St Sarkis, Kensington

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St Sarkis, Kensington
St Sarkis, Kensington
51°29′59″N 0°11′37″W / 51.49963°N 0.19365°W / 51.49963; -0.19365Coordinates: 51°29′59″N 0°11′37″W / 51.49963°N 0.19365°W / 51.49963; -0.19365
Country United Kingdom
Denomination Armenian Apostolic Church
Architect(s) Arthur Davis
Diocese Diocese of the Armenian Church of Great Britain

St Sarkis, Kensington is a Grade II* listed Armenian church in Iverna Gardens, Kensington, London, England. The church was built in 1922–23 by Calouste Gulbenkian as a memorial to his parents, and the architect was Arthur Davis.[1][2] The largest Armenian church in the United Kingdom—St Yeghiche, a converted Anglican church—is in South Kensington.


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