Sunderland Bridge (Massachusetts)

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Sunderland Bridge
IMG 3833-Sunderland-Bridge.jpg
Locale South Deerfield, Massachusetts to
Sunderland, Massachusetts
Design deck truss
Total length 1177 ft (358.7 m)
Coordinates 42°28′03″N 72°35′06″W / 42.46750°N 72.58500°W / 42.46750; -72.58500Coordinates: 42°28′03″N 72°35′06″W / 42.46750°N 72.58500°W / 42.46750; -72.58500
Sunderland Bridge (Massachusetts) is located in Massachusetts
Sunderland Bridge (Massachusetts)

The Sunderland Bridge is a crossing over the Connecticut River in western Massachusetts, connecting the towns of South Deerfield and Sunderland, carrying Massachusetts Route 116.

History and construction of the bridge[edit]

There was at least one preceding bridge at this location, a metal through-truss bridge destroyed by the floating Montague City Covered Bridge during the Flood of 1936.[1]

The current Sunderland Bridge is a deck truss bridge completed in 1937. Reconstruction of the bridge was completed in 1994. Replacement of the original art deco railings by modern ones was controversial.[2]

Dedication plaque


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