Tharawal languages

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Ethnicity: Yuin people
New South Wales, Australia
Linguistic classification: Pama–Nyungan
Glottolog: nort2761  (partial overlap)[1]

Tharawal (Thurawal) is a small family of extinct Australian Aboriginal languages once spoken along the South Coast of New South Wales.

According to Dixon (2002),[2] four Tharawal languages are attested, though he does not accept them as related:

Tharawal, Dhurga, Dyirringanj, Thawa

Bowern (2011) lists three–Dharawal, Dhurga, and Thawa—among the Yuin languages.[3]


Peoples who spoke these languages include:

Southern New South Wales group Clans and Families of The Northern Dharawal

New South Wales south coast group


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