Spectra Vondergeist (Monster High)

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Spectra Vondergeist
Monster High character
Portrayed by Erin Fitzgerald
First appearance "Miss Infearmation"
(episode 2.19)
Last appearance Still airing episodes
Created by Mattel

Spectra Vondergeist is the daughter of a ghost couple. She was an antagonist to the Ghouls before befriending them. Spectra is recurring in the webisodes but is a main cast member in the CGI movies. She is voiced by Erin Fitzgerald.


Vondergeist is 16 years old, speaks in a high-pitched, somewhat ethereal voice, and has a ball-and-chain motif. She can float through walls and has an uncanny ability to hear everyone's gossip. She prides herself on being sweet, like her favorite food, angel food cake and getting the truth out to everyone about the ins and outs of Monster High. She writes the column "Oh My Oracle" for the school newspaper and does so anonymously so that her name is not linked to any possibly bad advice. Vondergeist believes she comes from a very noble family, until Ghoulia finds an old newspaper article that reveals the truth, which she promises to keep secret. What Spectra's family did in the previous life is unknown to the audience, but the memory breaks her heart. Her first episode mention/appearance is in "Miss Infearmation", when she is known only as "The Ghostly Gossip". She makes a full appearance in "Ghostly Gossip". Her pet is a ghost ferret named Rhuen. Spectra appears in the third and fourth Monster High novel, where she begins to date Billy Phaedin, a book exclusive character. In the books, it's hinted there is slight friction between her and Frankie. She was originally known as Spectra Von Hauntington and Ghost Girl.