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Little Airplane Productions, Inc. is a production company that makes preschool television shows. Founded by Josh Selig in 1998, Little Airplane Productions created and produced Wonder Pets! and Oobi for Nickelodeon, Go, Baby! & Emma's Theatre for Playhouse Disney, and 3rd & Bird for BBC's CBeebies.

The production's studios are located in New York City's South Street Seaport. With 12,000 square feet (1,100 m2) of space, the company's production facilities are consolidated under one roof, including animation, design, voice-over, storyboard and post-production. The studio houses a recording facility where all the music for its productions is recorded under the direction of Little Airplane’s Musical Director, Jeffrey Lesser.

In mid-2007, Little Airplane opened a new studio in London and Abu Dhabi, marking the company's first permanent international presence. Little Airplane UK was opened following the announcement of 3rd & Bird.


TV shows[edit]


Main article: Oobi (TV series)

After running as a short-form series on Noggin since 2001, "Oobi" premiered as a long-form series on Noggin in April 2003. This made it the first long-form production made by Little Airplane.

Wonder Pets![edit]

Main article: Wonder Pets!

"Wonder Pets!" was a long-lasting production for Nickelodeon. It chronicles the adventures of Linny the Guinea Pig, Ming-Ming Duckling and Turtle Tuck.

3rd & Bird[edit]

Main article: 3rd & Bird

"3rd & Bird" is an animated series co-produced by Little Airplane Productions and CBeebies. The series premiered on CBeebies in July 2008 and is currently airing in 18 territories around the world.

TV shorts[edit]

Go, Baby![edit]

Main article: Go Baby

Go, Baby! is a short-form animated series currently airing on Playhouse Disney. Each interstitial has Baby completing a series of simple tasks with the help of the viewer. The narrator is voiced by actor Richard Kind.


Tobi! is a series of 4:00 visual poems that premiered on Treehouse TV/Canada and Nickelodeon Australia on March 7.

Small Potatoes[edit]

The Potatoes debuted at the 12th annual BAMKids International Film Festival where “Imagination (Give it a Try)” won a BAMmie for Best Short Film for ages 2–5. The "Small Potatoes" is currently airing on Cbeebies in the UK and the show will make its US broadcast debut in September on Disney Junior.

Short films[edit]

The Time Out Chair[edit]

The Time Out Chair is a short film written and directed by Josh Selig. It's the story of a young girl who leaves her preschool classroom dragging her "Time Out" chair with her. The short was filmed in New York's East Village and shown at the 2003 Tribeca Film Festival.


Linny is a short film about a guinea pig who goes on many adventures. This short was aired on Nickelodeon in 2004, and also inspired the later show called Wonder Pets!


The Little Light Foundation[edit]

In 2009, Little Airplane Productions created a non-profit initiative called “The Little Light Foundation.' The Foundation’s first creative endeavor is a new animated series called “The Olive Branch” on Nick Jr. Each one-minute episode is a story about two characters who achieve conflict resolution told without words.

The Little Airplane Café[edit]

In the summer of 2009 Little Airplane Productions launched the Little Airplane Café. Laurie Berkner opened the Little Airplane Café in July 2009. Her performance was broadcast live on SiriusXM’s “Kids’ Place Live!” Host Mindy Thomas of “The Absolutely Mindy Show” was at the Little Airplane Café and hosted the performance and talked to the audience on radio. Other café guests have included Jon Scieszka, Milkshake, and Suzi Shelton.

The Little Airplane Academy[edit]

Little Airplane Academy offers an intensive three-day workshop twice a year at their South Street Seaport studios. Participants learn the fundamentals of creating a preschool series including pitching, writing, character design, directing and producing live action and animated shows. In 2009 the Academy ran a one-day writing workshop with Susan Kim. Little Airplane has also hosted international academies in Qatar, England and Norway.