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Premier of Alberta
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Logo of the Government of Alberta
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Dave Hancock

since March 23, 2014
Government of Alberta
Office of the Premier
Style The Honourable
Member of
Reports to Legislative Assembly
Seat Edmonton
Appointer Lieutenant Governor of Alberta
Term length At Her Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holder Alexander Cameron Rutherford
Formation September 2, 1905

The Premier of Alberta is the first minister for the Canadian province of Alberta. He or she is the province's head of government and de facto chief executive. The current Premier of Alberta is Dave Hancock. He was chosen the interim leader of the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta by its caucus on March 20, 2014.[1] Hancock replaced Alison Redford, who resigned after serving as Premier for over two years.

The Premier of the province deals with specific areas relating to Alberta and Alberta's relation on the national scene. The Premier acts as a representative for the Legislative Assembly of Alberta and the Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) are in turn the representatives of the people of Alberta. The Premier also acts as the MLA for a riding, and is elected as the MLA by the constituents of that particular riding. As with most government leaders in a parliamentary system, the Premier usually wins his or her riding's election quite easily. However, some Premiers have not won their seat, forcing them to run in a by-election in another riding. The most recent case of this was Don Getty, who lost his Edmonton-Whitemud seat in the 1989 election and had to run in Drumheller-Stettler.

The Premier of Alberta's responsibilities include administering provincial laws, enacting legislation, and regulating industry. The Premier is responsible for promoting Alberta's interests via the federal government and serves as the chief representative of Alberta to the rest of Canada.

Timeline of Alberta Premiers[edit]

Dave Hancock Alison Redford Ed Stelmach Ralph Klein Don Getty Peter Lougheed Harry Strom Ernest Manning William Aberhart Richard Gavin Reid John Edward Brownlee Herbert Greenfield Charles Stewart (Canadian politician) Arthur Sifton Alexander Cameron Rutherford

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Order of precedence
Preceded by
Donald Ethell, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta
Order of precedence in Alberta
as of 2013
Succeeded by
Catherine Fraser, Chief Justice of The Court of Appeal of Alberta