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ADSL was introduced commercially to Denmark in winter 1999. The service has been rolled out very extensively and the national coverage is now above 97% of the Danish population. There are several ISPs in Denmark but only a few own their own infrastructure (The last mile is owned solely by the former state monopoly TDC), namely TDC, Cybercity and to some extent Tele2 (who acquired their xDSL infrastructure from Tiscali in February 2005).

As of December 2009, the OECD ranked Denmark a shared first (along with the Netherlands) in broadband connection penetration, at a rate of 37.1 broadband subscribers per 100 inhabitants.[1] Denmark also held first spot as of their 2006 report: OECD Broadband Statistics June 2006.

More information can be found here in order of market share ( see the 2009 report from ITST page 40,46 for official numbers ):

Major providers:

Other providers:

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