Neverwinter Nights: Infinite Dungeons

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Neverwinter Nights:

Infinite Dungeons

Release date(s)
    May 2006
    Genre(s) Expansion pack

    Neverwinter Nights: Infinite Dungeons is a downloadable content module for Neverwinter Nights.[1] The module features vast dungeon areas and seven specially designed boss battles. As of December 2009 Atari owns the rights to the module, which is not available for purchase.


    The module is set in Forgotten Realms' Undermountain of Waterdeep, already visited in Hordes of the Underdark expansion. The game is a dungeon crawler in the style of Dungeon Siege using D&D rules. The story follows character(s) as they enter Undermountain in order to defeat its ruler, mad mage Halaster and his six powerful generals. A boy named Timmy helps the players while they are resting outside the dungeons, near the underground entrance to Undermountain.


    The player(s) journeys through Undermountain, killing hordes of hostile creatures and encountering traders, quest givers and allies. The game split into seven sections each corresponding to its ruler, a game's boss. A unique feature of the module is the map, which, when used, appears under a player's feet, showing the entire level and its sections, and the player position.

    Each of the seven dungeons of Undermountain consists of several levels. Each level, in turn, consists of a group of sections (locations). While the first few dungeons the player will enter will be relatively small, the following will include quite a big amount of sections to explore. In order to move to a next level of dungeon, player has to find a staircase deeper. In order to finish a dungeon, the player has to defeat a boss.


    The game include seven boss battles with specially designed opponents. There are seven bosses total, six are Halaster's generals and the seventh is Halaster himself.

    • Lord Antoine - A nobleman with a passion to hunt, Lord Antoine is in fact a powerful wereboar.
    • Hagatha - Once a cloud giant, Hagatha became a mad hag grieving about her lost love.
    • Maggris - Giant, planar insect queen that breeds hordes of spiders and bugs as her children.
    • G'Zhorb - An ancient beholder tyrant.
    • Masterius - Classical lich of great power.
    • Harat - Twisted demon that serves Halaster as a general.
    • Halaster - The mad mage himself, the ruler of Undermountain. It is revealed during the confrontation with him that he is in fact a clone of original Halaster (created during the Hordes of the Underdark expansion pack) who overpowered the mad mage and took his place as Undermountain's master. The clone's scheme is put to an end when the boy, Timmy, reveals himself to be the real Halaster and vanquishes his copy.


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