The Bachelorette (season 5)

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The Bachelorette (season 5)
The Bachelorette star Jillian Harris (right) at the premiere for The Proposal in June 2009 with host Chris Harrison
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 12 (including 2 specials)
Original channel ABC
Original release May 18, 2009 (2009-05-18) – July 27, 2009 (2009-07-27)
Season chronology
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Season 4
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Season 6
Season summary

The fifth season of the ABC reality television series The Bachelorette began on May 18, 2009 with a two-hour premiere. The show features Jillian Harris, an interior designer from Peace River, Alberta, Canada, counting 30 men,[1] added from five in previous seasons. This was the first time in The Bachelor and The Bachelorette franchise with 30 suitors. Harris was rejected by Jason Mesnick in the thirteenth season of The Bachelor; she was the second runner-up.

Harris is the first non-American selected ever in The Bachelorette (Jesse Palmer, Matt Grant, and Lorenzo Borghese of The Bachelor alumni are the other non-Americans in the show's franchise), and chose Ed Swiderski in the finale. The couple were engaged but broke their engagement in July 2010.[2]


Name Age Hometown Occupation Status
Ed Swiderski[3][4] 29 Monroe, MI Technology Consultant Winner
Returned in episode 7
Left in episode 5
Kiptyn Locke[5] 31 Encinitas, CA Business Developer Runner-up
Reid Rosenthal[6] 30 Upper Dublin, PA Realtor Eliminated in episode 9
Wes Hayden[6][7] 32 Huntsville, TX Musician Eliminated in episode 8
Jesse Kovacs[8] 27 Carmel Valley, CA Wine Maker Eliminated in episode 7
Michael Stagliano[6] 25 Tacoma, WA Break Dance Instructor Eliminated in episode 7
Jake Pavelka[9] 31 Dallas, TX Commercial Pilot Eliminated in episode 6
Tanner Pope[6] 30 Brownfield, TX Financial Analyst Eliminated in episode 6
Robby Descant[10] 25 Spring, TX Bartender Eliminated in episode 6
Mark Huebner[11] 26 Woodstock, IL Pizza Entrepreneur Eliminated in episode 5
David Good[12] 27 West Alexandria, OH Trucking Contractor Eliminated in episode 4
Juan Barbieri[13] 35 Buenos Aires, Argentina General Contractor Eliminated in episode 4
Mike Steinberg 28 New York, NY Baseball Camp Owner Eliminated in episode 4
Brad Seberhagen 27 Park Ridge, IL Financial Advisor Eliminated in episode 3
Tanner Fanello 28 Derby, KS Sales Representative Eliminated in episode 3
Sasha Petrovic[14][15] 27 Houston, TX Oil & Gas Consultant Eliminated in episode 3
Brian Duke 32 Birmingham, AL IT Consultant Eliminated in episode 2
Julien Hug[6] 34 San Diego, CA Restaurateur Eliminated in episode 2
Mathue Johnson 25 Andover, KS Personal Trainer Eliminated in episode 2
Simon Ambrose 26 Bradford, England Soccer Coach Eliminated in episode 2
Adam Duvendeck 27 Santa Barbara, CA Olympic Cyclist Eliminated in episode 1
Bryan Vaderman 28 Lawton, OK High School Coach Eliminated in episode 1
Bryce Harlow 31 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Furniture Dealer Eliminated in episode 1
Caleb Kuhl 27 Kansas City, MO Photographer Eliminated in episode 1
Greg Bilbro 31 Albuquerque, NM Entrepreneur Eliminated in episode 1
John Hardesty 27 Boise, ID Branding Consultant Eliminated in episode 1
John Presser[16] 29 Fort Wayne, IN Marketing Specialist Eliminated in episode 1
Josh Yocam 25 Tustin, CA Lifeguard Eliminated in episode 1
Kyle Yauch 26 Austin, TX Graphic Designer Eliminated in episode 1
Stephen Reich 30 Lexington, MA Lawyer Eliminated in episode 1

Call-Out Order[edit]

Jillian's Call-Out Order
# Bachelors Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
1 Kiptyn David Wes Ed Kiptyn Michael Kiptyn Reid Ed Kiptyn Ed
2 Bryan Jake Jake Robby Jesse Jesse Reid Kiptyn Reid Ed Kiptyn
3 John P. Jesse Mike Jake Mark Reid Jesse Ed Kiptyn Reid
4 Brian Wes Juan Reid Reid Kiptyn Wes Wes Wes
5 Jake Mathue Jesse Mark Robby Robby Michael Jesse
6 David Michael David Jesse Ed Jake Jake Michael
7 Tanner F. Robby Ed Tanner P. Michael Tanner P. Tanner P.
8 Michael Ed Sasha Wes Wes Wes Robby
9 Robby Reid Mark Juan Jake Mark
10 John H. Simon Michael Michael Tanner P. Ed
11 Sasha Kiptyn Tanner P. Kiptyn David
12 Brad Mike Kiptyn Mike Juan
13 Mathue Brian Reid David Mike
14 Simon Sasha Robby Brad
15 Jesse Julien Tanner F. Tanner F.
16 Julien Tanner P. Brad Sasha
17 Wes Mark Brian
18 Kyle Brad Julien
19 Adam Tanner F. Mathue
20 Stephen Juan Simon
21 Juan Adam
22 Caleb Bryan
23 Josh Bryce
24 Greg Caleb
25 Mark Greg
26 Ed John H.
27 Bryce John P.
28 Reid Josh
29 Mike Kyle
30 Tanner P. Stephen
     The contestant was received a first impression rose
     The contestant was voted off by the other contestants but got a rose instead
     The contestant was received a rose during the date
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant was eliminated outside the rose ceremony
     The contestant originally received a rose during the date, but left by choice
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 7, Ed was re-entered into the competition.

Episodes (dates)[edit]

Week 1[edit]

Week 2[edit]

Week 3[edit]

Week 4[edit]

Week 5[edit]

Week 6[edit]

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Week 10 (Finale)[edit]

Death of Julien Hug[edit]

On November 3, 2010 Harris mourned the death of Julien Hug on her Twitter page. The 35-year-old Hug was discovered dead on a remote stretch of land off a Californian highway on Wednesday. Harris paid tribute to Hug, saying, "Please say a prayer for the loss of a friend this morning. Life is fragile, don't forget to love the ones you love", before adding, "It's very difficult to find the words to express my condolences. But I will always remember Julien's gentle demeanor and kind heart, which will be sadly missed."[17]

Bachelor Pad[edit]

Bachelor Previous Finish Bachelor Pad Final Result
Season 1 Season 2 Season 3
Ed Swiderski 1st N/A N/A Green tickY 5th/6th
Kiptyn Locke 2nd Green tickY N/A N/A 4th
Reid Rosenthal 3rd N/A N/A Green tickY 15th/16th
Wes Hayden 4th Green tickY N/A N/A 12th
Jesse Kovacs 5th Green tickY N/A N/A 5th/6th
Michael Stagliano 6th N/A Green tickY Green tickY 1st (2) 11th (3)
Jake Pavelka 7th N/A Green tickY N/A 13th
David Good 11th Green tickY N/A N/A 1st
Juan Barbieri 12th Green tickY N/A N/A 17th/18th


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