List of U.S. Routes in Ohio

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US 6.svg
Highway marker for U.S. Route 6
Highway names
Interstates: Interstate nn (I-nn)
US Routes: U.S. Route nn (US nn)
State: State Route nn (SR 2)
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U.S. Routes in Ohio are owned by the state, and maintained by the state except in cities.

U.S. Routes[edit]

US 6.svg US 6 Also known as the Grand Army of the Republic Highway.[1]
US 6A.svg Alt. US 6
US 20.svg US 20
US 20A.svg Alt. US 20
US 20N
US 20S
US 21.svg US 21
US 22.svg US 22
US 23.svg US 23
US 24.svg US 24
US 25.svg US 25 Enters Ohio via a bridge to Cincinnati from Kentucky. It is Kentucky maintained, however.
US 27.svg US 27
US 30.svg US 30
US 30A
US 30J
US 30N.svg US 30N
US 30S.svg US 30S
US 33.svg US 33
US 30J
US 33T
US 35.svg US 35
US 35J
US 36.svg US 36
US 40.svg US 40 Also known as the National Road.
US 42.svg US 42
US 50.svg US 50
US 50N
US 50S
US 52.svg US 52
US 62.svg US 62
US 62A
US 62T
US 68.svg US 68
US 127
US 224.svg US 224
US 250.svg US 250
US 322.svg US 322
US 422.svg US 422

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