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The Daily Pennsylvanian
Type Daily newspaper
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc.
Editor Jennifer Sun
Founded 1885
Headquarters Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Official website
34th Street
Editor Chloe Bower
Category Weekly cultural magazine
Company The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc.
Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Daily Pennsylvanian (The DP) is the independent daily student newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania.

It is published every weekday when the university is in session, by a staff of more than 250 students. During the summer months, a smaller staff produces a weekly version called The Summer Pennsylvanian. The DP also publishes a weekly arts and entertainment magazine called 34th Street Magazine and a weekly newspaper mailed to parents and alumni called The Weekly Pennsylvanian. The DP operates three principal web sites —,, and — as well as a variety of opinion, news, and sports blogs.


Founded in 1885, the newspaper has been published daily since 1894, except for a hiatus from May 1943 to November 1945 on account of World War II. The DP broke away from the university in 1962 to become an independent publication, incorporating in 1984 to solidify its financial and editorial independence from the university.[1] Also in 1962 the previously all-male daily began to accept female students. Among the early few women were Mary Selman Hadar, formerly an editor at the Washington Post; Clara Bargellini, today a professor of art at the University of Mexico City; and Susan Nagler Perloff Susan Perloff, a Philadelphia freelance writer. Today the newspaper's budget is funded primarily through the sale of advertising by a student business staff.


The DP is sometimes called Penn's "unofficial journalism department,"[citation needed] because the university has no journalism department (though it does have the prestigious Annenberg School for Communication), and because many of its staff members go on to pursue careers in the print, broadcast, and electronic media. DP alumni can be found at a number of major daily newspapers and national magazines, including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, the Los Angeles Times, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Time, and Business Week.


The Daily Pennsylvanian has won many of the most prestigious awards in college journalism. In 2008, the newspaper was awarded the Society of Professional Journalists' National Mark of Excellence Award. In the same year, the paper won the Spring 2008 Columbia Gold Crown, awarded to only eight college newspapers nationwide, an award it has won many times before. It also received first place in the Associated Collegiate Press's Kansas City Convention Best of Show Competition in 2008. In 2004, the DP won the Pacemaker, awarded by the Associated Collegiate Press and the Newspaper Association of America Foundation, for a record-setting fourth consecutive year. It also won the award in 1990, 1997, and 1998, and most recently in 2007.[2] Several of its writers win Gold Circles from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association every year. It was also ranked as the "most read" college newspaper by The Princeton Review in 1990, 1997, 1998, and 2001. In 2006, College Publisher awarded the DP first place in the category of Best Online Sports Coverage and, in 2008, it was awarded an online Gold Crown for

Notable former staff members[edit]

  • George Wharton Pepper 1887 (DP Editor-in-Chief), U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania [3]
  • Josiah Penniman 1890 (DP Editor-in-Chief), Provost of the University of Pennsylvania[4]
  • Owen Roberts 1895 (DP Editor-in-Chief), associate justice, U.S. Supreme Court
  • Josiah McCracken 1900 (DP Associate Editor), physician; silver and bronze medalist, 1900 Olympic Games [5]
  • Wilson Hobson Jr. '24 (DP Editorial Board), bronze medalist, 1932 Olympic Games [6]
  • John Haines Ware III '30 (DP staff), U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania
  • John Mayer '32 (DP Editorial Board), chairman and CEO, Mellon Bank
  • Charles Addams '33 (DP staff), cartoonist
  • Leonard Lauder '54 (DP staff), chairman and CEO, Estee Lauder Companies
  • Michael Stuart Brown '62 (DP Editor-in-Chief), physician; 1985 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine [7]
  • Claudia Cohen '62 (DP Exec. Editor), gossip columnist, socialite and television reporter [8]
  • Richard Fisher '63 (DP Exec. Editor), New York real estate developer [9]
  • Dan Rottenberg '64 (DP sports editor), journalist, editor and author of 10 books
  • Mary Hadar '65 (DP Managing Editor), editor, Style, The Washington Post
  • Lee Eisenberg (author), '68 (DP reporter), editor, Esquire magazine
  • Arnold Eisen '73 (DP reporter), chancellor, Jewish Theological Seminary [10]
  • Benjamin Ginsberg '74 (DP Editor-in-Chief), partner, Patton Boggs [11]
  • Rick Dunham '75 (DP columnist), Washington bureau chief, Houston Chronicle
  • Buzz Bissinger '76 (DP Editorial Page Editor), author, Friday Night Lights; 1987 Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting [12]
  • David A. Gross '76, (DP staff) U.S. ambassador [13]
  • Erik Larson '76, (DP staff) author, The Devil in the White City
  • Steve Stecklow '76 (DP reporter), staff writer, The Wall Street Journal; 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service [14]
  • Lisa Scottoline '77 (DP staff), author of legal thrillers
  • Keith Epstein '79, executive editor, Huffington Post Investigative Fund
  • Dave Lieber '79 (DP columnist), columnist, The Dallas Morning News [15]
  • John Daniszewski '79 (DP City Editor), international editor, Associated Press [16]
  • Steven Fried '79 (34th Street Editor), author; 1994 National Magazine Award for Public Interest [17]
  • Richard Stevenson '81 (DP Exec. Editor), deputy Washington bureau chief, New York Times
  • Michael Bamberger '82 (DP reporter), senior writer, Sports Illustrated
  • Howard Gensler '83 (34th Street Editor), columnist, Philadelphia Daily News
  • Peter Canellos '84 (DP Exec. Editor), editorial page editor, Boston Globe
  • Stefan Fatsis '85, Wall Street Journal reporter; author, Word Freak [18]
  • Jeffrey Goldberg '87 (DP Exec. Editor), national correspondent, Atlantic Monthly; 2003 National Magazine Award
  • Alan Schwarz '90, reporter for the New York Times.
  • Cenk Uygur '92 (DP columnist), host of TheYoungTurks.[16]
  • Harold Ford Jr. '92 (DP columnist), U.S. Representative from Tennessee [19]
  • Matt Selman '93 (34th Street Editor), producer, The Simpsons [20]
  • Stephen Glass '94 (DP Exec. Editor), disgraced former New Republic writer
  • Josh Tyrangiel '94 (34th Street Editor), editor, Bloomberg BusinessWeek [21]
  • Charles Ornstein '96 (DP Exec. Editor), senior reporter, ProPublica; 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service


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