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Developer(s) i-MSCP Development Team
Stable release 1.2.2 (Andromeda) / 12 February 2015
Development status In development
Written in PHP, Perl, C, Unix Shell
Operating system GNU/Linux
Platform Multi
Available in Multilingual
Type Administration Software
License GPL, MPL (Free Software)
Website i-mscp.net

i-MSCP ( internet Multi Server Control Panel ), is an open-source project which allows to manage shared hosting environments on Linux servers. i-MSCP aims to provide an easy-to-use Web interface for end-users ( administrators, resellers and clients ), and to manage servers without any manual intervention on the filesystem.

i-MSCP has been initialized from the source code of the unmaintained ispCP open-source project but almost everything has been already rewritten. The current version is still mono-server but it is planned to be a true multi-servers software with the next major release that has been planned for end of 2015.

i-MSCP has one of the biggest community over the world, and is used by numerous ISPs, especially in France and Germany.

Latest stable version is the 1.2.2 ( codename Andromeda ) which has been released on 12 February 2015.

Key people[edit]

  • Laurent Declercq (France) - Project leader and developer
  • Glenn B. Jakobsen (Sweden) - Logistic, hoster (Kazi Network)
  • Torsten Widmann (Germany) - Public relation, community management
  • Ninos Ego (Germany) - Development Team
  • Sascha Bay (Germany) - Development Team
  • Rene Schuster (Germany) - Development Team


i-MSCP has a dual license. A part of the old VHCS code (still part of ispCP base code) is licensed under the Mozilla Public License. All new code, and submissions to i-MSCP are licensed under the GNU General Public License (V2). To solve this license conflict there is work on a complete rewrite for a completely GPL2 licensed i-MSCP.



  • Debian >= Squeeze
  • Ubuntu Any LTS version >= Lucid (10.04 LTS)

Daemons / Services[edit]



See i-MSCP plugin store

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