Rajah Tupas

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Rajah of Cebu
Reign ?–1565
Predecessor Rajah Humabon
Successor monarchy abolished
House Rajahnate of Cebu
Father Sri Parang the Limp
Born c. 1497
Cebu, Rajahnate of Cebu
Died Cebu, Spanish East Indies
Religion Roman Catholicism (later life)

Rajah Tupas (baptized as Felipé Tupás, c. 1497–1565) was the last Rajah (King) of Cebu in the Pre-Hispanic Philippines. He was the son of Sri Parang the Limp, and the nephew of Rajah Humabon. He is known to have been baptized on 21 March 1568 at age 70,[nb 1] placing his birthdate at about 1497. He ruled Cebu with his peers until he was defeated by Miguel López de Legazpi's soldiers on April 27, 1565. On 4 June 1565, Tupas and Legaspi signed the Treaty of Cebu, which effectively gave Spain suzerainty over Cebu.[1]


  1. ^ He had also been baptised when Magellan arrived together with his wife, her parents, his brother, two sisters in-law and ten nieces.


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