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Maggie Greene
The Walking Dead character
Maggie Greene (Comic Series).png
Maggie Greene, as depicted in the comic book series.
First appearance Issue #10 (comics)
"Bloodletting" (TV series)
Created by Robert Kirkman
Charlie Adlard
Portrayed by Lauren Cohan
Family Glenn (boyfriend/husband in comics, boyfriend/fiance in TV series)
Hershel Greene
Sophia (surrogate daughter in comics)
Josephine Greene (mother in TV series)
Beth Greene (half-sister in TV series)
Annette Greene (step-mother in TV series)
Shawn Greene (brother in comics; step-brother in TV series)
Billy Greene (brother in comics)
Lacey Greene (sister in comics)
Arnold Greene (brother in comics)
Rachel Greene (sister in comics)
Suzy Greene (sister in comics)

Maggie Greene is a fictional character from the comic book series The Walking Dead, portrayed by Lauren Cohan in the television series of the same name. She is Hershel Greene's eldest daughter and Glenn's lover. In the comics, she eventually becomes Glenn's wife and later widow, and takes the role of being a surrogate mother to Sophia Peletier following the suicide of the girl's biological mother. She currently acts as the de-facto leader of the Hilltop Colony.


Comic book series[edit]

Maggie Greene is Hershel's second daughter, a rebellious and independent young woman, as well as a college dropout. Herschel barricaded her, her family, and her friends within the farm and kept them secluded, dependent solely on their farm's resources without knowing what was going on in the outside world.

She quickly takes a liking to Glenn when his group arrives at the farm, and the two begin to have a string of sexual encounters while her father is unaware of the relationship.[1] Their relationship gradually becomes more serious and heartfelt each day, with the two often relying on one another. After a barn massacre that claims the lives of several of Maggie's siblings, Hershel ousts Glenn's group from the farm; however, Maggie convinces her father to let Glenn stay. As days go by following the group's departure, the Greene family notices the weakening defense structures of the premises. No sooner do they make this realization than Rick comes back for them and convinces Hershel to come with Rick's group to live at an abandoned prison miles away, that they had recently cleared out and secured. Maggie and Glenn continue their affair in the prison, constantly having sex in open spots.

Tragedy soon befalls Maggie, her brother Billy, and Hershel, when her two youngest sisters are brutally murdered by one of the remaining prison inmates, who is revealed to be a psychopathic sadist. The family remains close and in a deep state of depression for an extended amount of time, with Maggie caught in the middle of Billy and Hershel's strained relationship. She initially attempts to break off her relationship with Glenn, paranoid about the idea that the ongoing death pattern of her loved ones will soon reach Glenn. She decides at the last minute to continue to hold onto him after he convinces her that he will help her get through the deaths. As the inmate is prepared to be hanged out in the courtyard, Maggie shoots him to death in cold blood.

Because of her deepening interpersonal connection with and emotional reliance on Glenn, his brief absence from the prison becomes difficult to deal with and sends her into her father's arms. She subsequently marries Glenn in a ceremony performed by Hershel.[2] Maggie yearns for a child, but Glenn and Hershel turn down the notion when they remind her of the cruel reality they are living in; despite this, however, she still holds out hope that she will be able to at some point when they have a more secure and better supplied environment.

When the Woodbury army descends onto the prison and begins their assaults, Tyreese leads Maggie, Glenn, and other members of the group into town, where they are ambushed by Woodbury and yet are able to make it out alive. The tension heightens when they return to the prison, and the second assault from the army (guaranteed to be more deadly) is looming. Hershel convinces Maggie to leave with Glenn and other members of the group until the war blows over, and those who left soon station themselves back at the farm. It is within this timeframe that Sophia, having faced the loss of her mother, begins to look up to Maggie as a surrogate parent, which fulfills Maggie's gap of not being able to conceive.

Upon reuniting with Rick and others, Maggie learns of Hershel and Billy's deaths during the assault; this sinks her into a deep depression, made even worse by the reminders of them around the farm.[3] Glenn's attempts to console her prove effortless, and while journeying with the group led by Sergeant Abraham Ford, to Washington D.C., she sneaks off into the woods one night and hangs herself.[4] She is, however, rescued by Glenn and Abraham and successfully resuscitated.

She struggles to convince the group that she is fine and begins to feel like she has to hide herself emotionally from Glenn. Glenn assures her that she should have nothing to hide from him and reminds her of his love for her. His words prove to be insufficient however, as he takes notice during their stay at the Alexandria Safe Zone that she is becoming increasingly distant from him. Their situation becomes even further strained, when Glenn opts to start going out on risky supply runs with fellow Alexandria citizen Heath. Maggie fears for his well-being and refuses to take the risk of losing him, seeing as how he's become her entire life since Hershel and Billy's deaths. After many strenuous events at the Alexandria Safe Zone, she and Glenn finally get some good news, as Doctor Cloyd tells her she is pregnant (much to the couple's surprise).

Fearing another attack after the Saviors attempt to break into the community, Glenn convinces Maggie to leave the community with him and Sophia, and head toward the Hilltop Colony, which he believes to be a much safer place. They are later ambushed by The Saviors while camping out during their trip, and she is forced to watch Glenn be viciously bludgeoned to death while crying her name.

Maggie is initially bitter and resentful towards Rick for not stepping up and protecting Glenn, and furiously beats him before Carl stops her at gunpoint. She later is able to come to peace with Rick, and decides to stay behind at the Hilltop with Sophia as per her and Glenn's original plan.

After an eight issue absence, we pick up with Maggie and Sophia at the Hilltop. Maggie has regained stability and has continued focusing on her parental duties to Sophia, while still mourning Glenn's loss. She befriends a woman in the community who has also lost her family and makes regular visits to the community physician, who updates her on the baby's condition.

As of Issue #97, she is pregnant with Glenn's child and, as of Issue #100, will be raising it as a single parent.

Television series[edit]

Maggie is introduced as Hershel's mildly tomboyish eldest daughter. She has grown up on her father's farm all her life and suffered the loss of her mother at a young age. She harbored some resentment, and formed a rebellious streak, when Hershel remarried and had a second daughter;[citation needed] however, she eventually became accepting of her new family. As the outbreak began, Herschel barricaded the Greene family and friends on the farm. It was during this time that her once-strong sense of faith began to dwindle, and she was left with doubts about what she believed in. She frequently made supply runs for everyone.

Soon after the Atlanta survivors take refuge at the farm, her admiration for Glenn builds due to his courage and their personality traits. She and Glenn share a few tender moments at the farm before she ultimately has sex with him inside a local pharmacy, during their first supply run together. Glenn is ecstatic because he believes it to be the start of a relationship; however, Maggie continually insists that it was a one-time fling. She also attempts to keep the truth hidden from her father, though he himself soon begins to suspect something between the two. Her feelings for Glenn become stronger after he saves her from a walker during another supply run. The two have an on and off relationship throughout the rest of the season, but they are both able to overcome the obstacles in their way and reconcile. After the farm is overrun and lives are lost, they are left to depend on each other as the group scatters. On the road, he declares his love for her. The two then reconnect with the surviving others on the highway.

After spending the winter on the run, the group spots an abandoned prison and Maggie proves herself a capable soldier in helping to clear the yard of walkers. However, Hershel's leg is bitten and amputated in the process and Maggie must come to terms with the possibility of losing her father. She sits with Hershel while he's unconscious and urges him to let go. "You don't have to fight any more," she sobs. "Thank you for everything." Maggie is also present when Lori goes into labor during a walker attack on the prison. Once Lori realizes she's about to hemorrhage to death, she orders Maggie to cut her open. Maggie obliges, saving the baby but losing Lori in the process. While out on a supply run, she and Glenn are ambushed by Merle and brought to Woodbury for interrogation, where Glenn is tortured and she is forced to half-strip for The Governor and is threatened with rape (in his attempt to get her to divulge the location of their camp, which she eventually does when The Governor threatens to amputate Glenn's hand). Rick's group soon makes it into Woodbury and rescues the couple, with Daryl being captured. Maggie goes back to Woodbury with Rick and rescues Daryl and Merle. Back at the prison, Maggie initially pushes Glenn away, but the two eventually reconcile. In "This Sorrowful Life", Glenn proposes, and Maggie accepts. Maggie later takes part in defending the prison from the Woodbury Army, hiding on the prison catwalk in a riot gear suit and shooting at them. When the chaos is finished, she is present as the remaining Woodbury citizens are welcomed into the prison.

A few months later, Maggie uncharacteristically complies with Glenn's urging that she not to go on a run. It is revealed at the end of the episode that the couple had a pregnancy scare. Maggie mentions that if she had indeed been pregnant, they could have a family, and seems to be starting to think about the idea. Glenn has more reservations. Talking Dead refers to Maggie as Glenn's wife at this point.[citation needed] It is unclear if there was a wedding between seasons, or if an engagement in the apocalypse assumes marriage due to a lack of traditional living. When a serious sickness ravages the Prison group, Maggie is one of the few not affected by it and tends to the fence along with Rick and Carl. She fights when "Brian's" group attacks the prison and witnesses The Governor kill her father. She escapes along with Sasha and Bob. Afterwards she finds the bus and clears it but finds no sign of Glenn, she breaks down first in tears, then in laughter as she knows Glenn is out there somewhere. When she finds a Terminus sign she wants to go. She believes Glenn could be there. She leaves Sasha and Bob. Following the tracks she leaves signs that she wrote in walker blood telling Glenn to go to Terminus. Eventually, she rejoins Sasha and Bob to Terminus. The three soon run into Abraham, Eugene and Rosita, or all save Glenn and Tara in a tunnel. Maggie, with Glenn and the others, finally reach Terminus and are greeting by a resident named Mary who offers them a plate of food. After Rick, Carl, Michonne and Daryl are captured by the residents of Terminus they are put into a train block, revealing that Maggie and the others were also put in there and they are all hostage.


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