Guptesvara Siva Temple

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Guptesvara Siva temple
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Guptesvara Siva temple is located in Odisha
Guptesvara Siva temple
Guptesvara Siva temple
Location in Orissa
Coordinates: 20°14′14″N 85°50′15″E / 20.23722°N 85.83750°E / 20.23722; 85.83750Coordinates: 20°14′14″N 85°50′15″E / 20.23722°N 85.83750°E / 20.23722; 85.83750
Country: India
State: Orissa
Location: Bhubaneswar
Architecture and culture
Primary deity: lord Shiva
Architectural styles: Kalingan Style (Kalinga Architecture)
Date built:
(Current structure)
14-15th century A.D.

Guptesvara Siva Temple is located within the Kapilesvara temple precinct, Kapilesvara village, Old Town, Bhubaneswar, the capital of the Indian state of Orissa (Lat. 20° 13’ 74” N., Long. 85° 49’ 65” E., Elev. 45 ft.).The enshrined deity is a Shiva lingam within a circular yoni pitha at the center of the sanctum. The temple was built in 14th -15th Century A.D. and now it is under the guidance of Kapilesvara Temple Trust Board. The local people ascribe the temple to the Gajapati period. Here Rituals like Sankranti and Sivaratri are observed.



The temple is surrounded by temple Kitchen in north and east, Chitresvara temple in west at a distance of 1.10 metres, Ghantesvara temple in south within a distance of 6.45 metres. The temple is facing towards west.

Physical Description[edit]

The temple has a square sanctum measuring 1.70 metres, with a frontal porch of 0.95 metres. It is pancharatha as distinguished by a pair of anuratha and kanika pagas on either side of the raha. On elevation, the vimana is of pidha deul with usual bada, gandi and mastaka that measures 3.40 metres in height. With threefold division of bada, the temple has a trianga bada measuring 1.20 metres in height (Pabhaga 0.16 metres, jangha 0.86 metres, baranda 0.18 metres). The gandi and mastaka of the temple 192 measures 1.40 metres and 0.80 metres in height respectively. The walls are plain. The doorjambs are plain and measure 1.17 metres in height x 0.51 metres in width. The Building material used here is Light grey sandstone. It was built with Dry masonry Construction techniques in Kalingan style.

Current Scenario[edit]

Rain water is seeping into the sanctum from all sides through cracks in the roof and walls. It was repaired by Orissa State Archaeology during X and XI Finance Commission Award and now maintained by the Kapilesvara Trust Board.