Treaty of Constantinople (1724)

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The Treaty of Constantinople,[1] Russo-Ottoman Treaty[2] or Treaty of the Partition of Persia (Iran Mukasemenamesi)[3] was a 1724 treaty between the Ottoman Empire and the Russian Empire, dividing large portions of the territory of Persia between them.

The Russians and the Ottomans were engaged in a race to occupy more Persian territories and were about to engage in a war over the occupation of Gandjeh when France intervened.[4] With France as intermediary, the two governments signed a treaty in Constantinople on June 12 1724,[5] dividing a large portion of Persia between them. Thus, the lands located on the east of the conjunction of the rivers Kurosh (Kur) and Aras were given to the Russians and the lands on the west went to the Ottomans.[3]


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