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Salceson czarny.jpg

Salceson is a type of head cheese found in Polish cuisine. There are several varieties of salceson which depend on the ingredients:

  • Black 'Salceson' which contains blood
  • White 'Salceson' made with a mixture of seasoned meats, without blood
  • Ozorkowy (Tongue) 'Salceson' where the major meat component is tongue.
  • Włoski (Italian )'Salceson' (brawn, skins, spices - garlic, pepper and caraway)
  • Vegetarian 'Salceson' (soy, broth, spices)
  • Norweski (Norwegian) 'Salceson' (brawn, skins, broth, salmon, spices)
  • Saksoński (Saxon) 'Salceson' (brawn, skins, broth, blood, offal, garlic, caraway, spices)
  • Veal 'Salceson' (veal brawn and skins, broth, spices)
  • Czosnkowy (Garlic) 'Salceson' (brawn, skins, broth, garlic)
  • Północny (Northern) 'Salceson' (brawn, pork skin, blood, broth, garlic, liver, spices, nails)
  • Podlaski 'Salceson' (pork brawn, broth, chives, caraway, spices)

Typical ingredients: Pork or veal tongues (cured), Pork Jowl, Skins, Pork liver.

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