. An old comrade of Alfred, Reginald Payne (David O'Hara), visits him in Wayne Manor and stays over night. On the next day, however, he steals some of Bruce Wayne's files, stabs Alfred to evade capture and reports to Wayne Enterprises Board of Directors.
18 "Everyone Has a Cobblepot" Bill Eagles Megan Mostyn-Brown March 2, 2015 (2015-03-02) 4X6668 6.10[33]
At the hospital, Alfred struggles from his wounds but refuses to implicate Payne. Gordon and Harvey Dent investigate the sudden release and reinstatement of Arnold Flass by Commissioner Loeb. Bullock reveals that Loeb has been collecting information on police officers who have committed mob murders, which Loeb uses to control and blackmail them; in Bullock's case, Loeb forced him to falsely confess to providing illegitimate evidence against Flass. Investigating a triad bookmaking office and interrogating Bullock's former partner, Gordon learns that Loeb has ties with Falcone, being in his pocket. With the help of Oswald Cobblepot, Gordon and Bullock investigate Loeb's uptown farm, where they find Loeb's psychotic daughter Miriam (Nicholle Tom) being kept in the attic. After Miriam confesses to the murder of her mother, Gordon uses that information to terminate Bullock's case by blackmailing Loeb. Meanwhile, Fish Mooney finally meets the Dollmaker (Colm Feore), who provides her with a new sky-blue irised eye and allows her to prove herself in order to become his right hand woman. Later, Fish discovers much to her dismay that the prison facility is situated on an isolated island somewhere off the European Coast.
19 "Beasts of Prey" Eagle Egilsson Ken Woodruff April 13, 2015 (2015-04-13) 4X6669 4.50[34]
Despite Gordon's warning, Bruce still goes after Reginald Payne with Selina's help. Payne confesses that he was hired by Wayne Enterprises' Board of Directors. When Payne threatens to tell the Board that Bruce is coming after them, Selina pushes Payne out the window after Bruce initially moves to then hesitates, presumably killing him. Gordon and Bullock investigate a cold case murder. Upon Nygma discovering a painting of a broken heart as the key evidence, Bullock realizes that the serial killer called "the Ogre" (Milo Ventimiglia) is behind the murder. Harvey then states that everyone who tried to investigate Ogre lost their loved ones. A flashback of a victimized girl reveals the killer's motives and him keeping her prisoner for some time, until he realizes she isn't a fit for his desire, so he kills her. Meanwhile, Oswald negotiates with a bar's owner (Alaska McFadden) to do business, but his real intention is to kill Maroni in this bar. Mooney succeeds in escaping with the rest of the crew from Dollmaker's island, but is shot during the takeoff by the Catcher. It is revealed that Gordon was set up by Commissioner Loeb, but Gordon still goes after the killer and threatens Loeb that he will be next.
20 "Under the Knife" TJ Scott John Stephens April 20, 2015 (2015-04-20) 4X6670 4.44[35]
The "Ogre" calls Gordon and threatens to kill someone he loves if Gordon does not stop the investigation. Gordon and Bullock investigate the first victim of the killer. Following the incident with Reggie, Bruce and Selina attend Wayne Enterprises' Charity Ball with Barbara Kean, where Selina steals keys from Sid Banderslaw (Michael Potts), one of the Directors who sent Reginald Payne to Wayne Manor. Cobblepot allies himself with Irish hitman O'Connor with hopes of killing Maroni, but Sal pays a visit to the club where he reveals to Oswald's mother that her son is a killer. Oswald swears to Maroni that he will pay. Nygma tries to protect Kristin Kryngle from her boyfriend Tom Dougherty, but goes too far when he stabs him a dozen times and has a psychotic breakdown. Gordon, Bullock, and Essen identifiy the killer as Jason Skolimsky, the son of Constance van Groot's butler Jakob Skolimsky (Daniel Davis), who went under the van Groot last name only to be rejected by his adoptive mother Constance. Because of this, he changed his face and identity in a local hospital where he found his first victim. To his horror, Gordon realizes that the "Ogre" knew about him from the Charity Gallery which Gordon visited a long time ago with Barbara, meaning that she is the target. Upon learning from Selina that Barbara is not there, Gordon works to find her. At his apartment, the "Ogre" shows Barbara his BDSM lair.
21 "The Anvil or the Hammer" Paul Edwards Jordan Harper April 27, 2015 (2015-04-27) 4X6671 4.58[36]
Shortly after Jason "The Ogre" Lennon reveals his true intentions to Barbara and holds her captive, he tells her, at knifepoint, to choose his next victim. During the investigation at the Foxglove Club, Gordon and Bullock locate the "Ogre's" apartment at Gotham Royal Hotel, but he and Barbara had already left for her parents' mansion, where Jason kills them both. Nygma disposes of officer Dougherty's body in the forensic lab and pens a letter, posing as Dougherty, explaining that he left town. Bruce sneaks into Bunderslaw's office at Wayne Enterprises and opens his safe, which is empty. Bunderslaw himself arrives and reveals that he was expecting Bruce, and has consequently removed the incriminating documents. He confesses to Bruce that his father and grandfather knew about illegal activities in the company, but decided to keep quiet. Afterwards, Bunderslaw orders Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk) to lead Bruce away. Lucius subtly tells Bruce that while Bruce's father knew of the illegal activities, he did not approve of them. The O'Connor assassination attempt is revealed to be a set-up designed by Cobblepot to start a war between Falcone and Maroni. Gordon and Bullock arrive at the house of Barbara's parents to find them dead. After a brutal fight with Jim, the "Ogre" holds Barbara at knifepoint until Bullock distracts him for Jim to shoot him. Later, Jim confesses to Leslie that he no longer loves Barbara. Consumed with guilt, Bruce confesses his and Selina's murder of Reggie to Alfred, eventually also admitting to his visit to Bunderslaw. After Alfred tells Bruce that his father was a good man, Bruce begins crying and states that even good men can have dark secrets. Several crimes and killings committed by Maroni and his crew alert Captain Essen, who calls all officers of the GCPD to remain on duty during the upcoming gang war.
22 "All Happy Families Are Alike" Danny Cannon Bruno Heller May 4, 2015 (2015-05-04) 4X6672 4.93[37]
The mob war between Falcone and Maroni escalates. Barbara, following Ogre's death, undergoes trauma counseling with Leslie. When Falcone is hospitalized during an ambush, Oswald Cobblepot and Butch arrive to kill him with a plan to take his place only to be stopped by James. With Bullock's help, Gordon gets Falcone, Cobblepot, and Butch away from Maroni's men and to a safe house where Fish Mooney's new gang (with Selina Kyle amongst its recruits) abduct them. Mooney makes a deal with Maroni for Falcone's head, but Maroni acts disrespectful towards her leading her to shoot him in the head. Maroni's men and Mooney's gang start fighting while Gordon, Bullock, Falcone, and Cobblepot break free, but Selina and some of Mooney's gang recapture them. Cobblepot arrives with a machine gun and chases Mooney while Gordon and Bullock escape with Falcone. Cobblepot, Mooney and Butch run to the roof where a fight ensues that results in Mooney falling off the roof into the water below. During this time, Barbara tries to kill Leslie, forcing her to neutralize her in self defense just as Gordon, Bullock, and Falcone arrive. Kristen Kringle confronts Edward Nygma about Tom's death which Nygma claims to have no knowledge of leading to what seems to be a psychotic breakdown. Thinking that his father has led a secret life and searching for a clue to this in the study, Bruce Wayne finds a device in one of the books that reveals secret stairs behind the fireplace.



On September 24, 2013, Fox announced that it had bypassed the traditional pilot phase and placed a straight-to-series order for Gotham, to be written and executive produced by Bruno Heller.[38] Gotham received a series order from Fox on May 5, 2014,[39] with the first season reported to consist of 16 episodes, rather than the standard 13 or 22.[40] On January 17, 2015, the series was renewed for a second season.[3]

Fox's Chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly stated, "We were only contractually obligated to order 13, and we ordered 16, because we think that’s the way that show, at least in its first iteration, will be very strong to arc to. Could we do more next season? We certainly could, but that’s where we're starting with that one. That show is going to have a very strong, serialized element."[41] On October 13, Fox ordered an additional six episodes for the show, bringing the first season order to a full 22 episodes.[42] Speaking of the project at the 2014 winter TCA press tour, Reilly described the series as "this operatic soap that has a slightly larger-than-life quality. This is not some adjunct companion series. This is the Batman franchise, just backing it up [in chronology]."[43] He later added that the series is separate from any DC film universe.[44]


In January 2014, rumors arose that Donal Logue would portray Gordon in the series. Logue denied these rumors via Twitter.[45] Logue was eventually cast as Harvey Bullock.[46] In February 2014, Ben McKenzie was cast as James Gordon.[9] In early March 2014, David Mazouz was cast as Bruce Wayne, while Camren Bicondova was cast as Selina Kyle.[47] At the 2014 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, DC's Jim Cunningham said that Renee Montoya would be a character on the show.[48]


In February 2014, it was reported that production would begin in New York City in March.[46] Filming for the season was completed on March 24, 2015. [49]


In July 2014, it was announced that Graeme Revell would be the composer for the series.[50]



The series premiered in Australia on October 12, 2014.[51] In Canada, it is shown in simulcast on with the United States airing, and rerun later on another channel.[52] In New Zealand, it premiered on on September 28, 2014.[53] In the United Kingdom, it premiered on October 13, 2014.[54] In Ireland, it premiered on January 26, 2015.[55]


The pilot was screened at the Warner Bros. Television and DC Entertainment panel at San Diego Comic-Con International in July 2014.[56]

Home media[edit]

In September 2014, Warner Bros. Television Distribution sold the worldwide video on demand rights for the series to Netflix.[57]


In early October 2014, market research firm Survata polled more than 1,400 viewers to determine that Gotham was the major TV premiere, out of 24, that viewers were most interested to watch that year.[58]


In Australia, the first and second episodes received 1.24 million and 896,000 viewers, respectively.[59] The timeshifted broadcasts were watched by 1.43 and 1.03 million, respectively.[60] The Canadian debut got 3.38 million viewers, making it the second most-watched telecast of the night and week.[61] The UK premiere was watched by 3.20 million viewers. The airings on the 1 hour and 24 hour timeshift channels were watched by 597,000 and 142,000 viewers, respectively.[62] In New Zealand, it was the most-watched program on the network, with 278,540 viewers.[63] The timeshifted version was watched by 39,580 viewers.[64]

No. Title Air date Rating/share
DVR viewers
Total viewers
1 "Pilot" September 22, 2014 (2014-09-22) 3.2/10[16] 8.21[16] 2.7 5.84 6.0 14.15[65]
2 "Selina Kyle" September 29, 2014 (2014-09-29) 2.8/8[17] 7.45[17] 1.9 4.33 4.7 11.81[66]
3 "The Balloonman" October 6, 2014 (2014-10-06) 2.5/8[18] 6.36[18] 2.0 4.52 4.5 10.88[67]
4 "Arkham" October 13, 2014 (2014-10-13) 2.4/7[19] 6.39[19] 1.7 3.95 4.1 10.34[68]
5 "Viper" October 20, 2014 (2014-10-20) 2.3/7[20] 6.09[20] 1.7 4.33 4.0 10.12[69]
6 "Spirit of the Goat" October 27, 2014 (2014-10-27) 2.2/7[21] 5.89[21] 1.5 3.78 3.7 9.66[70]
7 "Penguin's Umbrella" November 3, 2014 (2014-11-03) 2.4/7[22] 6.63[22] 1.7 3.83 4.1 10.47[71]
8 "The Mask" November 10, 2014 (2014-11-10) 2.2/7[23] 6.35[23] 1.6 3.68 3.8 10.03[72]
9 "Harvey Dent" November 17, 2014 (2014-11-17) 2.3/6[24] 6.49[24] 1.7 3.77 4.0 10.26[73]
10 "Lovecraft" November 24, 2014 (2014-11-24) 2.3/7[25] 6.05[25] 1.5 3.56 3.8 9.61[74]
11 "Rogues' Gallery" January 5, 2015 (2015-01-05) 2.5/8[26] 7.06[26] 1.3 3.04 3.8 10.10[75]
12 "What the Little Bird Told Him" January 19, 2015 (2015-01-19) 2.2/7[27] 6.50[27] 1.6 3.49 3.8 9.99[76]
13 "Welcome Back, Jim Gordon" January 26, 2015 (2015-01-26) 2.1/6[28] 6.04[28] 1.3 3.03 3.4 9.07[77]
14 "The Fearsome Dr. Crane" February 2, 2015 (2015-02-02) 1.9/6[29] 5.79[29] 1.3 2.80 3.2 8.59[78]
15 "The Scarecrow" February 9, 2015 (2015-02-09) 1.8/6[30] 5.63[30] 1.2 2.76 3.0 8.39[79]
16 "The Blind Fortune Teller" February 16, 2015 (2015-02-16) 2.1/6[31] 6.19[31] 1.3 3.06 3.4 9.25[80]
17 "Red Hood" February 23, 2015 (2015-02-23) 2.3/7[32] 6.53[32] 1.3 3.20 3.6 9.73[81]
18 "Everyone Has a Cobblepot" March 2, 2015 (2015-03-02) 2.0/6[33] 6.10[33] 1.4 3.11 3.4 9.21[82]
19 "Beasts of Prey" April 13, 2015 (2015-04-13) 1.5/5[34] 4.50[34] 1.1 2.63 2.6 7.13[83]
20 "Under the Knife" April 20, 2015 (2015-04-20) 1.6/5[35] 4.44[35] 1.1 2.85 2.7 7.28[84]
21 "The Anvil or the Hammer" April 27, 2015 (2015-04-27) 1.5/5[36] 4.58[36] 1.1 2.65 2.6 7.23[85]
22 "All Happy Families Are Alike" May 4, 2015 (2015-05-04) 1.7/6[37] 4.93[37] N/A N/A N/A N/A

Critical response[edit]

Gotham has received generally positive reviews from critics. Review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes gives the first season of the show a rating of 90% based on 86 reviews, with an average rating of 7.3/10. The site's consensus states, "High production values, a talented cast, and an appealingly stylized approach to the Batman mythos help Gotham overcome its occasionally familiar themes."[86] Metacritic gives the show a score of 71 out of 100, based on 34 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews".[87]

David Hinckley of the New York Daily News praised the first episode for playing "like a 45-minute movie, with stunning visuals that never feel like a shrunken TV version of the Batman films against which it will inevitably be measured" and lauded Logue's Harvey Bullock as a scene-stealer.[88] The San Jose Mercury News‍ '​ Chuck Barney called the pilot "a fun, dark, moody and well-paced first hour" and McKenzie's James Gordon a commanding lead, while saying Jada Pinkett Smith is "an absolute blast to watch."[89] Matt Brennan of Indiewire said that Gotham was "the perfect antidote to superhero fatigue", praising the "bright, pop-inflected aesthetic, with urban backdrops that appear as though cut out from the panels of a comic book."[90]

Jeff Jensen of Entertainment Weekly criticized the first half of season one along with the mid-season premiere. He found the personalities of the most characters "already nearly fully formed; all they can become is more or less than what they already are." Jensen added that Gordon not being Gotham's redeemer hurt the premise of the show and heavily criticized how Jada Pinkett Smith is underused. In the end, he does not see Gotham "as a show for comic book fanboys" but rather as "a post-fanboy, or fanboy-irrelevant."[91] Oliver Sava of The A.V. Club was also critical, lamenting "there have been dozens of interpretations of Batman and his city in the 75 years since their creation, and Gotham has trouble finding the right balance of influences."[92]


Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref
2014 Critics' Choice Television Award Most Exciting New Series Gotham Won [93]
2015 American Society of Cinematographers Episode of a Regular Series Christopher Norr
"Spirit of the Goat"
Nominated [94][95]
Television Movie, Miniseries or Pilot David Stockton
Art Directors Guild One-hour period or fantasy single-camera television series Doug Kraner
"Pilot," "Selina Kyle," "Arkham"
Nominated [96][97]
Gracie Awards Outstanding Drama Gotham Won [98]
Motion Picture Sound Editors TV Short Form Music Score Ashley Revell
Nominated [99][100]
NAACP Image Award Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series Jada Pinkett Smith Nominated [101]
People's Choice Awards Favorite New TV Drama Gotham Nominated [102][103]
Favorite Actor In A New TV Series Benjamin McKenzie Nominated
Favorite Actress In A New TV Series Jada Pinkett Smith Nominated
Saturn Award Best Superhero Adaptation Television Series Gotham Pending [104]
Best Performance by a Younger Actor in a Television Series Camren Bicondova Pending


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