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Hong Kong
Hong Kong MTR rapid transit station
Hong Kong Station Outside View 2009.jpg
Appearance of Hong Kong Station
Hong Kong MTR system map
Hong Kong MTR system map
Location of Hong Kong Station in Hong Kong
Station location and services
Lines      Tung Chung Line
     Airport Express
Code HOK
District Central and Western
Area Central
Coordinates 22°17′05″N 114°09′29″E / 22.2848°N 114.158°E / 22.2848; 114.158Coordinates: 22°17′05″N 114°09′29″E / 22.2848°N 114.158°E / 22.2848; 114.158
Connections Bus, Minibus, Tram, Ferry, Taxi
Service hours 0601-0057
Station design
Livery  White
Structure Underground
Platforms 3
Type of platforms Side (Airport Express) / Island (Tung Chung Line)
Exits 9
Lifts 11
Opened 21 June 1998
Rail services
Preceding station   MTR   Following station
Terminus Airport Express
Tung Chung Line
towards Tung Chung
Tsuen Wan Line
Transfer at: Central
towards Tsuen Wan
towards Kennedy Town
Island Line
Transfer at: Central
towards Chai Wan
towards Chai Wan
Tung Chung Line
towards Tung Chung

Hong Kong Station
Chinese 香港站
The concourse of the Hong Kong Station
Platform 1
Platform 3

Hong Kong Station is a station of the Hong Kong MTR metro system, opened in 1998.

It is the eastern terminus of the Tung Chung Line and Airport Express, situated between Man Cheung Street and Harbour View Street, Central, Hong Kong Island, and sits underneath the International Finance Centre (IFC).

The station is connected to Central Station via two tunnels. The walk between the two stations typically takes three to six minutes. The tunnels, which cross under Connaught Road Central, are equipped with moving walkways. The station, retail mall, pedestrian tunnels, footbridges and masterplan for the IFC development were all designed by Arup Associates (Hong Kong Office) in collaboration with Rocco Design Architects Limited, Ove Arup & Partners, and Meinhardt.[1]

This station provides an in-town check-in service for flights departing Hong Kong International Airport and free shuttle bus services to most major hotels in the Central and Wan Chai areas.

Station layout[edit]

- Overlying Properties Exits
IFC Mall, One ifc, Two ifc
|Footbridge to Central
Mid-levels escalator system, Star Ferry Pier
Airport Express
Exits, Customer Service, MTRShops, Washrooms
|Vending machines, Automatic teller machines
Luggage check-in
Carpark, Drop-off area
Shops Shops, vending machine
Subway to carpark, escalators to Tung Chung Line concourse
Side platform, not in service
Platform 2 No regular service
Platform 1      Airport Express towards AsiaWorld–Expo (Kowloon)
Side platform, doors will open on the left
Airport Express
Exits, Customer Service, MTRShops, Washrooms
Hang Seng Bank, vending machines, ATMs
Taxi Stand, Airport Express shuttle buses
Douglas Street
Exit C, Customer Service
Tung Chung Line
Customer Service, MTRShops
Vending machines, ATMs
Octopus card promotion machine
Interchange passageway to Douglas Street Concourse and Central Station
Platform 4      Tung Chung Line towards Tung Chung (Kowloon)
Island platform, doors will open on the left or right
Platform 3      Tung Chung Line towards Tung Chung (Kowloon)
     Tung Chung Line (planned) towards Tamar or Chai Wan (Tamar)

Although two platforms have been constructed, Platform 1 is the only one in use to serve Airport Express trains. For the convenience of passengers, a taxi stand and a hotel shuttle service is provided on the same level once the passenger has exited through the gates.

The Tung Chung Line and Airport Express are located considerably far away from each other. The Tung Chung Line concourse is located one level below the Airport Express platform. There, passengers have to ride an escalator down one more level to reach the Tung Chung Line trains.[2]

In July 2007, MTR installed two "Self-service Point" machines, for the first time in Hong Kong, at the Tung Chung Line platform. These unmanned machines help resolve passengers' issues such as having lost the ticket or being unable to use the Octopus card to exit. They also have a visual conference system so that the staff can help passengers out.[3]


  • A1/A2: Two IFC
  • B1/B2: Exchange Square I/II
  • C: Douglas Street
  • D: Exchange Square III
  • E1/E2: One IFC
  • F: IFC Mall

Transport Connections[edit]

Bus Routes[edit]

These are the buses that provide a direct connection to Hong Kong Station. All bus routes that begin with a capital M show that they terminate at the Airport Express station. The ones without a capital M at the front means it either stops close by at Exchange Square or Hong Kong Station Public Transport Interchange.

Exchange Square Bus Terminus (Exit D)

To the Peak:

  • 15

To Stanley:

  • 6 series, 260 and 66

To Lei Tung:

  • 94

To Hong Sing Garden:

  • 690

To Hang Hau (North):

  • 692

To Cyberport:

  • 30X

To South Horizons:

  • 590
Hong Kong Station Bus Terminus (Under Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong and ifc mall)

To Wah Fu North:

  • M47

To Laguna City:

  • 621

To Ma On Shan Town Centre:

  • 681


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