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Oakland Coliseum (Amtrak)
Coliseum/Oakland Airport (OAK) (BART) Airport
Amtrak station
BART rapid transit station
Oak airport bart.jpg
BART station platform
Station statistics
Address 700 73rd Avenue
Oakland, CA 94621 (Amtrak)
7200 San Leandro Street
Oakland, CA 94621 (BART)
Coordinates 37°45′13″N 122°11′49″W / 37.75361°N 122.19694°W / 37.75361; -122.19694Coordinates: 37°45′13″N 122°11′49″W / 37.75361°N 122.19694°W / 37.75361; -122.19694
Line(s) Amtrak BART
Connections AirBART shuttle to Oakland International Airport
AC Transit: Routes 45, 46*, 73, 98 (local); 805 (All Nighter)
* - Route operates weekdays only
Pedestrian walkway to Amtrak Station, O.co Coliseum and Oracle Arena
Platforms 1 side platform (Amtrak)
1 island platform (BART)
Tracks 3 (Amtrak)
2 (BART)
Parking 35 spaces (Amtrak);
1013 spaces - Monthly Reserved, Daily (free), Extended Weekend (free)[1]
Bicycle facilities Two lockers
Other information
Opened September 11, 1972 (BART)
May 25, 2005 (Amtrak)
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Station code OAC (Amtrak)
Owned by Amtrak, Bay Area Rapid Transit
Passengers (2013) 30,133[2] Increase 14.7% (Amtrak)
Passengers (FY 2013) 7,809[3] Increase 18.4% (BART)
Preceding station   BSicon LOGO Amtrak2.svg Amtrak   Following station
toward San Jose
Capitol Corridor
toward Auburn
Bart-logo.svg Bay Area Rapid Transit
toward Fremont
toward Richmond
Fremont–Daly City
toward Daly City
Dublin/Pleasanton–Daly City

Oakland Coliseum is a complex of two stations of two public transit providers that are within 600 feet (180 m) of each other: Amtrak Capitol Corridor's Oakland Coliseum station and Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)'s Coliseum/Oakland Airport (OAK)[4] station. They are located in East Oakland, and are connected to each other, and to the O.co Coliseum and the Oracle Arena by a pedestrian bridge.

BART and Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA), Capitol Corridor's administration agency, will sometimes refer to these separate stations as one station. AirBART shuttle bus and AC Transit bus routes 73 (73rd Avenue) and 805 (All-Nighter) all provide service between the BART station and Oakland International Airport.

BART's Coliseum/Oakland Airport station consists of an elevated island platform with the concourse mezzanine at ground level.

Capitol Corridor's Oakland Coliseum station, the newest Capitol Corridor station, consists of a side platform on a side track. It is unstaffed, but has an electronic ticketing system.


A BART A-car at Oakland Coliseum Station.

BART's Coliseum/Oakland Airport station opened as part of BART's initial service on September 11, 1972,[5] connecting the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum and the Coliseum Arena via a pedestrian bridge going above then-existing railroad tracks which were later used by Capitol Corridor, beginning with the service's inception in 1991.

In 2002, CCJPA, in conjunction with Caltrans and the City of Oakland, decided to build a Capitol Corridor station there. The new station, officially named "Oakland Coliseum" station, opened on May 25, 2005, and included a new connection to the original BART-Oakland Coliseum pedestrian bridge, thus enabling transfers between the two services.

There are currently[when?] plans to develop the area around the two stations.[6]

In October 2009, Oakland City Council voted its approval for a 3.2 mile extension of BART to Oakland International Airport.[7] Preliminary construction began in late 2010; the service is projected to begin in Fall 2014.[8]

After the Oakland Airport Connector project is completed in 2014, the official name for the BART station, currently "Coliseum/Oakland Airport Station", will become "Coliseum Station", freeing the OAC terminus station at the airport to be named "Oakland International Airport Station".[9]


Of the 74 California stations served by Amtrak, Oakland Coliseum was the 46th-busiest in FY2012, boarding or detraining an average of approximately 72 passengers daily.[10]

Platforms and tracks[edit]


Northbound Richmond–Fremont toward Richmond (Fruitvale)
Fremont–Daly City toward Daly City (Frutivale)
Dublin/Pleasanton–Daly City toward Daly City (Fruitvale)
Southbound Richmond–Fremont toward Fremont (San Leandro)
Fremont–Daly City toward Fremont (San Leandro)
Dublin/Pleasanton–Daly City toward Dublin / Pleasanton (San Leandro)
Amtrak/BART Station general area map


Side track Capitol Corridor toward Auburn (Oakland – Jack London Square)
Capitol Corridor toward San Jose (Hayward)
Mainline tracks Coast Starlight No stops

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